Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun Monday Trappings

It's that time again! Another Fun Monday, hosted this week by Karina! She wanted to see what we leave home with - and well, being a low-maintenance kinda girl, I don't own a $3,000 "bag" for my stuff. In fact, most folks would be surprised that I don't even carry a purse! Just my keys and cell phone, usually in my pocket - and my black wallet. Many times, I won't even bring my wallet. Instead, I'll take my driver's license, cash, my debit card and one credit card, and put them in my pocket.But when I head off to work? I usually haul around my Big Bag O' Death.
I first started carrying one of these "satchels" when I got one free as a door prize at some real estate gig. Then I felt obligated to carry one. It was great for throwing in all sorts of stuff - the keys, phone and wallet - and other "stuff." Like a mega-purse, where many things go, never to be seen again until the bag bursts, or I get a new one. I have gotten almost every version of the Bag O' Death free - either as a gift, or as a freebie from a perfume purchase. See that group of envelopes, portruding from the bag? These are the credit card offers I take to work each day to feed my hungry shredder.

I know, not real exciting. But I'm practically holding my blogger breath, trying to wait until November 1st for literary explosion. I have SO MUCH to tell you all, but I have to save it up for the surely hellish challenge of NaBloPoMo. And that name? It STILL makes me think of something naughty involving clowns.

Now go check out the trappings of the other Fun Monday participants!


Simply Jenn said...

Nice wallet, mine is a tiny credit card one that is exploding. It keeps regurgitating my license. I love the term "Bag O Death", I have one of those I take everywhere and I can never find anything.

Are you still mad at me about the real estate deal with Melissa? I wasn't going to sell anything, I promise. Except maybe my kids, in particular a 15.5 year old with a REALLY bad attitude today. Also? Now I'm scared and disgusted by clowns, instead of just scared thanks to you.

theotherbear said...

Hmm, so in November you are going to post about naughty clowns?

Karmyn R said...

I used to have an outstanding collection of cosmetic bags that I got free from the counters (you know, get it free for buying $25 worth of make-up). I think I've managed to get down to 1 again. but, I still like getting the free stuff.

mjd said...

I love your name for your satchel, "Big Bag O' Death." I have one that I carry to work and another that I carry to church. (As a teacher, we get free bags from textbook companies.)

Best of Luck with NaBloPoMo.

Desert Songbird said...

You know, for a girl with as big a shoe fetish as you have, I'm surprised that you don't have a corresponding bag fetish. It would seem they would go hand in hand (or, hand and foot as the case may be). At least, it does for me, unfortunately for my closet.

Desert Songbird said...

BTW - come see me. I have something for you.

willowtree said...

I'm impressed, and I confess, a little 'clown curious'.

janet said...

bag o' death? bwahahahahaha!

and i signed up for nablopomo ... a little scared of it honestly!

Pamela said...

I can see it's usefulness as a bag of death.

If someone tried to mug you, you could just swing it - wham. Knock out.

I think mine is too large to swing.

Hootin'Anni said...

That satchel is HUGE!!!! I bet it's a heavy booger too.

Mine's posted...
Have a great MOANday.

Kerith Collins said...

my purse is usually overflowing like that too...thankfully I also have the babies diaper bag to hold all the stuff that falls out of my purse...and i am getting nervous for NaBloPoMo...what the heck am i gonna write about?

Alix said...

Wow that is one big bag - great name for it - it may kill you hauling that round!
Looking forward to the NaBloPoMo - not sure if I will make it through!

Shauna said...

your first pic looks pretty easy to handle - the Big Bag looks like a lot to tote around. . .Love the pics of the house! ! !

Miss you guys! ! ! Keeping myself very, very busy. . .

