Monday, July 16, 2007

Fun Monday/Tuesday - July 16th - UPDATED AT 8:30PM CST - Now with even MORE NEW PARTICIPANTS!

Welcome to the BIGGEST FUN MONDAY EVER, with FORTY-NINE FIFTY participants, hence the title of this post!

Here was the assignment in voyeurism: I wanna see your CAR! It can be your current car, the first car you ever had, maybe your first new car with that new-car smell, a car you wrecked once, or even the dream car you would drive - given all the money in the world! Oh - and if you have a truck, SUV, lawnmower, whatever the local authorities allow you to drive, let's see it!

Here is what Tiggerlane currently cruises in around town, sporting the Century 21 front plate (they only require back license plates in Arkansas), and thumping the speakers LOUDLY - a 2002 Dodge Intrepid:
Roger can't STAND things hanging from the rear view mirror - but I require them. On the left is what was an air freshener. Now that all the freshness is gone, I just like how it looks. In the middle is a present I got when I bought my real estate office - the key to success - get it? It's like my good luck charm. To the right is my naked man. I got him on a bottle of tanning lotion. One of my daughter's friends took our button-maker, and created the PERFECT face for him. Kinda like a child version of Truman Capote, you think?The only sticker on my car (another thing on vehicles that Roger doesn't like) is the one supporting Amber's cheerleading:For the record, my car just hit 50,000 miles. I bought it as a program car in 2003, and at that time, it had 16,000 miles on it. Now, before you criticize me for staying at home too much, here is Roger's ride:It's a 2003 Chevrolet pickup - and guess how many miles he has on it? We bought it brand-spankin'-new, and he just hit 9,000 miles. HA.

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Have fun looking at all the modes of transportation these bloggers have to offer! And if I have messed up your link, PLEASE let me know. Neophyte = pretty clueless about HTML. Also, if I missed your link, let me know, and I'll add it by noon.

Our wonderful host for NEXT Fun Monday, July 23rd, is none other than Willowtree at Once Upon A Blog. MAJOR thanks to him for hosting! And Willowtree, Mercy's Maid has volunteered to host sometime - so maybe you should tag her next!


my4kids said...

Not bad you have nice cars. We would like the truck here in our house. I like things hanging from my window also!

Oh and my 12 year old wanted to participate in this weeks fun monday also....he loves trucks. You can find him at his blog is called Izzaks blog.

mjd said...

Thanks for hosting this Fun Monday. You do have some interesting things hanging from your rear view mirror; that certainly personalizes your car.

theotherbear said...

I'm with Roger on this - I'm not quite as bad, but my car is about 18 months old and I have only done about 7000km. Which is 4350miles.
Your cars look nice and clean and shiny :)

min said...

Uh-oh. Were we supposed to wash our cars before we did this? Yours look so new!!
I love the danglies. I'm with's a must!

bichonpawz said...

WAHOO!! I WANT the Naked Man!! That's my favorite part of your post!! Love it!

Joy T. said...

I'm not a big fan of the danglies from the rear view mirror but I would certainly make an exception for a naked button head guy LOL Thanks for hosting Fun Monday, love the assignment!

nikki said...

Wow! We bought new a Saturn mini van in 2005 and I just broke 50k miles!

Great topic!

JennieBoo said...

I like your cars AND your rearview-mirror adornment! :D

I enjoyed seeing your mode o' transport!

My car, and dream car, is up on "OSOMOLOVE".

Thanks for hosting such a cool Fun Monday!


Beccy said...

A naked man is just want every girls car should have!

Jodi said...

Hey... I just want to let you know that my Fun Monday post is at ... not at Clouds in My Coffee... thanks!!

Tiggerlane said...

my4kids - I would prefer a Lexus, but I'm not greedy. And Izzak is ADDED! Tell him thanks for participating!

mjd - thanks! Can't wait to check the rest of the rides out.

theotherbear - we live in a small town, which helps - and the recent rains and downpours helped keep the cars clean.

min - no washing necessary - mine is just clean from LOTS of rain!

bichonpawz - I'll bet there are lots of naked men out there - just not sure they'll fit on your rear view mirror!

joy t - glad you are enjoying it!

nikki - I'll go check it out - you must drive a lot!

jennieboo - hopefully I'll get to see the dream car - I have a wall full of posters of cars I would like to have, but didn't want to post them, since people probably think I'm already a little vain!

beccy - I just wish he was anatomically correct!

jodi - your link is changed - thanks for letting me know!

Sayre said...

Washing cars? What's that? I haven't washed my car but probably three times since I've owned it (that averages out to once a year or so).

My post turned into a little history, as I do not have ANY strong feelings about my current car. Don't love it. Don't hate it. It just is.

susan said...

I LOVE that naked man!

I'm not big on things hanging from my mirror, but you stuff just says so much about you. And that to me, is way cool!

Thanks for hosting this week, you've done an AWESOME job!

Debbie said...

Great Fun Monday!

I have to admit I find things hanging in te car distracting, but those are cute. :)

Shauna said...

LOL to the naked man!

Thanks for the Fun Monday!

Pamela said...

whaa? I thought I already commented

This is a great fun monday feature. I won't be able to read the majority of them until I get home from work.

