Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lookie What We Got!

For the record, The Offspring and Roger both think I'm a little nutso, for we are only TEN DAYS into building this house, and I've taken more photos for this project than I did for her birth and our wedding combined. BUT LOOK! Here are the braces they put up to show where the block foundation is going to be laid!The string, which is really tough to see, shows where the blocks should be, as far as their height. Now, remember the previous post with Roger's "pet cemetery" comment? Well, evidently - the worms had a suicide party and drank the Kool-Aid over the weekend, and now there really will be dead bodies under my house. I hope worm spirits are nice.And remember the painted place for the water dudes to dig? Well - ta-da! Here is my meter and my new spigot. Note to self: must mine for Viagra stores on this land. That spigot is eerily erect.And the new meter for the electricity...look really close, and you will see something that will NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN.Still can't see it? Well, here's a closer look:Now, I suppose that if I waited many years, I might get that sucker to turn over again...but hopefully not in my lifetime. And look what else the builder fairies left? SAND AND CONCRETE! Can you tell this is like Christmas for me? Even more exciting - CONCRETE BLOCKS!!! WOOHOO!! (I can see it now, Arkansas Songbird is already making my birthday gift list - nothing but building materials.)Roger and I did a rough count, and since the builder told us we will need about 1,580 blocks for the project, we figure about half of them were delivered today.When people say that house-building can drive a person insane? Well, yes sure can! WOOHOOOOOO!!!


Desert Songbird said...

Yippee skippy! It seems more real now, doesn't it?

willowtree said...

Keep taking those pictures, when it's all over and you're entertaining guests you'll reap the reward! Many a person has said "Damn, I wish I had got photos of the house being built!"

theotherbear said...

Willowtree stole my comment. I was just about to say that!

Arkansas Songbird said...

Actually my plan is to set out the gallon jars in local businesses for donations to help pay for this mansion you're building. Maybe while you're taking pictures of the building process you could take some pictures of money so you'll have a memory of what it looks like, too? ( ha, ha....I crack myself up.....)

Kila said...

You ARE photographing a birth!

All that sand looks like fun!

The spigot reminded me of a snake.

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - reeeeallll scary!

willowtree and theotherbear - thanks for helping me feel not-so-crazy to be doing this. I am definitely learning every day.

arkansas songbird - I have money? Better make those 5-gallon drums.

kila - Wow - great perspective! I wanted to play in the sand, but the builder probably would have been upset. Scary spigot. Roger turned it on, and I saw dollar bills shoot out....yikes!

piglet said...

awesome! i can feel your excitement in your post :) hooray! for you!!!

Melissa said...

That's crazy. I can't imagine.

I found some old pictures from my parents place, (that's how old they were - my parents were still together) now my dad's place, from when they bought it in 1981 - before they put in the kitchen tile, back when the upstairs loft was just boards and insulation - very cool. The pictures will mean so much once you're in the house, racking up the miles on that new meter. :)

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Better to omany than too few that you regret having missed later on!! I'm interested to see how it progresses!!

JennieBoo said...

I wish I could be driven insane...wooohooo!

I'm so envious!

What a blessed "looney toon" you are!


Beccy said...

It will be fun to see your house being built, as for you going insane...that may be fun as well!!!(Only joking).

Pamela said...

gives us all the fun of building it with you. at your expen$e

always thought we would build. don't think we ever will now.

Tiggerlane said...

piglet - wait until the NEXT house post - I about died laughing at the mason dude's logo.

melissa - sounds like a cool thing to have - I'll need to save these all on a disc, if they will all fit by the time we are done. I seem to be taking LOTS of photos.

artist -you make me seem less crazy - just hope I don't overdo it with my alloted space on!

jennieboo - thanks - and I know this is truly a blessing in my family's life. Guess it's another reason I'm so excited - 14 years is a loooong time to wait.

beccy - Oh, I'm sure the crazy fun has just begun! And I feel like I'm a loon all the time - this gives me a good outlet.

pamela - donations are always welcome! TEEHEE! And never say never - it could still happen!

Vicki said...

Oh how exciting!

I have a yard warming gift for you. Email me your mailing address and I'll send it on over.

The very nice man said...

Holy cow, it started!!!
We will watch with interest!!

Tiggerlane said...

vicki - will send you an email SOON! WOOHOO! (Still crazy and excited...)

the very nice man - yep - never thought it would! Look for a bevvy of photos NEXT WEEK! (And good to see you again!)

Debs said...

I am so excited for you. Keep those pics coming. :)

swamp witch said...

Woo-Hoo! Now we are building two houses. Yours and JulieBug's. How exciting. Keep on taking those pics.
Question: Where is the post where you tagged Julie for the "picture in the morning with no make-up?"
I am working on my post and need to link to yours.