Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun Monday Fridge and Foundation!

Another Fun Monday, and this time, Amy W is the gracious hostess. This one was almost as bad as the "no makeup meme," but I am doing it anyway! Her assignment is as such:

"Now I want to see INSIDE your refrigerator. And DO.NOT.CLEAN.IT.OUT. We want to see it in all its glory. However empty or full. And if you don't have a refrigerator? Show me your cooler, or whatever container you use to keep things nice and cool."

Uh...okay...sure you wanna see this? I'm not even sure I wanna see...but here goes. Flinging the door open wide...

Hmmm...there are some healthy choices in there. Guess I forgot to open the bins. Just know that there are sodas in the bottom right bin, then lettuce, carrots, grapes and probably some mucky things lurking around in the bottom left bin. The middle bin contains sliced cheese, grated cheese, more lunchmeat, and string cheese. Here's the inside of the door:
Just thrilling, huh? Most of the time, Roger keeps the fridge clean - so we don't have anything outdated or spoiled in there. I think it's his nurse training, not wanting us to get botulism. Here's the hodge-podgery of stuff stuck to our fridge:
And lastly - the extra beer fridge, which got a good workout last night. Hence the lack of contents. Since I live in a dry county, I have to drive an hour and a half ONE WAY to get alcohol. Now, it's only 13 miles or so to the state line in Oklahoma...and I know people who drive over there to get their beer - but the alcohol content is greatly reduced. I drank Texas beer for years - so only Arkansas beer is good enough for me. I will occasionally drink an Oklahoma beer, if offered one - I'm not uppity, but it's just not the same.I just now realized that I forgot to show you my freezer.

You KNOW I can't do a post without a house update!! So, here's some bonus stuff. The actual progress to date is more than I'll share today - just to keep you in suspense. But the rest of the blocks were delivered, and they began the foundation!The little tractor-thingy supposedly costs tens-of-thousands of dollars...amazing. They mix the sand and concrete stuff with water in a mixer to get the goop that holds the blocks together. Can you tell I'm learning all the technical terms in the process?
Here is the dude, gooping the stuff together. Goop away, mason dude. After all the hauling, stacking, and gooping, you get something that looks like this:The rectangular thing is our back patio. Let me tell you, the guys on site work HARD to make this happen in two days. I will share photos in the next day or so of the rest of their progress. Here is the head mason dude. He was a little shy, and Jackie had to coax him out of the truck a bit so I could take his photo. He has no idea how famous he will soon be:
Especially after you take a good hard look at his logo. I KNOW my foundation is solid, folks! Now quit wasting your time here, and go check out all the Fun Monday participants!


JennieBoo said...

I'm coming back tomorrow, Monday, for your "FUN MONDAY" post. I'll read it then.

Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you for a meme. Just go onto "O SO MO LOVE" and check it out!

Hope you are having a blessed weekend.

swamp witch said...

At first, I thought that was my refrigerator, but then I didn't see anything growing.
Love the slogan..."Get Laid by the Very Best."

Pamela said...

well, that logo makes you wonder how much work he gets done.

vicki had a logo that was just as wild at her place last week.

I'm still in limbo on my fridge because it is very dirty, PLUS, about a year ago I posted my fridge just as a lark.. and WT nearly had a coronary :7

Beccy said...

You live in a dry state and have to travel to get beer? I never knew there was such a thing as a dry state. Does that mean no alcohol for sale anywhere within the state? I don't think we could live there!

Karmyn R said...

Why do they use Cinderblocks as a foundation in the south? I have never been able to figure that one out? Bugs? Water? WHAT????

(we use poured concrete)

Pamela said...

ps. you were brave cookie to show your filled to the brim fridge

I think Amy may not be home from her emergency trip

just in case, I posted the blog roll of Fun Monday over at my house until I see her back.

willowtree said...

Always good to see the construction pics.

A dry county eh, interesting. Looks like you've at least got food at your place!

mjd said...

Get Laid by the Best...priceless.

I have recently discovered the Fat-Free Half and Half - not quite as good as the real stuff, but tasty.

Beckie said...

That is a stocked fridge!

Progress on the house - you gotta love it!

theotherbear said...

Phew, finally someone else with a chocked full fridge like mine.

You have to travel for beer! That would NEVER go down in Australia. Particularly in the more remote areas. For example, the Northern Territory has the highest beer consumption per head in the world, with 230 litres a year per person.

Still as you are building there you must be able to live with it. House is looking good, by the way!

ChrisB said...

I'm seeing too many very neat well stocked fridges!! But to live in a dry county seems very odd- I guess bordering counties make a fortune from people bulk buying!!
LOL Your builder's logo is great and head mason is quite a hunk !!!

Jenni said...

Oh goodness! Why could I not have seen this post before my husband walked out the door for work? He and his dad have a construction business. They do just about everything, but specialize in concrete. I'd give you their little slogan, but it's a play on our last name. I will say that it has been used for a similar double meaning at times. I've got to remember to show him this post when he gets home.

