Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rockin' Blogger - Now With Concrete!

Okay, I'm delinquent in my response for this GREAT prepared speech to pull out of the bosom of my evening gown, no teary-eyed gazes of adoration to the crowd, and I think my tiara is a bit askew. But I'm truly grateful to Shauna for it. Choosing five more people for the award that haven't already been chosen is a tough call - here goes!

1. Marnie, because this chick rocks Canada.

2. Claudia, because this chick rocks photography school AND cars.

3. Mocha Momma, because this chick rocks school AND great writing.

4. Lawyerish, because this chick rocks the courtroom.

5. Julie, because this chick rocks house-building.

Now, you five ladies are supposed to choose five more - but heck, I know there are so many that have already won this award, it may be tough. I'll forgive you if it slips your mind.

Speaking of house building...two things we didn't know we had to have immediately: water and electricity. Hey - I'm not moving in for a while, so what gives? I found out that they have to mix the concrete for the blocks on site, and guess what? You have to have electricity for the builders to cut wood. Guess the bandsaw is SO last decade. Since I had to work this morning - REAL work - Roger got the water guys in gear and marked the spot for the new meter:
Would you believe that this cost $715? Not the paint, mind you, but setting it all up so they will put the meter in. And guess what happens then? I get water, which will start my bills.

They actually brought concrete trucks out to the site today, and filled up my mole holes. Too bad I didn't have time to get an actual game going. I KNOW we could have found people to hide in the holes so I could whack them with a stick.Remember the curvy rebar from the last post? All covered up now, with stair-stepped concrete. It was almost dry this afternoon.I have to go out of town for a Rotary gig tomorrow, and then up to Conway on Friday to pick up The Offspring from choir camp. Luckily, nothing much will be done on site except the setting of the electrical box, and Roger got that lined out today.

Looking forward to Fun Monday!


Desert Songbird said...

Good thing we have photographic evidence of where the bodies are buried, you water hoarder you...

Debs said...

Wow! I look forward to more pics. :)

Shauna said...

LOL - would have never thought about the electricity and water either! Isn't it amazing the things we forget or is it take for granted. . .Heheheh

Congrats to your award winners!

marnie said...

Canada thanks you formally for the award:

Murky Buckets!

I mean... merci beaucoup! :)

Kila said...

For a minute, I thought the grass was bloody from something being murdered there. The pouring of new cement is a perfect cover-up.

I'll have to remember this little "just build a new house" trick when I've finally had it with DH. ;)

Anyway, can't wait to watch the progress along with you!

swamp witch said...

Now we are building two houses. Don't know if I have the energy to keep up with you gals and these major projects. Whew!
Congrats you Rockin' Blogger.

Pamela said...

two new blogs to read!! I wish someone would pay me just to stay home and read blogs.

Electricity and water makes sense.
what about sewer????

Mocha said...

Really, the pics are great and I hope to see more, too.

You honor me with this award and I'm so grateful for your kind words! Thank you. If I can narrow mine down I'll hand them out, but I can tell it's giving me an ulcer already trying to decide...aaarrrggghhh.

Thanks again, hon!

Beccy said...

Congratulations on the award and on getting the water!

JennieBoo said...


Congrats on your award AND your new "holes in the ground". Water is our friend.

Have FUN!

Matt said...

I received the same award, like, three weeks ago, Tigger.

I guess you ladies rock.

Dan said...

Tiff, you totally deserve this award! Congratulations! I missed you while I was away, but I'm back.

Glad to see that you are well. Hugs!

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - it's only real SMALL bodies, though, so I'm probably safe!

debs - coming up - a photo of my electric meter with NO numbers - all zeroes, for now!

shauna - I'm glad someone else woudln't have thought of it. I felt real dumb that day.

marnie - Canada is welcome, and deserving!

kila - Oh, yeah - concrete piers are the perfect way to cover indiscretions.

swampy - mine will be slower than Julie's, I think - hers will be more fun to watch for a while!

pamela - we are going to have a septic tank, so those holes will be dug later. I wish I could have a blogging job, too!

mocha - you are very deserving! Have missed you, and glad you are back.

matt - and you didn't honor me? I'm hurt.

dan - glad to see you back - you were missed!

Karmyn R said...

WOOHOO!!! So it begins - totally awesome and exciting.

Claudia said...

Thank you so much!! how do you put it on the sidebar???

Tiggerlane said...

karmyn r - and scary, too.

claudia - I sent you notes by email! You're welcome!