Monday, August 14, 2006

Spanked by Songbird

Okay, maybe not spanked, but more like slapped on the wrist? Nah...I like the idea of getting spanked better. So, forgive me, Songbird, but you are complicit in this recent post. And I know you didn't spank me, but rather felt I should have posted more photos on my flickr site. So I did. There were LOTS of photos taken on the recent family shoot - and so many were experimental (so that the photographer could practice setting up shots and getting the lighting right.) The ones I've posted today are ones I didn't have printed, for one reason or another. Mostly b/c I didn't like the way I looked in them. (I know - vanity is a sin. But they're my photos!) Songbird felt I was too hard on myself, and that I should share some of the "rejects." So, taking the advice of my elders, I am. Be kind to me. Even if I am trying too hard to be like Julie!


Memphis Steve said...

Beautiful eyes!

Humble Beginnings said...

Wait.. there was spanking and I wasn't invited.. sigh.

Oh.. Soccer Mom.. we're good friends but no spark. Don't worry about that. Like I said.. it would take a miracle to find me a woman.

Susan in va said...

I just came from your flicker album - help me out here. Which one is the mother and which is the daughter? I'm thinking you couldn't have been more that four years old when you had your daughter.

Beautiful pictures, btw.

Tiggerlane said...

I'm blushing, Susan! Thanks so much for making my day!!
Especially since I'm a short few weeks away from my 38th birthday. Maybe it's my 52-year old husband who keeps me young?

Seriously -- thanks for the bright spot today.

Julie said...

Okay, wait a minute. How did I miss this one? Okay, I am slow. I will admit it. :) I am now trying to be like you!!! :)