Monday, April 24, 2006

Been A Long Time...

I know, dear readers, it's been a while.

But Tiggerlane has been in a bit of a state these last few days. I'm not sure if it is due to a) a recent viewing of Brokeback Mountain, or b) reading the blog of the Oklahoma man who recently killed a 10-year old girl.

Most of you will wonder why I bothered doing either one.

I will tackle Brokeback first. Okay, so how could I NOT watch a movie that was all about the hype? I usually make a point to view each film that is nominated as "Best Picture" by the Academy, so this was on the list. After hearing that the sex scenes were limited, I decided to give it a try. Now, knowing that it is a GAY cowboy movie - wouldn't you have expected a reasonably "happy" ending? HELLO? Oh well. The ending was depressing. I just can't abide movies like that. For example, I loved Titanic, but I was awake for days, trying to reconcile the ending of that movie. My mother and I even argued about it. I firmly believe Rose died at the end, meeting Jack in Heaven, so there was at least SOME semblance of a HAPPY ENDING. My mother insists it was just a dream. The worst part, however, is that I never understood how Rose could throw that gorgeous necklace into the water. It upset me immensely. It bothered me even more than the loss of her Jack. Woman, PLEASE. Diamonds are a girl's best FRIEND!

But, I digress. I will blog more later - and for now, the most satisfying part of Brokeback is the fact that no one mounted a sheep.

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Sunny Loves Soul said...

Seriously, I could not have tossed the necklace. Tossing the man, that's one thing but the jewelry - Nevah!!! Yeah. Regarding sheep. That might've come next if they wouldn't have trolloped each other...