Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun Monday Voyeurism - Movie Style - Updated for Your Viewing Pleasure! FINALLY!

It's that time again, and Pamela is our fabulous hostess! Her assignment was: I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast. I am horribly late, b/c I've been fighting with YouTube and Blogger to upload videos. Yes, you read right - VIDEOS! As tiny as my town is, I thought you might enjoy seeing my short daily commute. As long as you promise not to make fun of my accent. I should have told you to check back in a DAY or see if I was successful in uploading. Neophytism is NOT a good thing, at times!
videoOkay - I got one to work, so I'm going to take a chance, and go for two. If you can't watch the videos, I'm gonna be FURIOUS! I've worked all day on this!'d BETTER not make fun of my accent! Or if you do, make sure I don't know where you live. Kidding. Not really.


Desert Songbird said...

Accent? What accent could you, oh Texan one now living in Arkansas, possibly have?

Beckie said...


Pamela said...

I could NOT upload to YouTube so that is why I went to Vimeo

Of course, if I pop in to the B&B down the road, I can just ride to work with you and see it all for myself.

Melissa said...

Oh my god you are so cute! That video was great!! :)

PS: my property taxes were almost $3000 last year. :(

mjd said...

Watching your video was quite fun for this Fun Monday. Although the mom and grandma in me is saying, how was that girl videorecording while driving?

Pamela said...

hey that was grrrrreat.
I got a little bit car sick... but I'm not used to being in the driver seat and not driving!

Living in a small town means that if your car breaks down - there is no excuse. You walk to work.

Thank you for the guided tour of rural Arkansas.

My sis lived in Hot Springs for a few years, but I never had the chance to go visit her while she was there. Next best thing.

mjd said...

I came back and watched your second video, which is even better because we get to see the new house.

karisma said...

Well, I certainly wouldnt be picking on your accent now would I? You would probably think mine is much worse! Besides I do not have a sound card in this computer at the moment so I could not hear you. LOL.

I think I got a little carsick too!

willowtree said...

Possibly one of the best Fun Mondays EVER!

I had to laugh when you pointed out the van parked close to the stop sign AS YOU WERE FLIMING!

Kila said...

I was able to watch both. What a great, and fun, idea! Thank you! Looks like a peaceful little town. And that house has come a long way, wow! Hooray for low property taxes! Most folks here add an extra zero, about $3000 per year.

Robocop said...

Someday, I will have a digital camera.

theotherbear said...

Most fabulous post!
I love your accent - to me it sounds so exotic. heh - my husband used to think that about mine.

BS said...

Very enjoyable Fun Monday post. Your new house is going to be beautiful. I would love to have a short commute and also be my own boss. Great job.

lisa's chaos said...

Accent never, I'm from Missouri and I have no accent either. :)

Was nice riding with you, you made me feel very safe. :)

my4kids said...

The video was a great idea for this fun monday. I posted one showing my backyard view.
I'm so jealous your building a house though. I would love to have a house built. Someday maybe.

ChrisB said...

Only half of the first video played for me but all of the second one was great. You are going to be living in lovely place. Seeing it on video was a brilliant idea (had thought about doing this myself but not enough time)

Walker said...

Very cool new house and I loved your video. How's the real estate market there?

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - factor in my California parents, and well - you be the judge!

beckie - after much hair-pulling, done!

pamela - the closest B&B is 15 miles outside the city limits - so I'd rather you stay at my house!

mjd - thanks for checking back. I was afraid the Fun Monday group had given up on me!

karisma - maybe I should have put a carsickness warning on the videos...

willowtree - yeah, I'm hypocritical like that.

kila - thanks! I'm waiting for our taxes to rise, but our school millage increase didn't pass - so it might be a while.

robocop - I can't BELIEVE you don't have one. Unreal.

theotherbear - exotic! Cool! You just made major points with me!

bs - the commute is awesome, but being my own boss? Sometimes, that's a REAL pain. I'm incorrigible.

lisa's chaos - can you tell I HATE turning left?

my4kids - I promise to check your post out - I'm just now getting around to the Fun Monday voyeurism.

chrisb - I should have realized how much time it was going to take. You don't miss much in the first video - except stop signs and me not getting creamed.

walker - thanks! The market is HOPPIN' - which will help pay for my house.

her indoors said...

brilliant vidoes, and love your accent

Alix said...

Great idea, I loved your videos. In response to your comment on my blog - yes we have a tiny patch of grass haven't used scissors yet but the streamer is such a hassle to get out I may be tempted!!

Junebug said...

I didn't notice your accent but I'm from Oklahoma so what can I say? The flamingos were only downed, not dead...I don't know what it is about them that amuses me, but they do. Your videos were great, very cool idea. Congratulations on the new house!

