Sunday, August 06, 2006

They're here!

The official photos from our vacation (well, at least any that are of interest) are finally up at my flickr site!

You'll notice there are only two photos of me. One reason is that the kid and I were the only ones lugging cameras around. Another reason is that the kid doesn't want a bunch of photos of her mother. Well, to be honest, she DID take one of my butt in a swimsuit. You will NOT see that one! Sorry, Internet!!

I did suffer one small problem during the trip - I bloated. So, at the beginning, I was fine (see the plane photo), but at the end, I was 7 pounds heavier. 7 pounds heavier in ONE WEEK! I dropped it all two days after our return, and my ankle bracelet no longer left hour-long indentations in my leg.

Oh well - enjoy the photos!


Pioneer Woman said...

Oooooo! Tell the kid she's a pro in the making. I love the one of the boats & the crazy cloudy sky. It's wonderful!

SongBird said...

Love the photos!!

Belinda said...

Just wanted to say that I am thrilled to find you--now that I am going to be a "Community Blogger" (and I'm still not sure what that entails) for the Arkansas Times, I've decided to get serious about hunting down quality blogs written by Arkansans, especially women. This looks like quite a promising one, indeed!