Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watching Idol

I know, I've been a bad blogger. Negligent. But as a bonus, you will finally get to see the "Peep Tradition" video sometime in the next 7 days. Dismembering Peeps...remember that? Oh, just wait until you hear them scream.

Until then, let's discuss another topic - American Idol. Do you watch? Do you like? Do you care? Being a musician myself, and having a musical family - I am drawn to this show like a light-blinded moth. I've not embraced any of the contestants as fervently as I did Taylor Hicks. I'm still waiting for another one to be "special" and "non-commercial."

During the past two weeks, the contestants have been trying songs by The Beatles. Oh. My. Gawd. You can either do it well, or totally suck at it, I've witnessed. There is no in between.

None of the contestants thrill me, though I tend to pull for the underdogs. Chikezie is on that list, and shocked the heck out of me this week by doing a bluegrass take on a Beatles song, that somehow worked for me. David Cook is another good singer - even better than Daughtry, though not as visually appealing. Now, it remains to be seen if the teeny-bopper David Archuleta can be stopped. No underdog, he. Luckily, there are three contestants that I have slated to "disappear" in the upcoming weeks, if I were judging.

So, who do you like? Dislike?


Bond said...

1) There will never be another Taylor Hicks on that program...they will ensure that

2) David Cook is so much more the real deal than Daughtry...I like him quite a bit

3) Doing the Beatles two weeks in a row was stupid...

3) kristy is the new Sanjaya...she should have been gone so long ago and is still around.

4) Final two...David Cook / David Archuletta

Junebug said...

I like David Cook and not just because he's from Tulsa. I like the Irish girl and was surprised she was in the bottom three. I thought that Christie would go this week instead of the rocker chick. But I knew she was destined to leave soon.

M@ said...

Christ, I hate that shit! I don't watch that crap.

Tiggerlane said...

bond - 1) yeah, and that sucks.
2) Ditto!
3) Totally.
3 - again) EXACTLY - she even misses notes terribly.
4) Ooh! How I hope you are right! I happen to like Syesha, too.

junebug - I like the Carly, too - and was VERY surprised she was in the bottom three.

m@ - you are obviously not a musician. If you were, you would be Simon's nastier little brother.

Simply Jenn said...

I just can't get into Idol this season, I'm not sure why. The kids are going for the Tulsan for obvious reasons.

Bond said...

I posted 3 twice...sheesh....


Anonymous said...

I am really starting to HATE blogger@!@~!@

Lets try this again.....

I have watched a bit of the show. I don't know who is who as I have mostly been listening while the family watches. Canadian Idol will be starting up about the time that American Idol is done. I do enjoy the show.

C said...

I really don't like the show and don't have cable so I only get about 3 or 4 channels via my bunny ear antenna that pretty much have little to offer but I imagine that it can be quite corny for the most part from what I have seen of the show.

Pamela said...

I've watched a few times in previous seasons. Started this season but went over to Dancing with the Stars.

I pretty much agree with you on what I've seen.

Tiggerlane said...

simply jenn - for some reason, I'm also watching with less enthusiasm.

bond - I thought it was an unique system for counting!

sirdar - is blogger having troubles? Sigh - what's new. I do like it, too - and I'm a worse critic than Simon.

c - Ryan Seacrest is corny - as are the judges. Most of the talent is okay - but they pick DUMB songs a lot of the time!

pamela - I just can't get into the Dancing thing - not sure why. Yet, I watch Celebrity Rehab, which is the PITS!

DrillerAA said...

I do like David Cook and I even think he could be a commercial success.
Yes, KLC's days are numbered. It wil probably be her or Seysha headed to LAX this Wednesday night.
The Beatles theme nights were not as bad as the Elton John theme night. All that night proved was just how incredibly talented EJ is that none of the contestants had his range. However, they should have stopped with just one week of Beatles music. If at first you don't succeed, "Let it Be"!!!

Lil Mouse said...

i love to sing but have never had training and didnt get much of a shot in school, as they put the 'smart' classes against music. going to college won. anyway, i like to sing and think i do pretty well, and i love to hear people with real talent sing, especially a capella. forget the band. belt it out nekkid!

Karina said...

I watch it every week, and have even started bloggin pretty detailed recaps with my picks etc. I'm a fan of Archuletta, because I think he's adorable and I just want to pinch his little cheeks (I also think he can sing pretty darn well). also love Carly (the Irish gir) and David Cook is growing on me, I didn't love him at first, but he's been impressing me lately.

Tiggerlane said...

drilleraa - agree with you on all counts! I think we need a "Prince" see how they do with falsetto.

lil mouse - I had to drop band my senior year just to get that one more smart class to help me get a scholarship...I wish I had been in choir, though. At least The Offspring is in it - no noisy instrument to hear blaring in the next room!

karina - those are definitely the most talented three - I'll have to check out your recaps!