Love your button faced mirror hanging fellow. That was so creative.
(Your old man and my old man are alike in that they don't want any thing on a car. Geesh!)

Beccy said...

I thought you waited for the rain to wash your car at the moment here in England mine gets washed every day!! You have a good looking car- was that you I heard passing our house a while back with your speakers blaring !!

Beccy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChrisB said...

That last comment was actually from me, beccy was logged onto my computer. Sorry for confusing you!!!

Robin said...

Hey, Tigger, I ended up enjoying this FM theme after I griped and complained to you earlier :). Thanks for hosting!

As for you, your little danglies hanging from your rearview made me smile :). 'specially that nekkid man! Too fun(ny).

Tiggerlane said...

sayre - I'm going to have to visit everyone tonight - crisis at work, and building our house is getting in the way of my Fun Monday! But I'll get there!

susan - THANKS! And I've always kinda had a thing for nekkid men.

debbie - my husband hates the danglies b/c they clank together when I'm driving twisty roads. But usually, my music is so loud, I don't hear them!

shauna - naked men make me laugh sometimes, too!

pamela - sounds like you and I will be reading together tonight - we may the last commenters!

beccy/chrisb/split-personality - Funny! Yeah - I know that music can be annoying - but hey, it's part of my stress relief and therapy!

robin - I'm glad you had fun! Interesting how LOTS of people think the naked man is funny!

Debs said...

Thanks for hosting! :) I too love the naked man. :D Too cute!

Anonymous said...

My husband is just like yours - doesn't like things hanging from the mirror or stickers or anything remotely awesome. ;) Their trucks even look alike! I think we may have married a set of clones.

Julie said...

Thanks for hosting this week! Wow, 9,000 over a few years - I think I put 12,000+ on mine each year!

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

I love the air freshener! Your car looks so new and shiny - you are a good photographer - should be in advertising!

Tiggerlane said...

debs - you're welcome! I'm beginning to think our assignment should have been about naked men.

melissa - we may have! That would explain our doppleganger tendencies even further.

julie - it helps that I live in a TINY town.

artist - thank you! And in a way, I am in advertising - since I sell real estate. But, Lanna at my office takes the photos - and she does better than me, any day!

Amy W said...

I like the face on the hanging doll the best!

Karina said...

UM...always late to the game, but I want to play too! Mine is up at

LOVE the hanging doll with the button face! That's a riot!

wolfbaby said...

sweet ride

my hubbs is in love with yourses truck;)

i hang things from the mirrors and it drives my hubs bonkers LOL

mjd said...

I think that those were Pintos that exploded. I cannot imagine the Gremlin exploding; it barely even started.

Jessica said...

This is awesome....and I need a new post - will have to snap some photos.

Tiggerlane said...

amy w - he DOES perk up my day.

karina - you are IN! And I think I'm going to hang onto the naked man for a while.

wolfbaby - I wish had gotten him a double-cab truck - it's the only bad thing about it.

mjd - that's right - Pinto's. Now I'm going to have to look them up and figure out why I got the two confused.

jessica - GOOD to see you! I haven't been by your blog for a while - but I understand your recent upheavals. I'll check it...

willowtree said...

I'm a Chevy man myself. Nice truck.

Robocop said...

Please add me to your Fun Monday festivities. Deb's with the melon patch is my wife. said...

Oh no, you spelled my blog incorrectly. It's - and I've got my Fun Monday post up there now. Thanks for hosting, this was alot of fun.


Tiggerlane said...

willowtree - thanks! I'll tell the hubby.

robocop - you are added!

sallad - I'm so sorry! But the link is correct - and now I've corrected my spelling, too. Thanks for letting me know!

Kila said...

You, loud speakers? I can't believe it. ;) Thanks for sharing, and for hosting, it's been fun!

Debs said...

You had your hands full! Thanks for hosting!!! :)

daddy d said...

A personal touch on a car is a good thing. But too much of a good thing is too much. Good balance.

RAFFI said...

the only thing that hung from my rearview mirror was my lace underwear. they'd vibrate to and fro with my booming speakerbox... like yours ;)

Tiggerlane said...

kila - I know, I know - I seem like such the SILENT type!

debs - it was lots of fun! And what neat rides everyone had...

daddy d - thanks!

raffi - I had NO idea that stormtroopers had a soft, sensitive side...

Claudia said...

I thought I had left a comment yesterday but apparently not!
1. Don't you ever actually drive?? my car is 1 year old and have 18k!!
2. I like the little dude hanging from the front mirror!

Desert Songbird said...

I read this yesterday, but I musta read it through Google Reader because I didn't comment!

I'm not a Fun Monday participant (being a Manic Monday Minion instead), but I wanted to say that your car looks very much like something a realtor would drive...[[snort]]

Tiggerlane said...

claudia - strangely enough, I drive a LOT. Spent two years in this car, driving an hour and 45 mins. ONE WAY to graduate school, and then drive a minimum of and hour and a half ONE WAY to a Rotary event in various parts of the state each month. But our town is TINY - so it's 1.2 miles to our new home site, and .7 mi to my office. Four blocks to The Offspring's school.

desert songbird - Image is EVERYTHING in this business, you know? Well, except for the nekkid man.

sexy said...