Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun Monday Hair Disaster

Robin at PENSIEVE is this week's hostess, and her assignment was to: "Pull out your old photo albums and find your WORST BAD HAIR DAY." Wow...that's a tough one! There were two I was torn between, so you get the privilege of seeing them both. Along with BONUS material: flagrantly bucked-teeth.
Here I am early on in life, when it was extremely easy to tell that I was adopted. (Either that, or my mother was the talk of the neighborhood, for having an "off-color" child.) My mother is bathing me, and my hair is in its most unmanageable stage - curly, kinky, in an afro. I can only imagine how my mother tried to tame the mane until it grew long enough to put in pigtails. However, I was really hip with this '70s look.

I think my mother was so worried about returning to this stage that she never again cut my hair. It grew exceedingly long, as you can tell from this photo:
This was taken while I was in the fourth grade, only a few months before my hair was chopped off to shoulder-length, a story I've shared previously. My mom used to unbraid my hair every night for washing, and then we would rebraid it in the morning before See those yarn ribbons? They were a staple at the top of the looped braid.

I almost didn't post this photo, due to the HORRIBLY offensive teeth. I had four permanent ones yanked so that the orthodontist could fit the rest of them into my mouth. My palate had also become misshapen due to years of thumb-sucking, probably related to my early abandonment. Thank goodness for $3,000 worth of braces that allows me to smile without scaring folks too terribly.

There you have it! Now I have to go check out all the rest of the hair disasters. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, one reason I don't have anything worse to display is because 1) I've NEVER had a perm - for obvious reasons, and 2) I've never had my hair colored - EVER.)


Robin said...

Okay, bad hair or not, you were absolutely ADORABLE! That precious!

I cannot imagine having hair so long it could make braids like that. I've gotta read your old story to find out more.

My daughter has naturally curly hair...thank goodness she'll never see the flat side of a perm rod!

Beccy said...

Wow, what long hair you had, I can't imagine hair that long.

And you've never coloured your hair, that's impressive, I love changing my hair eith colour or style, prehaps that's why I have so many bad hair days!

Desert Songbird said...

You've never colored your hair? Wow. If I didn't color my hair, I'd scare everyone including myself with all of the gray in it.

I've seen photos of your insanely long hair before, but double looped braids takes the cake. Incredible.

I do Manic Mondays rather than Fun Mondays. I've got a photo album up that illustrates today's theme, "Sun."

Matt said...

You're the prettiest African-American lady I know, Tigger!

Nan said...

Awww! Those are so cute! And for the record, didn't almost everyone have buck teeth?! I did. My husband did. It was an epidemic. ;^P

Those yarn ribbons bring back memories! LOL!

Karmyn R said...

Your mother must have had the patience of a Saint to unbraid and rebraid every single day. WOW!

melissa said...

Ack! You're freakin' ADORABLE! My son's in that big tooth stage right now - I don't see a thing wrong with those pictures. :)

Tiggerlane said...

robin - thanks, but those teeth make me shudder.

desert songbird - I have some grey, too, which is making me think of coloring - but once you start, you have to continue, I'm told. Going to check out your photos now!

matt - Somehow, I take it you don't know many...

nan - Thanks for stopping by! I sure felt lonely with those teeth back then. I'm just glad I'm secure enough to post the photo now!

karmyn - I think she did, or it was part of her attempts to claim martyrdom.

melissa - thanks! Luckily, my kid got my husband's teeth - straight, and not too big. The teeth ended up looking pretty dang good after straightening, tho!

Vicki said...

ahh what an adorable baby.

We call those teeth "Beaver Teeth". My kids went through that stage. Glad to see you've grown out of it!. =)

ChrisB said...

These are lovely photos, never mind the teeth the eye is immediately drawn to those lovely long plaits. I don't think I would have the patience to braid every day!!

mjd said...

You were a lovely child with a warm smile. Those braids are mighty long.

Susan in va said...

Okay...ROFL!!!! - this is my favorite yet! I love it! The bangs, the braids - you've got it ALL!

Dan said...

Horribly offensive?? Are you kidding?? You're absolutely adorable in that photo. Look at that genuine, winning smile!

Willowtree said...

Holy crap Tiff! That hair is long, It's like the girl who plays guitar in Letterman's band, except hers are dreadlocks.

Arkansas Songbird said...

For some reason, I didn't realize you had the space between your teeth. Mine were just as big and "out there" as yours, but (shudder)my front teeth overlapped. I can't find a picture that shows my teeth in all their pre-braces glory. There's gotta be one somewhere!

As for your hair, I don't consider it bad at all. Of course, I wasn't the one having to "tame" it either!

Tiggerlane said...

vicki - Orthodontics is and amazing...and

chrisb - It did take a long time, but my mom got years of practice with four little sisters, which came in handy.

mjd - Thank you! I remember Mom stretching the hair across the bathroom as she unbraided it. Crazy!

susan - yeah, the bangs were always crooked, too. I never would hold still.

dan - well, maybe they were offensive to my classmates. I got called "Bucky Beaver" a lot.

WT - Don't they make real dreadlocks with poop? Somehow, that might have made middle school even worse!

arkansas songbird - Okay - I KNOW your mom has some photos. Time to dig them up!

Pamela said...

cutie patootie... thats what I think.
Hey.. I had HUGE teeth when my permanent came in. It took a long
time for the rest of me to catch up.

You hair was gorgeous. and is gorgeous in your recent photo's as well.

(Mine was ratted to the enth degree back in that decade, and I had so much make up on in my picture that I'm not even sure it was me under there.)

The Pear Lady said...

Wow, what long hair you had! I commend you for your bravery. Very cool share for Fun Monday. :)

marnie said...

You were so cute!! If it weren't for the 'fro, and totally based on the teeth, I would have thought we were related.

There must have been a rabbit in the family... they were eventually tamed by the headgear.

Kila said...

I think you look adorable!

I've never had my hair colored either, though use of styling products sometimes made it a strange shade. I do have perm photos for you.

piglet said...

those are ADORABLE! and your hair with the braids is beautiful. aren't you glad other people don't see us as we see ourselves?

no I am not a tree hugger, but... said...

My oh my what lovely long braids you had. I think you were a trendsetter before your time - consider our lady in Kiev, Yulio Timoshenko who is braid-tastic:

Memphis Steve said...

I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. Every time I see your blog or your blog name, Tiggerlane, I get the song "Penny Lane" stuck in my head.

Tiggerlane said...

Pamela - Thanks so much! Where were you when I was enduring ridicule and teen angst? If I only knew then what I know now...and had blogging buddies to support me!

The Pear Lady - Thanks for stopping by! I hesitated to put that second photo up - it was really difficult!

marnie - Thanks! I only wore that headgear to bed - I couldn't stand to walk into school with it on!

kila - THANKS for posting the perm photos! I had almost forgotten the days of pinning the graduation hat to the back of the head, b/c of "big hair!"

piglet - I'm VERY glad!! Well, a lot of middle schoolers at the time saw me that way - I sure could have used a group of you guys back then, to help prop up my ego!!

NOT a tree hugger - I never did have my braids encircling my head. Then again, if I had, I probably would have broken my neck from the weight! Yulio sure is pretty...

Memphis Steve - Sorry, if that's a bad thing... When I see your blog, I tend to think of you...naked.