Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pickler Picked Off

Hooray! America isn't going to vote for CUTENESS or LIKEABILITY or COMMERCIALISM! America might actually pick someone for American Idol WHO CAN SING!!

Don't get me wrong. Honestly, during the auditions of American Idol, I knew Kellie would make it far. She did not have the WORST voice, but it was limited in its scope. She had the least amount of training, yet the highest potential because of her likeability factor. A factor that, IMHO, quickly became the annoyance factor. I just couldn't tolerate the Pickler schtick that many weeks in a row. At first, it was, "Aw, cute little Southern girl is all wide-eyed in the great big world." Which quickly evolved to, "That little cutesy-pie accent and dumb blonde act is the most unnerving part of this show."

My faith has been restored in America's Couch Potato population segment. You voted perfectly this week - the Pickler had to go. Rock on.

I'm ready for Presidential Idol now.

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Sunny Loves Soul said...

Hey, I really liked your last comment, "The Presidential Idol" !!! On with the show.