Kathleen Marie said...

So, you are building a house. I have totally empathy with you having recently built one. Here is a hint - you can never have enough pluggins or light switches, never! I love my house but I don't know if I would want to go through all that again.

Loved the little tour of your area.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Laguna Beach is indeed gorgeous.


debi said...

I loved cruising with you to see the new house. Also like your tunes playing in the background. House is really comin along.

M@ said...

Is this, like, Fun Wednesday?

RAFFI said...

the house is coming along nicely. it did seem like you were driving 100mph. as for the accent, it was a mix of southern and west coast... very nice ;)

Kaytabug said...

OMG! This was the funnest most awesome FM today! I did get a lil car sick on the 2nd trip. I am still trying to figure out how you drove while wild and crazy gal!
I think your accent is very cute and very subtle...I was expecting a thick southern one! That's now my BFF! LOL!
I enjoyed the tunes during the ride!

alisonwonderland said...

what a terrific idea for Pamela's theme! well done! happy belated fun monday!

Tiggerlane said...

her indoors - thank you! It's a Califor-Tex-Arkansan accent.

alix - I'm tellin' ya - scissors look like the way to go!

junebug - many thanks - and the flamingos ARE funny - but funnier when downed. And I hope I don't get busted for video-taping while driving!

kathleen marie - Lights and outlets seem to be in abundance so far - but I'll double check and make sure I have plenty - thanks for the tip! And your photos made me actually want to go visit my parents again sooner than I had thought.

debi - I realized after I shot the video that the tunes were my "30 Seconds to Mars" CD that I've been playing non-stop for MONTHS.

m@ - I got done on Monday - just LATE. And you were supposed to tell me how cute my voice was.

raffi - thanks! My folks gripe about how "hick" I sound - I need to pronounce my "i's" a little less like "ah," so they won't disown me. Believe it or not, I was going SLOW at 35 mph.

kaytabug - tunes courtesy of Jared Leto, and the camera? I was holding on to it by placing it on the steering wheel - very precarious.

alisonwonderland - thank you - and happy Fun Monday as well - on a Wednesday! I still have about 7 more blog participants to visit...this was a big one!

Christine said...

Fun video. Nice drive. The best part was when you got to work, you could take off! :)
I was wondering what kind of accent you had!You've got the best of all of them. :)

Our property taxes aren't that high either about $800 a year with an added $100 for Homeowners Assoc. fees.

Happy Belated Fun Monday!

PAT said...

Hi and thank you for stopping by the back porch! The beautiful house across the lake in the neighborhood photo, sits almost directly across the subdivision from our home. We opted for trees and sunrises at the back of our property, rather than lakeside. I'll post a photo of our home, sometime soon, at the back porch.

Thanks again...I'm off to see your views of Arkansas!


dawn said...

Wow that was great. I always love updates on your house, so I am scrolling down after this. I love you accent; it isn't even that obvious, and I am Canadian. Thanks for sharing your view to work and what it will be when you move. I am in shock over the taxes. I think it is time to move. Oh wait, I'm Canadian, that is easier said than done.

Peter said...

I've gotta say it Tiggerlane, You've got an American accent.
You worked all day to put the videos on just so we could wait all day for them to load huh? Good but SLOOOWW. maybe its my ISP?

Tiggerlane said...

christine - thanks for not making me feel like a dolt about my accent. And the people at work? It makes them VERY curious when I pull up - and then drive off. At least I know they are on their toes for FEW seconds!

pat - I'm looking forward to your views! And I would opt for trees and sunsets, too - I'm too afraid of snakes. A snake-in-water combo would put me over the edge.

dawn - I sometimes I wish I lived in Canada, honestly. I wonder if I could make enough of a conversion in my accent to go into broadcasting? Nah - they would have to show me wildly waving my hands, too.

peter - it may be the ISP, but hey, I'm the neophyte - so what do I know? I DO know that they are much smaller file sizes than when I started - much closer to the regular stuff on Youtube.

Memphis Steve said...

I like your music. It sounds like you and I have similar taste in metal.

I've always thought about filming my drive to or from work, but I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of showing the world how to find me, so I never have. You may inspire me to bend my own rule, though. Either that, or to drive to Mena, Arkansas and pop into your office just to see if you realize who I am.

Desert Songbird said...

'kay, so I just got around to viewing your videos, and I gotta say - that ain't no accent, girl! You sound like a California girl.

Tiggerlane said...

memphis steve - in my business, my address, photo and phone numbers all have to be I live my life in a sort of bubble anyway!

desert songbird - why, thank you! I guess that would make my parents proud!