Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, What Have I Done?

See that? Over the side bar. Do you know what that means? That means I've officially LOST it.

Me, the Tigger who posts at average eight times a month is going to try her hand at NaBloPoMo. I'm insane.

Now, I could write every day. Really. But CAN I? Can I toss The Offspring off the computer long enough to post? Will I have anything meaningful to say? I usually think of ALL kinds of things to blog about...when I'm in bed, awake, at 2 a.m.

But I'm giving it a bear with me. Now, on to more important things! Notice anything odd about this picture?Yup - the shingles aren't the same. A house glitch! Evidently, the roofing crew, who does NOT speak English, did this without the head contractor and their boss around. But no worries, our contractor chewed some butt, and now these eyebrow shingles have been replaced with the correct ones.

These dudes? They hang sheetrock:And though they are taking a break, here's what they had been up to:Jackie's crew also installed white posts on the front porch:They also poured the concrete for the driveway retaining wall:And LOOK! They finished the sheetrock, and now we are in the "mudding and taping" phase. This evidently takes a few coats, but the final coat of "mud and tape" will happen today. After that, the texture will go on.The next thing that will happen? Paint! Roger and I have looked at paint colors for WEEKS...and were overwhelmed by the names. We finally settled on "Brandy Cream." Isn't she hot?Nothing like a porn star, plastered on your walls. It will be okay, since we are balancing her out with "Simply White" on the trim and ceiling. So, the puritan and the harlot will be sharing our home. Should make for a lovely combination!


Desert Songbird said...

Dunno - what have you done?

BTW - are you having trouble commenting on my blog? I see that you visit, but I haven't seen a comment in a while? Others have said they're having problems commenting, so I'm wondering...

Desert Songbird said...

The puritan and the harlot - you're too much. Porn stars everywhere.

I still can't get over that porch.

Junebug said...

Your porch is so great. I would love to have a porch like that. Mmmm mm mmm.

Simply Jenn said...

Good for you! I for one will be glad to see you writing daily.

I can't help but wonder how the finished wrong tiles would have looked. Maybe it would have made a statement. You know, like "hey my tile installers don't speak English".

I'm glad the puritan and the harlot will balance each other out.

laurie said...

wow, nice porch!

and funny about the shingles. we had some non-english-speaking workers putting cedar shakes on our house a couple of summers ago. one of them swung around with a ladder and poked it right through our screen porch.

you can imagine how furious i was when i got home and saw that gash.

and yes, there was some---how did you put it? serious butt-chewing? that followed.

nikki said...

I still want your porch. Don't be afraid if you find me relaxing on it one day.

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - maybe I should put some porn stars on the porch, too?

junebug - you are welcome to come relax on my porch...anytime!

simply jenn - I'm glad someone out there will be reading! I just hope I can keep up....and not drool on my keyboard! You are toooo funny!

laurie - GASP! A gash!!! OMG...I would have freaked. So, did you get to chew it yourself? B/c sometimes, I wish I could...but my contractor is too willing to do it for me. Guess he's earning his money.

nikki - I will not be surprised. Just bring some beverages, k?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I may be unnaturally excited that you signed up for nablopomo.

And that porch? Must. Get. One. If that doesn't work out, I'll be the one helping Nikki carry the drinks.

lisa's chaos said...

The house is looking great! Love the harlot and puritan sharing space. :)

I'm on NaBloPoMo too, let's see if I can find you and we can be friends. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Honey, you do that, and I might just make up to Arkansas!

willowtree said...

I must say I'm surprised!!!

laurie said...

i yelled at the contractor.
and he yelled at the workers.
i was seriously p*ssed.

M@ said...

That's a big house, Tig. How many more chillen are you planning on having?

Pamela said...

I'm actually looking forward to seeing you blog 30 days straight.

Loving the look and lay of the house.

ChrisB said...

Seeing the porch from that angle shows just how great it is. 'Brandy Cream' is just my kind of colour I love it.

Tiggerlane said...

melissa - I am scared of NaBloPoMo...I do good to post on Fun Monday! And I'll be happy to have you AND the drinks!

lisa's chaos - the harlot and puritan will help balance our family. I hope we make it thru NaBloPoMo - which in itself, sounds kinda nasty, if you think about it.

desert songbird - I'll get them lined up. Male ones, too!

willowtree - It really is all YOUR fault. Seriously. I figure, if a snarky Aussie can do it, why can't I? Oh yeah - I have a full-time job AND a kid AND I'm building a house. Shucks.

laurie - I think a lot of people go thru that. Luckily, my contractor does all my yelling for me. Wish I could figure out how I could get him to take all my other grief for a fee.

m@ - I know it SEEMS big, but I'm just trying to put as much space between me and the one I already have. NO MORE. The next one is coming out of Roger.

pamela - thanks! And I should take photos so everyone can see how I disintegrate under the pressure for 30 days.

chrisb - thanks! I am going to have a porch party, and you're invited!

Memphis Steve said...

That is one serious porch!!!! I like it.

Kaytabug said...

Wait! Did I here porch party? I'm there...but can we wait til winter is over?

My mouth dropped when I saw nablopomo. Good luck! I'm happy I get to read more from you, even if it's only for one month!!

Kila said...

I'll enjoying reading more posts from you!

WOW on the house! And it all looks sooo spacious!

I feel bad for the roofers who shingled and then had to un-shingle!

Matt-Man said...

Well at least it is the "trim" that is the puritan of the two. Cheers!!

Tiggerlane said...

memphis steve - If we have our way, there will be some serious partying on that porch.

kaytabug - maybe I should install a hot tub - so the snow sizzles on our hot skin? And thanks for the support on nablopomo...I'm skeered about it!

kila - Thanks! At least I know a couple of you out there will be reading, so that's cool. And I don't feel too sorry for them - they held up the siding guys...and should have known better! At least it didn't cost us anything.

matt-man - yeah, wouldn't want the porn star to get overshadowed.

Jenny said...


But to be a true porn star she should be Brandee Cream with two e's.

Jenny said...


But to be a true porn star she should be Brandee Cream with two e's.

Beckie said...

I wanna come to the porch party!

The house is looking good!

Occidental Girl said...

Oh yeah, I'm always forgetting some of my best blog posts! Good luck with that.

Hey, the house is coming along! I love the paint situation, mostly because I love a good paradox.

Bond said...

that porch cross state-lines? Man it is huge...

and I am liking the colors and the fact that the "i am not a porn star with a porn star name" have selected a porn star color!

You get all that?

Angelina said...

The house has come a long way since the last time I visited! It's looking great-and you know it's starting to make me envious. I can see the allure of building your own dream home.

But about that color-perhaps they should have used a different name, the name may be Porn Star, but the hue is very calm and TAME. Pretty though.

Tiggerlane said...

jenny - TERRIFIC point. I'll have to notify Benjamin Moore - who also sounds kinda porny.

beckie - consider yourself invited! Just don't forget the booze.

occidental girl - I'll let you know, once I get them both plastered on the walls.

bond - LOL! Yeah - I got it! And it's 76-feet long...amazing, huh?

angelina - you're right. So, now I'm thinking "flesh colored." Helps, doesn't it?