Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Sunday

I maniacally cleaned house last Sunday, in a futile attempt to hide my football withdrawal tremors. I despise the end of football season. If given a choice between giving up football or giving up, say, makeup...or french fries...or (gasp!) high heels...for the rest of my life? Well, let's just say I'd be paler, thinner, and definitely shorter.

Not that it's any surprise - I'm picking Peyton and the Colts. I've been rooting for them all season, mostly b/c it's Manning's time. He is due. I know the Bears have an incredible defense, but Manning is adaptable. For instance, he proved against the Pats that he didn't need wide receiver Marvin Harrison to make big plays. He used three other receivers, including a DEFENSIVE TACKLE!! Anyone watching that playoff game saw the calm, cool confidence exuded by Peyton as he entered the stadium for the second half of play. Most quarterbacks, down 21-6 against a team who's been to the Big Game three times in the last five years...well, most quarterbacks would have resigned themselves to defeat. Not Peyton and the Colts. I still have any female readers left at this point? It's okay, gals, you can bail if you need to. Maybe desert songbird is still with me!

The Colts are favored to win, even if the pyschological pressures and mammoth expectations faced by Manning work against him. I truly believe this is Peyton's year, and I've said this since the beginning of the season. Much as I like to see an underdog (Bears) triumph over an opponent who is all but a shoo-in for victory, I want the Colts to win for Manning's sake. He deserves a Super Bowl ring at this point in his career.The Bears have a great defense, but their quarterback, Rex Grossman, is not up to par. Something about Rex says, "Scared little boy." Even when the Bears are in the lead, he always looks wide-eyed, frightened, needing direction. One day, he will lead this team - but not just yet. If he had faced a large halftime deficit, Grossman would have crumbled under the pressure. Luckily, Grossman knows he's the underdog in Sunday's battle, which may light a fire in his teammates and get his adrenaline pumping enough to make this an interesting game.

Normally, I hate to see a blowout. I prefer close, high-scoring games. But this weekend? I want to see a legend get the ultimate career honor - a Super Bowl ring, and a win for this hard-working, very-deserving team. Even if it means a routing. GO COLTS!


Matt-Man said...

I am a Bengals fan, but when I was a kid I was Vikings fan so my hate for the Bears dates way back. I agree with ya Tigger, I would like to see Manning and the Colts beat them up royally!! Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

Now, darlin', was there ever ANY doubt that I would be reading this post from front to back? I mean, c'mon -- that Peyton collage at the beginning, with him all brooding eyes and all - HOT!

That cutie patootie - man, if he doesn't win this one, I'll be depressed for months. I'm with you on the end of football season. [[long, deep, extended sigh...]]

I look for Grossman (who, BTW, is an Indiana native - gasp!) to end up on his keester courtesy of Mr. Dwight Freeney. As a matter of fact, I expect ol' Rex to be picking grass outta his arse multiple times courtesy of Mr. Freeney. Swiss cheese defense? Pfffffft.

I love Dan Klecko and Jeff Saturday - expect them to be all fired up on Sunday. This one is for Peyton AND Tony Dungy.

As much as a nailbiter is more satisfying, I'd be thrilled with a blowout. I'm not sure my heart can take another game like the AFC Championship.

Not going to any parties of bars for this one; I can't be around people.

Pete Dunn said...

Go Colts!

SongBird said...

Well, I like horses better than bears.......

Pamela said...

I thought the bears got in to easy. They just rolled over the Saints.
In fact... the Seahawks were by far the better game vs the bears.

I'm going with Manning, too.

We're having all the fattening foods and screaming meanies sunday afternoon.

I'm thinking it will be close in the first half. Then the Colts will ride hard the 2nd and win like 31/14

swampwitch said...

"Football withdrawal Tremors?"
Is that what this is called?
I so have them too. It will take me about two weeks of no football on Sundays to come out of hiding.

Matt said...

Tigger, I don't believe in god, nor do I believe in the NFL. You'd give up high heels for football? Say it isn't so.

Tiggerlane said...

matt-man -- WAY back in the day, I was an Oilers fan. So the only team I have great animosity for is the Steelers. Go Colts! and Go Prince!

desert songbird - I knew I could count on you! I found that photo, just for YOU!

pete- thanks for stopping by! Go Colts! and Go Beer!

songbird - that's the spirit!

pamela - hope you are right with your predictions! Wish I could be with you to eat the yummies!

swampy - it's one of the few reasons I have the NFL channel. I can at least watch replays of good games, and training camps...and uh-oh...I might cry!

matt - if I HAD to make a choice, I would. But knowing how lovely this country is, I'll never have to! Sports before vanity.

Desert Songbird said...

Thank God for the NFL Channel. I gotta spend the off season preparing for fantasy football next fall!

momto3cubs said...

I'll be cheering for the Colts as well.

In addition to your good reasons, I simply can not cheer for the Bears, being a resident of Wisconsin.

Memphis Steve said...

We're all sick as dogs here at my house so for the SuperBowl we'll probably be passed out in front of the TV oblivious to whats going on. But for what it's worth I'm for the Colts, too.

Jenny said...

I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm enjoying the pictures.

Matt said...

Baseball season begins in three months.