Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D. C. Salivations

One of Swampy's best tips in preparation for my D.C. trip was to suggest that I take in the tapas at Jaleo, located at 480 7th Street NW in the heart of Downtown. Tapas, according to the Jaleo site, are "the traditional small dishes of Spain, the small plates of this and that served at bars and cafes across the country." Basically, they are appetizer-sized portions, and though I wasn't brave enough to try the blood sausage or the squid offerings, I was satiated beyond my expectations after dining here.

Earlier today, I found the actual recipe for patatas bravas, which when topped with a bit of crumbled bleu cheese, was my favorite.

We had quickly discovered that the restaurant located at the Watergate Hotel, called "Aquarelle," was aqua-expensive for aqua-not-much-food. Like you see pictured to the left, it was a lot of plate, some sprigs of stuff, and a dribble of sauce...all yours for $17.50. Welcome to fine dining in D.C. Nothing against the accomplished chef - a LADY chef, at that - but when I pay that much for a meal, it had better be enough to fill me up. Luckily, the full-stocked bar made up for my lack of food, and KM didn't mind me partaking of a wee bit of liqueur.

According to one of our tour guides, there are 68 Starbucks locations in and around Washington, D.C. It was VERY convenient to slip in and get a "pick me up," anytime the need arose.

The Front Page restaurant, located in Dupont Circle, was a place we stumbled into as weariness set in. I had warned KM that Dupont Circle had a more "alternative" feel - and she passed me a few wide-eyed looks as their representatives passed by our window. I felt more like an educational tour guide, as I have close friends from all races and persuasions. All this to say that the Page One burger was really good, and priced well for lunchtime.

I love eating out - and if I'm on a vacation, I REFUSE to eat at an establishment that has a franchise close to my home. I want something totally different, and preferrably, a restaurant that serves alcohol. Living in a dry county makes me long for real tablecloths and libations with a meal. So, I have to know - where are your favorite places to dine? Who knows...I may go on an eating tour!


Desert Songbird said...

Lord God Almighty - you live in a DRY county??!?!?! How can you stand it?!

When I was on my trip last weekend, I ate at chain restaurants a few times as a cop out - too tired to think otherwise, and too hungry to care. But I agree with you; when in larger, more cosmopolitan city (especially like DC), then I would want local flavor too.

The one and only time I was in DC (1990), we went to a Tex-Mex place in Bethesda that was said to be the favorite of Bush, Sr. I don't remember the name of it, and it's probably not there anymore, but boy howdy! Was it gooooood!

Kila said...

Good for you for trying the local places. Makes me want to go on a trip :)

The "good" restaurants around here offer huge steaks, salad bars, and potatoes. You won't go away hungry. Portions are big. Wisconsin is a meat-and-potatoes place, though more variety has arrived over the past decade.

You could try Brett Favre's Steakhouse in Green Bay, WI.

Pamela said...

there is a cajun restuarant close by called Whoop'em Up Hollow.

I think I'll take pictures if we go soon

that was a tiny plate for 17+

Matt said...

Oh my god, this was a major milestone in your life, Tigger!

You are giving me excellent suggestions for places to go around here. I'm going to go to that place soon. That's it.

But that guide was wrong. Another Starbucks just opened here. We have 69.

Vicki said...

When we travel I like to eat Breakfast at IHop because I LOVE the stuffed french toast with strawberries. There is an ihop just 50 miles from us but we never go. YUMO!

I'm with you. I like the local flavor when we travel.

My favorite place to eat is at home when it's full of family.

Claudia said...

I ate at Jaleo a few years back. it was a lot of fun and the food good too...

C said...

I ate at the Hyatt Morristown in NJ last week - they have good food. Conference for work.

Matt-Man said...

Hey Tigg, you are so correct. Eating at a chain is so boring while on vacation. We ate at quite a few local digs while we were there. It's the only way to go. Cheers!!

Dan said...

I'm drooling all over my keyboard again.


OK, wiped it off. Much better now.

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - It's TOUGH! Especially when I have to drive over an hour and a half in one direction to get to a liquor store, unless you count the half-potent stuff you can buy in Oklahoma. I wanted to try a Chipolte's tex-mex place, but never got there.

kila - I think I would love Wisconsin. And I think I could try Brett Favre. And his steakhouse. (Teehee!)

pamela - I love that name! And yeah - the plate "sauce" reminded me of things I've seen my cat hack onto the carpet.

matt - Never been to Jaleo? I'm shocked. And most of my trips are major milestones. Let's hope they keep that number at 69 - I like it!

vicki - I absolutely LOVE IHOP! And the closest one is over and hour away from me. My husband threatens on a weekly basis to buy the franchise and open one here.

claudia - I forgot to mention the atmosphere - it IS awesome!

c - I think my next trip will be to New York and/or New Jersey. I'll have to check the Hyatt restaraunt out.

matt-man - I guess the only chain I went into was Starbucks!

dan - I'll bet it's not the ONLY time you've drooled on the keyboard!

Carla said...

I love places that serve good tapas. And good food in general. I agree with trying out the local joints. I just did eating my way through Italy. It was fantastic.

Piglet said...

now i'm hungry.

Jessica said...

That looks lovely...I'm more partial to the local bar, but I can still relate.

Tiggerlane said...

carla - I'm soooooo jealous. But thanks for stopping by.

And making me jealous.

piglet - so, where are we eating?

jessica - I'm with you on the bar. Wish I had one close...I'll have to do a post featuring bars soon - good idea!

marnie said...

I came by just to listen to Fergie.

I've almost mastered all the moves. I'm totally smokin'.

Maybe that's a video post in the making?

Ohhh flossy, flossy.

Tiggerlane said...

marnie - Totally need to see those moves. If you won't show matt the breasticles, it's the least you can do!

123Valerie said...

Oh, I love Jaleo. Bit-sized foods and giant-sized drinks. Mmm.

Thanks so much for swinging by and for the kind words!