Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's Finally Begun!

Well, another meeting with the builder to show him THIS:And now, there's no turning back. The house plan just needs some tweaking (a door from the back of the garage, making the laundry room section two feet larger, moving my island a little more forward...just small stuff) - and the builder has taken my plan home to make the adjustments. The major adjustment involves this:
The room above will be the new music studio, and it really should orient the other direction. To do that, the garage will increase to 28x28, and the entrance from the garage will be expanded. The stairs will also come from another direction, but it's in his hands now. He sounded confident that he knows exactly what to do to make it perfect for us.

See this lovely gravesite?
It's actually the first hole for the "perc test," which is a test to see how well the ground will percolate for a septic system. I think a body would fit in there...creepy.

The plumbers put out all these little flags to show where the lateral lines for the septic system will go. I've been instructed NOT to mow over them.
They dug another gravesite perc test hole, but with the trees all around, there are too many roots to make it viable for seeping sewage:
I have new photos on my flickr site that show the new acreage that we bought to buffer us from the neighbors, plus all my new trees.

I guess it's GAME ON now!


willowtree said...

Woohoo! Build that bastard. Hey, I can't believe that a real estate agent doesn't use plan drawing software.

Desert Songbird said...


Dan said...

This is cool how you can archive the entire process right here on your blog!

I'm so envious!! :)

A belated Happy Mom's Day Tigger!

Matt said...

Oh my goodness. You've even got a place to burry your husband. You could't have planned this better, Tigger.

Tiggerlane said...

WT - I wish I HAD plan drawing software. But then, it would encourage folks to build houses, instead of buying them from us.

desertsongbird - That's EXACTLY how I feel!

dan - Thank you! Yeah - I'm gonna have to archive the frustrations, fights, etc., that I hear all couples have. Should make for some Jerry Springer-like stuff after it's all said and done.

matt - Well, chances are, he'd push me in one of those holes first. Two anal-retentive Virgos do NOT make for an easygoing building process!

Karmyn R said...

EXCITING!!!!! Cant' wait to see the process.

Matt-Man said...

i know that site. It's an ancient Indian burial site!! Good Luck with that. Cheers!!

mjd said...

This is exciting, and you are sharing your home building with us in the blogging world.

Pamela said...

intrigued by the "slope"

gorgeous flikr pix of all the trees. O, how I love trees, too.

those sewer holes are also intersting. I've never built a new house so that was a revelation

Kila said...

How exciting! Congratulations! I love your floor plan.

Beccy said...

How exciting. I would love to be able to build my dream home from scratch.

theotherbear said...

Wow. Looks like a really fantastic spot to put a house! Can you put another bedroom on and my hubby and I would like to come and live with you.

Tiggerlane said...

karmyn - Exciting for now - I'll let you know if there's any bloodshed during the process.

matt-man - The Offspring would actually love that. She's going to miss our 103-year old haunted house.

mjd - Hopefully, we'll all learn something in the process!

pamela - the ceiling has to slope that way, since it's the only "two-story" part of the house - I just adapted it from the original plans. The builder is actually going to work on it - to make the walls of the room at least 5-feet tall before the ceiling slope begins.

kila - Luckily, the builder likes it, too. Not a lot of wasted space or extra cuts.

beccy - this is actually the "first run" at a house. I've always heard that after you build, you think of all the things you want different. House #2 will be built in 4 years on the rest of our acreage.

theotherbear - Since there's only 3 of us (and the kid will move in 5 years), there's plenty of room now!

The Sarcasticynic said...

One thing I've never liked about most floor plans is the tendency to position the MBR in such a way that in-laws in a common area, such as a kitchen, can see into the bedroom, (when the cat pushes the BR door open,) and watch me walking into the master bath in my skivvies, (or less.)