Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Surviving, Again

Hello, folks. I did not, as reported, drop off the face of the earth. I was merely spending another weekend, out of town, cavorting with fountain ducks.

It is amazing to me that as I get older, it takes so much longer to recover from a simple weekend out of town. (And yes, "simple weekend" usually involves an alcoholic beverage or two. Or three. Okay, maybe four.) In the olden days (read: college), I could go on for many days in a row without sleep and little sustenance besides 39-cent tacos and Boone's Strawberry Hill. I never remember being exhausted and having to take a "down day" to recuperate. Maybe I would have to take a partial day to recover from a hangover, but I was always ready for another round by evening.

Now, I spend one night partying (not even LATE, people!), and semi-sleep in an uncomfortable hotel bed, and BAM! I spent almost all day Sunday trying to regain my sense of self. It took all the energy I could muster to go to WalMart (then again, that's not unusual) and do the shopping.

Adding to my puzzlement - I eat SO MUCH BETTER now - PLUS, I exercise on a regular basis! I literally sweat out impurities by the bucketload when I work out! I read! I drink gallons of water - especially when I'm on a trip! I am a responsible individual! What's wrong with this picture?

Any tips are appreciated. And please, don't just tell me I'm getting old.


kingrancher said...

One of the causes of a hangover is a lack of potassium in the body. I've found a banana the morning after helps. It works for me!

Sunny Loves Soul said...

OK, it is the evil scientist in me, but "You're getting Old!" (plus you said not to say it so I HAD to!! ;) )
Cie la Vive!