Tiggerlane said...

simply jenn - I'll trade you a snarky almost-14-year-old girl, any day! And I could never be mad at you.

theotherbear - if clowns cross my path, they will be DEAD clowns.

karmynr - free=awesome! Unless it's a free disease.

mjd - you have double the baggage! I think arkansas songbird has several, too - teaching is a LOT of work! And thanks - I'm gonna need it.

desert songbird - I just can't pull off a purse. It seems to be like a baby I can't leave anywhere. Besides - the bag would distract from my shoes! Thanks SO MUCH for the award! I'll pop by soon.

willowtree - I expect photos of your clown adventures.

janet - maybe we will all make it together - or be in the same nuthouse after it is over!

pamela - GREAT idea! I will have to practice, b/c it IS heavy.

hootin' anni - I'll be by soon - MOANday at work is hellacious!

kerith - I wish I knew - maybe I'll rehash EVERY episode of Grey's Anatomy I've ever seen, just to aggravate Willowtree.

alix - we may have to have assignments every day, or I won't have a clue what to say - OR I'll end up spewing thoughts that will get me in trouble!

shauna - you are SO missed - but spend time with those boys of yours while you can - they will be married off before you know it!

Kaytabug said...

See I fear a "big bag O' death" I try to keep my purses in the medium range Now that all 3 are potty trained I can go smaller!
I am feeling a lil left out with what seems like almose every doing nabalposma whatever its called...It makes me want to join so I don't miss out...but I never keep up with reading everything and posting myself everyday!! I still wish you the best and I'll be here reading!!

Robinella said...

I just lost the diaper bag, so I try to be sparse in my purse carryings. I love the freebies.

Sandy said...

I love the Big Bag o'Death! Too funny. Thanks for sharing.

Junebug said...

Ahh..the quit working. At least your bag doesn't have a strap to carry on your shoulder, just think of the weight. As for the dark contacts, that is an idea, but I think that was also my idea for Lasik so I didn't have to wear contacts and glasses. But I guess sunglasses count as glasses. I hate wearing them, anything on my nose is annoying, leaving those marks. But I must do it.

nikki said...

I'm totally digging the red phone.

I have a backpack-o-death. I think Hoffa might be buried in there.

Beckie said...

I like to see a woman that travels light (on non-work days).

Can't wait to hear what you have to say in November! I'm off to add you as a friend on NoBloPoMo (oh, I kind of get the naughty thing now...hmmmm, ok).

Debs said...

I need a bag of death. I have not had one in a very long time.

Deborah said...

Love the satchel... I have a huge purse that doubles up as a diaper bag sometimes. VERY handy!!!

Something naughty involving clowns still has me cracking up! ;-)

Robin said...

Great,'ve totally planted an entirely different perception of NaBloPoMo with your characterization...ha!

Hey...I just realized most girls who ARE posting purse pics have black ones. Hmmmm. It just happens to be the one I'm using these days, but it's neutral, so it's all good :).

I'll have to say, I think I would've thought you'd have a few more pics (don't get me wrong, your post is GREAT, I just thought you might throw in SOMETHING else imaginative--kinda like Swampy ;) ).

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

What exactly do you think lives in the satchel?

And, good for you joining NaBloPoMo, too.

Joy T. said...

I LOVE the satchel. Love it! I also really like the color of your cell phone. Next cell phone is going to be red for me.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Great Bag O'Death. Don't leave home without it.

I have one very much like it that sucks everything I put in it to the very bottom.I'm sure yours is better behaved!

Anonymous said...

I have a Samsung cell phone too! We're twins. Except I don't have the clown fetish.

I used to have a bag o' death, but lately I just can't carry around that much - they seem to attract all the crap on the planet, and I end up carrying around every receipt I've ever gotten, lotion I don't use, and three chapsticks! It's a sickness.

