Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun Monday Trappings

It's that time again! Another Fun Monday, hosted this week by Karina! She wanted to see what we leave home with - and well, being a low-maintenance kinda girl, I don't own a $3,000 "bag" for my stuff. In fact, most folks would be surprised that I don't even carry a purse! Just my keys and cell phone, usually in my pocket - and my black wallet. Many times, I won't even bring my wallet. Instead, I'll take my driver's license, cash, my debit card and one credit card, and put them in my pocket.But when I head off to work? I usually haul around my Big Bag O' Death.
I first started carrying one of these "satchels" when I got one free as a door prize at some real estate gig. Then I felt obligated to carry one. It was great for throwing in all sorts of stuff - the keys, phone and wallet - and other "stuff." Like a mega-purse, where many things go, never to be seen again until the bag bursts, or I get a new one. I have gotten almost every version of the Bag O' Death free - either as a gift, or as a freebie from a perfume purchase. See that group of envelopes, portruding from the bag? These are the credit card offers I take to work each day to feed my hungry shredder.

I know, not real exciting. But I'm practically holding my blogger breath, trying to wait until November 1st for literary explosion. I have SO MUCH to tell you all, but I have to save it up for the surely hellish challenge of NaBloPoMo. And that name? It STILL makes me think of something naughty involving clowns.

Now go check out the trappings of the other Fun Monday participants!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, What Have I Done?

See that? Over the side bar. Do you know what that means? That means I've officially LOST it.

Me, the Tigger who posts at average eight times a month is going to try her hand at NaBloPoMo. I'm insane.

Now, I could write every day. Really. But CAN I? Can I toss The Offspring off the computer long enough to post? Will I have anything meaningful to say? I usually think of ALL kinds of things to blog about...when I'm in bed, awake, at 2 a.m.

But I'm giving it a bear with me. Now, on to more important things! Notice anything odd about this picture?Yup - the shingles aren't the same. A house glitch! Evidently, the roofing crew, who does NOT speak English, did this without the head contractor and their boss around. But no worries, our contractor chewed some butt, and now these eyebrow shingles have been replaced with the correct ones.

These dudes? They hang sheetrock:And though they are taking a break, here's what they had been up to:Jackie's crew also installed white posts on the front porch:They also poured the concrete for the driveway retaining wall:And LOOK! They finished the sheetrock, and now we are in the "mudding and taping" phase. This evidently takes a few coats, but the final coat of "mud and tape" will happen today. After that, the texture will go on.The next thing that will happen? Paint! Roger and I have looked at paint colors for WEEKS...and were overwhelmed by the names. We finally settled on "Brandy Cream." Isn't she hot?Nothing like a porn star, plastered on your walls. It will be okay, since we are balancing her out with "Simply White" on the trim and ceiling. So, the puritan and the harlot will be sharing our home. Should make for a lovely combination!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun Monday Slogan Wear

It's that time again - when you are almost ALWAYS guaranteed that I will post! This week's Fun Monday Host is that snarky Aussie, Willowtree, so go visit his site for a list of participants. AND...he is a comment whore...AND he loves site hits. So visit more than once. His assignment was for us to show off some clothing art. That's tee shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sports uniforms or any bit of clothing that we own that has interesting, funny or artistic graphics. This Fun Monday will take a LOT of time for those of you with slow browsers, so I'm keeping mine short.

I KNEW I saved this ONE t-shirt from college for some very special reason. At the time I wore this shirt, I was a shy, withdrawn, anti-social, prudish little thing. NOT!! Actually, every spring break during my college years, there was "THE SHIRT." The ONE shirt that EVERYONE who was ANYONE at South Padre Island, Texas, HAD to have. Spring Break of 1990? It was this gem, featuring mock-ups of Calvin and Hobbes on the front (two of my favorite cartoon characters):One the back? Well, LONG before The Simpsons were a big hit - Matt Groening produced a cartoon strip entitled, "Life is Hell," which I had discovered and become obsessed with. Guess who was often in the background of those cartoons? Bart, in a rudimentary form. In fact, The Simpsons had just premiered in 1989, so guess who the designers thought would be PERFECT for the back of this shirt?And that phrase? Well, "Drink until he's cute" was just a different version of slapping those beer goggles on. The "theme" shirts each year were so popular, that they guys' version was produced as well, but I don't have that one.

The Offspring has an entire collection, but I said I was going to be brief. So here's her favorite:And I couldn't find a photo of Roger in his "Old Dudes Rock Harder" shirt - which refers to MUSIC, you sickos...but this is one he's had for a looooong time. And no, he's NOT being sacrilegious here:Have a great Fun Monday - and watch this upcoming Wednesday for a big house udpate!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Urine 4 a Treat

I have had something twirling around in my mind since Julie asked about home remedies and folk cures. If you've been to her site lately, you might have noticed my comment about urine. Somewhere, in the back recesses of my warped brain, I remember hearing about using it as a cure for an earache. I have been thinking about this topic since I made the comment, and this morning, I was compelled to do research.

