Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Clue Where to Begin - How About Day One?

Folks, let me apologize for leaving you all hanging about my trip. I TOTALLY forgot that I had an EPA inspector coming to the orifice yesterday, so not only am I behind at work, but I have had extra stress. I'm not sure I can even tell you what day it is. However, I've GOT to start sharing or you'll be hearing about this trip in the wintertime. I have two very important suggestions if you plan to go to D.C. and have never been. First, talk to Swampwitch. Her tips proved invaluable during my stay. Secondly, buy this book. My traveling companion giggled at me for getting this the day before we arrived, but it was a great resource and saved us lots of headaches and wrong turns. Causing the local folks some giggles was the sight of us getting from Dulles into Downtown DC on a BUS, for heavens' sake, then using the Metro to get to our hotel in Foggy Bottom. All while hauling our massive luggage around like a couple of country bumpkins. RED and BLUE luggage. Not the requisite BLACK luggage that all those cool city folks use. Here is a photo of our view from the Watergate Hotel, which overlooks the Potomac River. It was a bit cloudy that Monday, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching all the joggers, pinickers, rowers, dog-walkers, and bums from our little perch.
This photo may not seem like much, but during our first full day in D.C., we were only off the Metro for FIVE MINUTES when we hear sirens. Lots of 'em. And being from the country? Well, that can only mean one thing. An accident! And here we were, without police scanners in hand. So, we notice a whole caravan of motorcycle cops, NOT equipped to save lives, and realize...wait...who could this be? Now I'm not one to get all giddy about our Commander in Chief, but I snapped this shot as his motorcade drove right past us. I left this photo large so you could click on it and try to pick him out. Which one do you think he is?? (BTW, at this point, I felt like a total tourist, and made attempts later in the trip to blend in.)

We visited a few more sites - and here is your test. Washington D.C. is full of memorials, monuments, and all sorts of quotes and phrases. Which of you knows where this quote is emblazened?

Give up? Okay...for those of you who have never visited the city, here is another clue - a quote from the SAME GENERAL LOCATION.

And Matt, I really don't think it would be fair for you to participate. But then again, I don't figure you for a historical if you're clueless, I'll allow you a guess. Answers next time!

I'll be visiting your blogs tonight and tomorrow, trying to get caught up!


mark said...

I'm going to say the WWII memorial, but it's been 9 years since I've last been to D.C.. I need to do something about that, but I'm enjoying your photos for now. Very Nice!

Matt said...

You got a photo of the POTUS' motorcade, Tigger?

Um, I hate to upstage you, but I got a photo of the man himself last week. I was ten feet away front and center and he made eye contact for 6-7 seconds w/ me, staring me down.

I don't know why I let the most powerful man in the world stare me down. It hurts my ego.

Matt said...

Dude, that's the men's room at Union Station!

(What were YOU doing in there?)

Desert Songbird said...

I've only been to Washington, DC ONCE, and that was 16 years ago, so I wouldn't be able to venture a guess on this monument/memorial.

Wow, the POTUS motorcade, huh? Regardless of how an individual might feel about the person who holds the office, the idea of seeing THE POTUS is pretty cool.

Can't wait to see and hear more!

Tiggerlane said...

mark - Not going to spoil the fun for other visitors and confirm or deny - you'll have to check back!

matt - who said he was the most powerful man in the world? NOT ME!

And you'd be shocked at how many men's bathrooms I've been in.

desert songbird - it was cool, even though I hated myself later for caring!

Matt-Man said...

The WWII Memorial was pretty cool. Ironically the cabbie that drove us there appeared to be of Japanese descent. Hope you had a fantastic time. We sure did . Cheers!!

Vicki said...

is it from the Wall?

What a wonderful place to visit. My son and I would be in heaven with all the History surrounding that place.

I'd have snapped a picture as well. Way to go! I'm SURE the President was in there somewhere. I'm just SURE of it!

Claudia said...

I'm guessing the same as mark.

Kila said...

Thanks for sharing!

I'll guess the WWII Memorial.

mjd said...

Nice pictures, I hope that you had a wonderful time. Those travel guide books are great, especially for first time visitors

swampbunny said...

Hey, thanks for the 'mention.' I had so much fun sending you all that information...reliving memories of my visits. So glad you had a wonderful time and are home safe and sound.