Monday, November 13, 2006

Okay, Now You Have Permission to Get Excited!

As do I.

You may have noticed a bit of consternation and worry in my last post. Basically, I can't back out of building a house now. Not that I want to, but I feel like I'm strapped into a roller coaster - edging up that first big hill, getting ready to drop over into who-knows-what.

The first photo is an extra 1/2 acre (ending about where my car is parked) I HAD to buy. HAD to, as I told my husband. You see, when we first visited the property - we had agreed on ONE ACRE. He was unavailable the day I went to measure it, so I traipsed out with my uncle, and quickly discovered that these beautiful trees were NOT on our acre. I stood at the spot you see here, and wondered how on earth to justify to Roger paying another $1,000 per tree. Because that's why I needed that additional 1/2 acre - for the trees. Of course, one sentence from my uncle convinced me: "Just imagine someone buying that acre next to yours, cutting down all the trees, and slapping a mobile home up there." So...I bought some trees. Signed the binding contract. And nonchalantly mentioned this to my husband as I left our house on an errand, so he'd have time to absorb the news. Luckily, he didn't kill me, and agreed whole-heartedly about the decision after walking the property with me yesterday. (Whew!)
Unfortunately, this purchase has already created a problem, because now, this house plan will no longer do. See this photo? This is the mountain view!! (Don't worry - I'm going to approach the neighbor across the street about cutting down the dead tree.) This is the direction we plan to face the house. Our plan features big windows in the living/dining rooms - in the BACK. I'm also going to flip the whole dang plan over, so that my garage and master bedroom are on the east side. Flipping the plan is easy, but working out how to redraw the middle - not so much.

I've been told that building a home can produce the biggest strain EVER on a marriage. Well, next to death.

If our perc test and survey are completed this week, we'll be well on our way to one or the other.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!! How can you not buy the trees?? I bet you'll work out the house just fine!!

Anonymous said...

The trees had to be part of it. It's just lucky they were available. $1000 a tree is pretty good value, over here in some of the older urban areas, trees are valued along with the house.

The bad news is, building a house most certainly has the potential to wreck a marriage. Make sure you get a good builder (or contractor as you would say).

Anonymous said...

A Real Estate Agent told me that REMODELING the house caused more divorces than Building a house. Reason: Living in the mess.

You don't live in the building mess. You can leave it and go home.

Dont worry, be full of hope and joy!!!!!

I'm jealous.

Kila said...

Sounds like a good investment to me :)

piglet said...

Yeah, I've heard that building a house can be stressful on a marriage. Or it could be a wonderful, enlightening, uplifting experience for you and your husband.

Take the positve road :)

Very pretty land indeed.

Anonymous said...

Just keep hugging and kissing and don't forget that one day you will be laughing about all of this, so you might as well start laughing now!!

Jane said...

Building a house can be very stressful!

I work in residential new construction - specifically heating and cooling - so if you ever need advice, drop me a line.

Beautiful website.

Karmyn R said...

Buying the trees was a good thing -

I don't know about building a house but I do know that trying to wallpaper together can ruin a marriage quicker than an affair (not that I've had to deal with the affair, but lets just say - we don't wallpaper together anymore!!!)

swampwitch said...

How will be stressful, but it can be fun. Remember that contractors have no perception of time..."Yeah, we'll have it done in 11 months."
Be sure to ask WHICH 11 months of what year. The land/view is awesome. I love the trees.

Anonymous said...


Agreeing with Willowtree.. you did *have* to have the trees. How peaceful and lovely.

Fasten your seatbelt and put your tray table in its upright position, it's going to be a wild ride. Oh, and take pictures along the way... find a spot on the property and take a photo every week. If things move quickly, you can celebrate. If things don't change you can go postal.

When going gets tough, just remember, you get to pick your paint colors!


Angelina said...

I am excited for you! That looks like such a beautiful spot. I've heard that building a house can be excessively stressful, but it seems like most things worth doing come with some amount of trouble and strain. When you get through this you will have those gorgeous trees to look at and one and a half acres to play in. (I hope I can get my hands on a couple of acres some day!!)

It bodes well that your husband agreed with you about the trees. You two can get through this. Just remember that you're working for the same dream.


Desert Songbird said...

Gorgeous property! I'm a wee bit envious as our trees here in the desert don't turn colors, but then again, I don't have to rake them either!

Thanks for visiting The Ice Box; I'll stop by and visit you more often.

Oh, and btw, I agree with you about a woman hitting her peak after 30. I just can't admit that 30 hasn't been so recent for me!

sasha said...

What an adventure! I'm sure the trees are thanking you.

SongBird said...

Looks good! I would want the utility pole cut down before the dead tree!!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky. Either way, you're going to have a nice life. What a beautiful place.

(Except for that homeless guy behind that tree there.) What the hell?

Julie said...

Oh how exciting!

I know exactly what you mean about people constantly asking if you have started building etc. It seems like that is the first thing people ask us. Even though we have told them we will not break ground until Spring. They continue to ask. I am tired of repeating myself. I have decided to just start telling people we are going to live in the fifth wheel for the rest of our lives, maybe just upgrade. :)

I know that building a house is stressful. My parents built our house when I was a kid. They didn't have any problems. With each other that is. The builder on the other hand was really hard to deal with. (We have a really good builder, I am so pleased.) If Roger was okay with you buying the trees (I agree with Marnie and WT) then I think the building will be a piece of cake for you guys. We have been told several times that we would be on the road to a divorce for selling our house and moving into a fifth wheel. We are happier than ever. Don't listen to all those people. You guys will be fine!

Sorry this is such a long comment, but I got carried away. :)