I am constantly amazed at what people do in this wide, wide world of insanity. This phenomena of using your own (or possibly someone else's) urine has a NAME. Urine therapy. Want to know something REALLY gross? Well, according to one web site, "Most devotees drink the midstream of their morning urine." Now, I remember trying to catch that ever elusive "midstream" during my MOUTH?!? Let's just say that guys have a distinct advantage.

One of the most BIZARRE websites I found on the topic suggested that urine be used as a gargle, with these instructions: "Urine is kept in the mouth 20-30 minutes, or as long as possible, for gum problems and other lesions of the mouth and tongue." Suddenly, that full minute I endure Listerine gargles seems like a walk in the park.

Oh, and just in case you are curious, I was right. A few drops of urine in the ear helps to cure an earache.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Monday Meeting!

Before I begin, I have a big shout out to Bond at Bond's Big Leather Couch for the fabulous masthead you see today! Thank you, Bond, for helping out the Neophtye!

Janet is this week's hostess, and she let us VOTE for our assigment! The winner was "how we met our significant other," which in my case, wasn't under the best of circumstances.

I had just recently moved to this tiny town in Arkansas, having graduated from a 42,000-student university. I had grown up near Houston, Texas, and had only twice visited my uncle in this town, where he had a job waiting for me. My parents moved the same month to Laguna Beach, CA

My first month here, I auditioned and got the part of Anelle in the local production of "Steel Magnolias" - perfect for a newbie, and a way to throw myself into the community. I had broken it off with my boyfriend at college, but he refused to admit that distance would hinder our relationship. He wanted to "date" - and the play's opening weekend, he flew in to spend four days with me. The week of dress rehearsals, I had reached an unfortunate conclusion: I was NOT ready for country life. The nearest liquor store was over an hour and a half drive away, on long, winding roads - NOTHING like the straight and narrows of Texas. My job was NOT paying what my Bachelor's degree was worth. And my friends consisted of older women from work, who had nothing better to do than sit around and bitch about their husbands.

On Wednesday, October 20th, 1992, I had reached a total breaking point. I became distraught at the office, sobbing frantically, ready to change my life, even move to California. I had gone from the city life, where you aren't expected to look anyone in the eye - to a tight-knit community, where you are expected to know everyone's cousin's brother, and the names of all their children by each of their three wives/girlfriends. I just wasn't feeling it.

A lady at work took drastic action and dragged me to the house of complete strangers. She assured me that it would be okay - they had come from California and had adjusted just fine. I didn't want to go ANYWHERE, with my tear-streaked face, rumpled clothing and piss-poor outlook on my future. I couldn't even react as she tossed me in her car and whisked me away. As I was ushered thru their kitchen and out onto their deck, I vaguely noticed a man on the kitchen phone, engaged in a serious discussion. Hitching and sobbing, I was introduced to three strangers. A glass of wine appeared in front of me, and I sat there desperately trying not to weep and wail out loud while conversation floated around me. A few minutes later, the man on the phone joined us.I don't think Roger and I spoke five words to each other that night - after all, I was still a little addled and surely a fright to look at! After an hour or so, we all said our goodbye's. I made my exit by gracefully called the hostess' husband the wrong name - especially considering he was still wearing his work clothes with his name embroidered on the front.

I left that night with something tugging at me. After the play that weekend, and after convincing the ex-boyfriend that he was PERMANENTLY going to be an ex, my thoughts turned to the man from that night. I had been on some HORRIBLY disappointing dates during my stay - but something was intriguing about him. He wasn't like the men I had dated before. I had no clue who he was, but something told me I had to see him again. If for no other reason than to convince him I wasn't normally a blubbering moron.The next week, he called. I spent almost every night of the next two months with him. He was a musician - and 15 years older than me (he didn't look it). I wasn't sure about the age thing - but I was spending time with someone who was smart, funny, and a caring person - who was NOT looking for a serious relationship, much less a marriage.

When did I know for sure that I was going to marry him? I had my suspicions that first week, but it really crystallized when I went to visit my parents in December...the first week was okay, but the second week? HELL. Not b/c of my parents, but b/c I couldn't stand the thought of being away from him another second. The days at the California paradise seemed a prison compared to the frigid conditions of Arkansas with Roger. And here we are, 15 years later, happier than ever.

Now go read other sweet stories from Fun Monday participants, while I go vomit from the mushiness of this post.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

90 Days Later...and in the PINK!

Remember this??
It was exactly NINETY DAYS AGO that this bulldozer broke ground on our land. And here we are today - almost completely bricked, and almost completely roofed!
There is a tiny bit of roofwork to be done on the "eyebrow," but the main portion is finished. I couldn't take photos of the roofers - I'm afraid they would have run for the hills, fearing I was from the INS...but they did a good job. Next, check out the lights installed for our front porch:
Don't worry - I have them on dimmers, and Roger is already making plans to change the bulbs to red and green for Christmas. There is just a little bit of brick work left on the front, which should be finished by tomorrow:
Next, the siding guys will finish the rest of the house with white siding. Our white posts and caps arrived, but I'm not sure when they will be installed. I'm sure they will have to wait for the brickers to get their scaffolds off our porch first.