Tiggerlane said...

jennieboo - thanks for the tag! Hopefully, I'll have time to do it tomorrow...

swampy - If I didn't live with a nurse, I'm sure the fridge would be a collection of science experiments.

pamela - I saw Vicki's logo - she is such a good spy. The mason dude was amazingly fast, believe it or not!

beccy - it's just a dry county - but the county next to us is wet, so I just have to drive a distance to get there. Several counties around us are dry, but not the whole state. I would FREAK!

karmyn r - I have no idea. I just know our land was too sloped for a slab - or they would have had to use a TON of fill dirt, and then wait for it to settle. This is the last you'll see of these blocks - the brick will go all the way down.

pamela - now I'm definitely headed to your place!

WT - where there's food, there's fun. WOOHOO!

mjd - I drink the hazlenut coffeemate fat free stuff - Roger likes the plain, but I can't handle it!

beckie - I had just gotten back from shopping, truth be told!

theotherbear - thanks! Owning a business here keeps me from leaving, too - and I don't drink THAT much. Oh, well, okay - I make lots of trips, to be honest.

chrisb - I guess hunky guys are good for construction! I know the border counties make a lot off of people like me - wish we could just have a little package store or something.

jenni - I hope your husband likes it! Now I'm all curious about their slogan...

JennieBoo said...

Your fridge reminds me of ours. Filled to the brim!

We don't, unfortunately, have a beer fridge, you beer conniseur!

Congrats on the masonry. It'll really start to take shape now.

Happy Fun Monday!

Julie said...

Who won the blue ribbon and for what?

Ok, your builder's slogan - that is hysterical!

nikki said...

Would you mind passing a beer? I could use one!!!! (and who doesn't have molding produce in their fridge? Isn't that mandatory?!?!)

Debs said...

Great pics of your fridge. Got to love a company with a sense of humor.

Kaytabug said...

High 5 to you for living in a dry county... I couldn't do it. I totally want a beverage fridge! It's next on my wish list!
Oh and that slogan cracked me up! AND there was a visual of the hunk to get the job done!

Lisa said...

I didn't know there were still dry counties, and I've never heard of Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas beer!
(Love the slogan, classic.)

Melanie said...

Lots of yummy food in your fridge!!

I love the slogan! Too funny.

Amy W said...

Very full, as they should be.

I should have included a picture of my wine fridge!!

Tiggerlane said...

jennieboo - I still can't figure out why my kid is always saying, "There's nothing to eat!"

julie - the kid won 1st place overall in this year's 7th grade science fair - we are WAY proud!

nikki - a beer lover and acknowledger of mold as being normal. Makings of instant friendship.

debs - it must be sense of humor - b/c I look at the guy, and think...well...

kaytabug - I figure if the guy is brave enough for that logo in our little town, he had better be ready to be pictured on the 'net!

lisa - there really is a difference in alcohol content. Believe it or not, there are dry counties, right outside Dallas.

melanie - this Fun Monday is making me veeeery hungry!

amy w - I still can't believe I forgot the freezer. And I have alcohol in there, too.

Christine said...

Get Laid by the Best, now that will get him lots of business. That's really cool.

LOve your beer fridge. I didn't know either there were dry counties. That sucks! Glad you don't have to go to far.

It's lunchtime and your yummy food in your fridge is making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

When we lived in New Mexico there were dry "lines" within the county - you couldn't buy liquor outside certain neighborhoods. It was strange. On Sundays they roped off the liquor section in all the grocery stores!

Love the masonry slogan! Ha!1

debi said...

I think this has been a very fun "Fun Monday".I had no idea I would enjoy peeking into everyones fridge so very much. I had to take a food break and come back here to finish. said...

Haha! Love the beer fridge.

Joy T. said...

Love the slogan of the cutey mason dude. Very clever. Your fridge looks well stocked and ready for the new home. I'll be back for updates on the home, I always love seeing the different stages of a home going up.

Tiggerlane said...

christine - dry counties seem to go on for MILES and's a shame. I hope this 'net photo helps the mason dude get more work...of whatever kind!

melissa - can't buy alcohol ANYWHERE in our state. Believe it or not, we DO have places where you can buy a membership and have a drink - but nowhere I would be seen.

debi - I was surprised too - those side-by-side fridges remind me of flashers, tho - I need some therapy. - actually, we are buying a new fridge for the new house - so our old "big" fridge will be the new beer fridge in the garage. The little beer fridge will be upstairs in Roger's music studio - beer all around!

joy t- hoping to get a new post up by tomorrow of house's very exciting, and I'm glad it's not boring everyone!

Robin said...

You really live in a dry county? I don't think I've ever even seen a dry town...

lisa's chaos said...

I'm just wondering where you put all your diet oke. I here we share the obsession, yet I see none in your fridge. :)

Karina said...

Okay, first of all, love the slogan, that's hilarious!

Secondly, I love the "beer fridge"...I always pick on my parents because they have a beer fridge, guess they're not alone! ;-)

Happy Fun Monday (a day late).

wolfbaby said...

now that is what a fridge is supposed to look like!!!

i love the log tee heee and he's a cutie;)

wolfbaby said...


that was logo

forgot the "o"