Monday, April 10, 2006

'Fess Up, Dearie - Past Your Prime?

I just cant imagine spending $1,000 per ticket to listen to Madonna Live . Honestly. Is it time for Madge to hang it up? Regardless of all the haters who say her butt is sagging (and judging from her latest CD cover, I just don't see it) - we listen for the music. And after listening to this clip, I have lost my desire to see or especially hear her live.

Incredibly sad, considering I've always been a fan. Granted, I grew up in the 80's (the "dark ages" of music, according to my 52-year old husband), so being a Madonna fan is not a huge confession. But I must admit, she doesn't sound that great live. I've had admiration for her willingness to be "out there" to make a buck, and she has a career that noone could sneeze at, but c'mon...the minimum ticket I could find was $370. Dontcha want some good singing to go with all that gyrating? I know some of the Madonna-faithful out there will chastise me for such disloyalty, but forgive me if I'd rather watch the American Idol group on tour.

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jennster said...

honestly, who wants to see her dressed like that?!?!?!?! she looks good, but still- i have no desire to see madonna in barely nothing- she's just not sexy anymore.. maybe it's because she's too muscley or whatever, but UGH. ICK. cover up woman! lol