Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spiders on Drugs

I honestly can't think of anything to add to this video.

Got this from my friend Petra, and I wonder: have they performed studies on how COMBINATIONS of these substances affect arachnids?

Somehow, I know Marnie is involved.
Crazy Canadians!


bam said...

i'm proud that canada could even produce this! lol

piglet said...

that is freaking! hilarious!

Pamela said...

oh my... oh my!!!
Incredible imagination.

I've never offered my spiders marijuana or pcp.

They do get smashed at my house, tho.

Claudia said...

LOL!! I love how it starts out all serious...and then..hehehe..Thanks Tigger!

Matt said...

Hmmmmm. I would argue that humans are the most accomplished of Web-building species.

I identify somewhat with Marijuana Spider.... Poor guy.

Memphis Steve said...

Why can't more documentaries be like this?

marnie said...

The only kind of drugs I give my spiders is Raid.

I love the THC spider. He made a hammock, ate doritos and got all paranoid. He thought that the crack spider was talking behind his back.

They left out the east-side sex industry spider, who got murdered by Canada's worst serial killer, Robert Pickton, the pig farmer.

Also missing was the PMSing bitchy spider who bites the heads off all spiders who cross her bloated path.

Crap, I'm the PMS spider.

The very nice man said...

Is there ANYTHING that's NOT on YouTube??

Mert said...

OMG, too fuuny! I was here looking for your front door view, but this made my day.