Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fun Monday Poetry

Willowtree, who evidently has an alternative lifestyle, tagged Nikki to be this week's Fun Monday host. Her assignment was to:

1. Write a short poem. It can be about anything and it doesn't even have to be good.

2. Whip out your crayons, markers, paint, etc. and illustrate your poem (or have your kid, dog or cat do it).

As I have extremely limited poetry skills, unless I'm allowed the use of rampant expletives, I decided to let the kid do the entire assignment. Actually, The Offspring had this poem posted on her myspace blog a few weeks ago, and we had a very interesting discussion about who she was referring to in this piece.

the ending getting started

this is my first ending
it's an ending with you
you may not be through
but i'm ready to end it
and now i have found another
and we're so close to one another
so hopefully you'll understand
this ending poem starting
with someone new
someone great
someone new for you to hate
i love him
and he loves me
and thats the way it's gonna be

Deep thoughts...must be the hormonal phase.


Karmyn R said...

This poem could be looked at on so many different levels - It could be read "simply" or really broken down. I like it.

(my poem is done - just waiting on the illustration portion to be completed before I can post)

Pamela said...

I understood it... I wonder if that makes me hormonal -- (ha ha ha, in a bottle.)

tell your daughter I liked it.

I've a sore throat and achy -- and couldn't get my creative juices flowing.

willowtree said...

I really like this poem, and that's saying something! I'm in awe of anyone who can write evocative prose. No matter how hard I try, mine always comes out like a limerick.

I just can't write the free form stuff.

Joy T. said...

Your daughter writes beautiful poetry. Made me think.

Beccy said...

Your daughter is very talented, that poem was brilliant.

Jenny said...

Very well done.

min said...

Very poignant. Could be lyrics! This one hit home for me.

Tiggerlane said...

karmyn - I was a little nervous when I first read it - but it's about an ex-boyfriend who just can't stand to be without her. But she's a strong kid. Looking forward to poem hopping this morning.

pamela - I'm feeling crappy today, too - and the Allegra D isn't helping much. Maybe it's allergies?

WT - I always feel like poems should rhyme. The kid doesn't believe in strict rules - so it's easy for her. Thanks for the compliment - I'll be sure to pass it on!

joy t. - Thanks! Made me think, too - and worry, until she explained it.

beccy - here's hoping that her desire to go to a liberal arts college isn't a huge mistake - thanks for the compliment!

jenny - thanks so much - and thanks for stopping by!

min - I thought it was pretty deep for a 13-year old, but then, she can be a little moody at times. At least she can push that angst out thru prose and not bad behavior.

Stephanie said...

You know, some really good stuff comes out of the rawness of those angst-ridden years.

I loved that poem!!

Robin said...

I would love to hear more about your discussion. There are so many ways to "take" it.

Cheater...chicken...can't believe you didn't post one yourself, too. :)

Matt said...


Are you seeing someone on the side? Bad Tigger!

Amy W said...

I liked the poem too...should I be looking for this good work when my daughters get older?

melissa said...

This is the best poem I've read all day. Well done! What a talented daughter you have!

marnie said...

1. I'm glad you know about WT's alternate life style. The world deserves to know.

2. I've not forgotten about your tag. It will be done. Soon (ish).

3. I heart poems that don't rhyme. Kiddo is a great poet.

4. Whoooo was she talking about?

Beckie said...

Very Nice. Your daughter is 13?! That was deep.

Kila said...

I like it.

You couldn't pay me to be a teenager again ;)

Tiggerlane said...

stephanie - yes, good stuff, and hellacious arguments with a mother who KNOWS NOTHING.

robin - I am a cheater, for sure! But the kid's poem was so good, I had to share. Mine would have sucked.

matt - no, and thankfully, neither is the kid.

amy w - let's hope that's the case! Teen angst is better expressed this way than with slamming doors and screams of "I hate you." Of course, my day will surely come.

melissa - wow! That's saying a lot, b/c there are some great poems out there! Thanks...

marnie - she "went out" with a boy in 4th grade - and he moved away during their 5th grade year. She "stuck with him" until she was in the 7th grade - and then figured it was senseless. She found a new boyfriend, and guess who moved back a few months later? Old boyfriend continues to be obsessed with her, and begged her to get rid of new boyfriend - but she was steadfast.

beckie - yeah - she calls herself "emo," which isn't that accurate. She loves music, tho - I think I let her watch way too much MTV and Fuse...

kila - Agreed. All the drama - every little thing is a major catastrophe! Luckily, the kid doesn't take it too seriously.

ChrisB said...

That's some poem for a 13 yr old-brilliant.

mjd said...

Your have posted a lovely poem and picture. The creative work is meaningful as well. Kudos to you and your daughter.

theotherbear said...

Wow, I thought that poem was really good.

C said...

MySpace is every parents communication portal to understanding their kid or finding out about things.

It's an honest poem.

Piglet said...

she's got talent :)

Dan said...

Oh boy. I don't want to get on the Offspring's bad side. She's liable to kick my ass! :)

Tiggerlane said...

ChrisB - Thanks - I'll pass it on. And hopefully, her talent will pay off someday.

mjd - Thank you so much - it means a lot to know that people like her stuff.

theotherbear - Thanks! I will definitely have to pass on these praises to the kiddo.

C - I am constantly checking out my kid's account, and I'm shocked at what some of her peers say and do on there. PLUS...the photos they post of themselves can be WAY TOO revealing. Too bad more parents don't monitor their kids' activities online.

piglet - thanks - maybe she can support her old parents someday?

Dan - yeah - she probably would! She's a tiny thing, but she's tough!