Thursday, April 05, 2007

Photos! Photos! We Have PHOTOS!

Some smart folks out there! Yes, indeed, the quotes I posted last were from the World War II Memorial. This is a photo of the memorial, featuring a wreath laid by the group with which my daughter was traveling. My friend and I made it to these memorials much later in the day than the kids and were touched to see their wreaths, everywhere we went.I have FINALLY posted all the photos from our trip. Well, all the ones really worth looking at, for now. Amber took more photos that I haven't been able to upload yet - mostly of her trips to Gettysburg and Jamestown-Colonial Williamsburg. I have to consult with her first before getting accurate descriptions.

I was honored that two of our photos were chosen to be part of this flickr group. I immediately started crying at the Vietnam Memorial. I didn't expect my reaction - I was overwhelmed by the raw emotion that poured forth when I realized just how many lives were changed and ended forever by that war. You hear numbers of fatalities in excess of 58,000, but it's not the same as seeing the thousands of names on The Wall.

I just can't post all our photos on this blog, or I would blog about D.C. for an entire year. So check out the entire set here.


Willowtree said...

Sounds like you had a good time, welcome home. I'm glad you made it safely and without incident.

Claudia said...

Tigger, those are some incredibly beautiful pics..and you're making me miss the East dammit! Stop that.

Desert Songbird said...

I bawled my eyes out at the Wall. Partly because of my BIL (who died many years after Vietnam, but from an illness associated with his "activities" during the war), and partly because of the seemingly endless list of names.

I'll check out the photos later, but I'm sure they're all lovely and moving. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Pamela said...

when the hubby and I visited the wall.. we both cried.
He was in the navy during the war.

The picture of the thinker was great that you linked. I was going to put it on my post for today.. and then I spaced it out. Proved I wasn't a thinker after all.

It was because he is a naked man... thats why I wanted to post him

Matt said...

Like a kid on a field trip. Did you get to ride in the back of the bus, Tigger? :)

Kila said...

You sure took many wonderful photos. After looking at them all I feel like I was there!

swampbunny said...

Oh-h-h! I feel like I was a part of that trip. So glad you had a wonderful time. Seems like only yesterday I was telling you about a little tapas bar named Jaleo.
(Not to be confused with topless bar.)

Tiggerlane said...

WT - I did have a blast, and considering DC weather the week before and the week after we went, I think we were blessed.

claudia - I think I could live in the East - I loved it! I can see why you miss it!

desert songbird - I feel better knowing I'm not alone - guess I'm not a TOTAL sap!

pamela - my husband was a Navy Corpsman during the war - but never had to step foot on Vietnam soil. But, oh....did he see some terrible things. And too bad we can't see "more" of The Thinker!

kila - Glad the photos helped you feel like you made the trip with me! Wish all my friends and blogging buddies could have been with. It was a fantastic experience.

swampy!! Your tips were GREAT! And we DID eat at Jaleo - though I had to talk my traveling buddy out of ordering the blood sausage! LOVED the restaurant - it was all you said and more!

Desert Songbird said...

I went over to check out your photo slide show - wow. Some of them were absolutely stunning.

I started tearing up again looking at that one of The Wall (where you can see it rise out of the ground). And then again the ones where you can see people reflected.

Those soldiers monuments - so lifelike and very spine-tingling. Incredible memorials.

Now I REALLY want to head back there! My kids are old enough to appreciate the trip.

Good thing you came home when you did! Did you see all of the snow they got this week? Brrrrr!

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - Yes, I still tear up a little when I see the photos and remember my experience.

We were VERY lucky! D.C. had an ice storm the weekend before we left, and then horrible weather since we left. I feel like we were totally blessed!