Tiggerlane said...

kaytabug - I think that's what made me join, the "everyone else is doing it" thing - which is what I warn my kid about EVERY DAY. I suck.

robinella - I had forgotten what life was like with the diaper bag...memories!

sandy - everyone needs a big bag o' death!

junebug - Yeah - maybe they can develop a surgery, where you can implant those transition lenses in eyeballs? Would solve a LOT of problems!

nikki - oh, the stories our bags could tell!

beckie - thanks for adding me! I have no idea what I'm going to say, but I imagine at least ONE post will be naughty!

debs - the next bag o' death I get, is yours.

deborah - yeah - just say "nablopomo" real fast, three times, and it will conjure a clown. TRUST.

robin - I'm saving it ALL for the month of November. Really. I'm saving it...b/c I'm skeered to DEATH that I won't have a thing to say!

anglophile football fanatic - I have no idea what is in the bottom; it's where stuff goes to die...and I'm glad I have company in this clown-blowing thing!

joy t. - I think the red phone is awesome, except my daughter's is EXACTLY like it! I'm always getting them confused.

the rotten correspondent - I think our bags are related. I am afraid to look in the bottom of mine, for fear of what might be lurking there!

melissa - I shred my receipts, thanks to my new shredder! And I am a loser, b/c I seem to be in a minority - no chap stick anywhere in SIGHT!

ChrisB said...

Hehe 'BagO'Death' lovely name and it holds a lot, but I understand about things getting lost. I tend to loose my cell phone and the odd occasion it rings I'm busy throwing everything out to find it~ and it's never in the little cell phone pocket like it should be!!

Crown Princess said...

you sound soo much like my mom, she never cleans her purse till she gets a new one....which only happens if the other literally disinigrates or i threaten her with placin a call to TLC's 'what not to wear'

Sirdar said...

A woman that doesn't carry a purse? Wow!! At least you have your essentials.

Love the Bag 'O Death moniker. Of course you have a kitchen sink in there too right? :-)

Karina said...

"Bag O' Death" funny!

NaBloPoMo and naughty clowns? HILLARIOUS!

Thanks for the laugh! ;-)

lisa's chaos said...

I was going to say that you really travel light until I saw the second photo. Wow! :) And you get those bags free?! I wanna follow you around.

Kila said...

Hooray for low maintenance and traveling lightly. I would so be the same way if I didn't have 3 kids ;)

I'm gonna call your 800 number someday ;)

kitten said...

Looks like that so far I do carry the most, but with my 3 kids and 2 nephews it's kinda hard to go too light. Since my kids are a older I don't carry as much as I use too. LOL! My purse has gotton smaller thou.

alisonwonderland said...

i like your Bag 'O Death! very useful!

when i was talking to my 16yo daughter about this week's theme, she said "cell phone, wallet, and chapstick in my pocket." :o)

Tiggerlane said...

chrisb - I've started carrying my cell phone in my pocket, but then I have to squirm around while driving to dig it out.

crown princess - Yup! Your mom and I are JUST alike!

sirdar - Oddly enough, I have a printed photo of our new kitchen sink - does that count?

karina - I'm getting more frightened of the clowns as we approach November 1st.

lisa's chaos - you wouldn't be the first to stalk me - want to join the porch party?

kila - call away! And don't be surprised if I answer the phone - my front desk help is now temporary.

kitten - I will say, there are GREAT benefits to having only one child. Especially now that she's old enough to carry her own baggage.

alisonwonderland - so even the KIDS are in on this chap stick thing? Come to think of it, the hubby always has the chap stick, and the kid has her gloss. I'm an outcast!

Bond said...

I can not do that sex with a clown thing...i am having so much trouble writing right now (as evidenced by the start of another story this past Monday on The Couch0 ...

Bag 'o death... quite cute...and of course you do not spend money on pocketbooks and the like...YOU SPEND IT ON SHOES...MUCH MORE WORTH IT!


Desert Songbird said...

Nice to know that even Bond has standards and won't have sex with clowns. Oh wait...he was talking about that blogging every day for a month thing...never mind...

Bond said... have something against clowns? You know male clowns have BIG FEET...and you know what they say about men with BIG FEET

M@ said...

The mother of all purses....

Tiggerlane said...

bond - I have my priorities! I'll try to give the clowns a rest, too.

desert songbird - I have yet to discover Bond's "limits" - he has some?

m@ - you left off the rest of the word "mother.."