Friday, May 11, 2007

Just in Time for the Weekend

Got this little gem from my long time friend Brent, and was amazed by its simplicity! Plus, I had to scoot those morning photos down a bit. They were scaring me.

Not sure if this can be done while there is still wine in the bottle, but it's worth a try!

OH! And one more little weekend trick to try! I actually saw this and came to the office and just tore the place UP! We had a lot of old phonebooks around, and I amazed my coworkers by making Incredible Hulk noises while performing this trick. (Sorry, my shirt didn't rip off - but I made some really scary faces.)

Have a great weekend!


Karmyn R said...

I can't wait to impress my friends at the next party I attend!!!!

(but scary - the phonebook ripper's voice sounds EXACTLY like a guy I used to know)

Kila said...

My boys loved the first one!

I didn't show them the second one. I need my phone books, LOL.

Piglet said...

those are nifty tricks!!! i'm so going to try the phonebook thing :)

Pamela said...

I some some big muscle men doing that at a show.

What phonies they were !!!!!

Next time.. I'll get up on the stage and say LET ME TRY THAT.

Claudia said...

No way!! I am so going to try the cork trick!! that was cool! (and yes,I am easily amused...)

Desert Songbird said...

Those were cool, but it made me think, "Hmmm, someone has waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands..."

Oh, and I was hung up on the first guy's accent. It sounded like a cross between French and Dutch, which makes me think he's Belgian...

Matt said...

Great, Tigger. Now I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

marnie said...

I am going to amaze my Mother at dinner tonight. Of course, we will have to polish off a bottle of wine first.

I should take pictures.

Have not forgotten about your tag... soon, soon.

ChrisB said...

I hope my kids haven't seen this as I want to impress them with the cork trick

theotherbear said...

Now I want to try the wine bottle trick but while there's still wine in the bottle. Otherwise what's the point really?
I haven't yet worked out a good reason to rip a phone book in half though :)

Tiggerlane said...

karmyn - maybe it IS your friend! But then, if he was a real friend, he would have taught you this trick.

kila - I haven't tried the bottle one yet - but we drained one this weekend, so now I can.

piglet - impress your hubby! Let me know if it worked!

pamela - sounds like a SURE THING to do! Can you imagine how you could wow the crowd?

claudia - I expect your experiment to be posted online soon!

desert songbird - I'm glad you mentioned that. I couldn't identify the accent to save my life.

matt - try it with a full bottle, and I'll be extra impressed.

marnie - can't wait for photos - of BOTH! :-)

chrisb - I'm interested to hear the results...I'll bet they haven't seen it!

theotherbear - thanks for stopping by! And I would like to try the cork trick with wine in the bottle, but I'm too afraid I'll make a mistake and waste wine.