You know what this fellow means?
Just in time to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and maybe just for Swampy), the insulators finished today! WOOHOO!! It only took them a day and a half to insulate the entire house. We used some R-19 on the exterior walls of the bonus room to help keep noise down and heat from seeping in from the attic:
The insulators were a nice group of guys and wanted to be on the 'net - so I told them to pose and "look tough." Way to go, guys!
I am SO excited that it's been such a short period of time, and we are this far along. Jackie, the head contractor, was a little disappointed that we weren't further along - he wanted this to go a little faster...but I'm THRILLED. Tomorrow? Sheetrock! Then the REAL mess begins!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun Monday Voyeurism - Movie Style - Updated for Your Viewing Pleasure! FINALLY!

It's that time again, and Pamela is our fabulous hostess! Her assignment was: I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast. I am horribly late, b/c I've been fighting with YouTube and Blogger to upload videos. Yes, you read right - VIDEOS! As tiny as my town is, I thought you might enjoy seeing my short daily commute. As long as you promise not to make fun of my accent. I should have told you to check back in a DAY or see if I was successful in uploading. Neophytism is NOT a good thing, at times!
Okay - I got one to work, so I'm going to take a chance, and go for two. If you can't watch the videos, I'm gonna be FURIOUS! I've worked all day on this!'d BETTER not make fun of my accent! Or if you do, make sure I don't know where you live. Kidding. Not really.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yes, We Are Still Building a House!

I know it's been a while since I gave you a house update - but be assured, it is still in progress! As I type this, there are brick-layers, heating and air dudes, electricians, vinyl-siding dudes, and other laborers crawling around our house. The most exciting part is actually seeing brick ON the house, instead of in little bundles AROUND the house. See what you think: There's a lot more on there now, so hopefully I will be able to show you a completely-bricked house by next week! Also, the siding, roofing, and insulation are scheduled to begin, weather providing. The front door was installed, but not yet painted - and I think it will look good with the overall theme of the house:I spent weeks documenting the careful construction of the home - everything tightly woven together in an elaborate symphony of wood and concrete. Now? Well, it seems like everyone is poking holes in the structure and sticking things inside. Like a near-death patient in the ICU, my house has all sorts of pipes and tubes and devices thrust into it:"Nurse! I need a large bole IV in this dryer unit....STAT!" "Okay, let's check the pressure...looks to be stable, but keep the monitor on, in case we go into V-Tac and need the paddles..."
And check out this behemoth of a heating and air unit, under the house: Talk about a MONSTER. Hope it doesn't blow us into the stratosphere....but then, look at the ductwork: Wow....impressive, yes? There will be another unit to cool our bonus room. Now that the windows are installed, I had to take a photo of the front porch...and...hey...wait...what is that...down the way? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? Oh no...first order of business?? C'mon.... Yup, that's The Offspring, trying out her "sneaking out" techniques, first thing. Can you believe it?
Looks like she has it down pat. Here's a peek at some of the can lights in our living area...ceiling fans to come!
Stay tuned for more updates! And don't forget to check on Julie's house for her progress - something tells me she will be moving in soon!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fun Monday ELATION!

Oh YES! Robin over at Pensieve is this week's hostess, and her topic is SHOES! I am a bona fide shoe maven, and I didn't even take her suggestion that we show shoes that belong to other family members (even though The Offspring has some awesome ones). I can only show you a quarter of my own to heck with theirs! My latest acquisition are these not-expensive heels that will look FABULOUS the next time I hit the dance floor:Before you think I'm nuts, I actually CAN dance in heels. Better than in flats - just ask any of my friends who have gone dancing with me. I know some people who can't even walk in these shoes. Next are some of the most comfortable heels I own. I save them for semi-dressy events, as they're not the fanciest:Before you think I don't have any "normal" shoes, check out these Merrell sandals I bought in D.C.:Merrell makes some of the most comfy styles that I've ever put on my tootsies - I have three other pair of Merrells in my closet. The ones above have been on my feet the most lately, since wearing heels to our new house site is kinda silly. Next, are the second most comfortable pair of heels I own, the patent leather Gianni Bini's:I LOVE this brand, and can't find these in the 4-inch heel versions anymore. Had I known that, I would have bought three pair of these:I can't wear these anymore, seeing as I've beat the heck out of them, wearing them to work, dancing in them, and tromping all over the place. They were AWESOME, and so easy to take on and off, with that little zipper in the back. To replace them, I found these Bandolinos in D.C.:Not as comfortable, but still a decent-looking shoe. Now for my DRESSY heels, which I wear with some of my formal gowns:Kudos to Baby Phat! I love the little sparkly cat logo that dangles from the strap. And yes, I do have some shoes that are more casual heels, like these Kenneth Cole's, for instance:OH! and did we talk BOOTS? Here are my beige suedes...Which I also own in chocolate brown:And GUESS? who made these wonders? The style is "Carrie." "Sex and the City," anyone?Lest you think I'm some sort of heel-addict, here are the Merrells I kick around in, when I just relax on the weekend:Comfiest shoes EVAH. Okay - that's already too many shoes from one girl. Go over to Robin's, and check out the other Fun Monday participants! I'm off on a spree!