Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still Finishing a Meme

You know you're a bad blogger when you take over THREE MONTHS to finish ONE MEME. The Lovely Karina tagged me a long time ago to repost five previous posts, and how many do I have done? Even I lost count. Plus, I still haven't commented on all the Fun Monday participants. Am I still allowed to call myself a blogger?

But I'm catching up, and maybe Karina will forgive me. I know some of you may have seen this, but as I have friends on their second tour of Iraq, I felt this was appropriate as a "repost." Originally from December of 2006, here is a "Shout Out to VAW-116."

My inbox is riddled with "forwards," and I often receive the same thing twice within an hour. Every now and again, I get a gem. This is another one from Spence, and it made me smile.

Have you ever REALLY imagined living on an aircraft carrier during a time of war? These guys make it seem easy:

Too funny! I have a friend named Seth in the National Guard, who is back in Iraq for his second tour (PLEASE do not click the link to his name, unless you are not offended by graphic nudity and disgusting things that young men these days think are funny!!! His site is NOT for the weak and/or strongly religious!). The guy in the middle of the video, rapping as others enter the hallway, reminded me of him. Here is another, for your enjoyment:

Truly Americans - wouldn't you say?
Also, check out the profile comments from fellow soldiers on YouTube. They say it all.


Desert Songbird said...

Actually, I'm super thrilled you reposted these vids - I was just thinking about them and was planning on searching YouTube and your archives. Thanks for saving me the work!

M@ said...

In June, I'm going to attend a cocktail party on an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Tailhook here I come!

BS said...

Great (re)post !! I am going to send my nephew (USCG) the link so they can view from the waters off of Kuwait.

Kila said...

I LOVE these videos! Have watched them many times before, and still enjoy them!

Rock on, guys!

Bond said...

I clicked...but the IT Nazi's have it blocked...will look from home

swampy said...

Will be back when I have ample time to view everything here today. Ironic that we both posted similar "pictures" today. Great minds think alike.

swampy said...

I'm back just to tell you to get back over to my place...more pics. I'll be here tomorrow to spend more time...will explain later.

Pamela said...

how did you know by saying graphic nudity that we'd all pile on each other trying to get to the link. Sigh.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

too kooooool!

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - great minds - in UNISON! BTW, if you go to the YouTube link, they have posted some from VAW-113.

m@ - color me jealous.

bs - hope he enjoys!

kila - there are more at the YouTube link, but I haven't had time to they are GOOD!

bond - hope the IT Nazi's have unfettered you.

swampy - explain? No need to explain military HAWTNESS.

pamela - actually, I check the link, and I think the boy has cleaned up his act! Must be the influence of his girlfriend...

nekked lizard lady - those songs ran around in my head for DAYS after I watched the first time!

Anonymous said...

Very creative videos. And even if you are late in doing the meme, at least you did it.