Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Name Us - Make Us Famous

Remember these guys?
Yeah, well, they need your help.


We need a band name. Soon. Like, NOW.

ATTENTION: If you are a LURKER...and NEVER COMMENT on this blog, I need you to comment NOW. If you don't have a blogger account, comment anonymously. Whatever it takes. But I need your suggestions for band names.

Five of us were up until almost 1:00AM trying to think of a name (and practicing a little, too).

What kind of music do we play, you ask? So far we have been working on rock music, like Fleetwood Mac stuff (no Pantera just yet - sorry Greg). The Pretenders...Sheryl Crow...Tom Petty...with plans to do many more songs...

If you need to know more about us to start throwing out names, then just ask in the comments. I will respond!

This is like BRAINSTORMING, folks....anything goes! We are taking any and all suggestions!

Why the rush? We may have a gig! Oh, and there will be a prize if we pick your GO FOR BROKE!


Desert Songbird said...

Destiny's Edge ("on the cusp of your destiny")

Chromatic ("layered colors, i.e., music")

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, I asked the kids - I'll try to come up with a SERIOUS answer soon. Here are their answers to the question, "If you could name a band, what would it be?"

The Inquisitor: "The Rock Bottoms" (I think he was trying to be funny)
Golden Boy: "I Am Not a Nobody Anymore"
Funny Girl: "The Rock Stars" or "The Chains on the Floor"

HA! I like Songbird's "Chromatic" - I don't know if I can do better, but I'm thinkin...

Karmyn R said...

My suggestion: Whipped Butter

And like Susan, I asked my children -

Buttercup: Rocker Roll
Jammin': The Gold Band
the Caboose: Drool and Spit

Sayre said...

Far and Away


Mother, May I? said...

You could go Jethro Tull and do McCormick Reaper. But, as the mom of a toddler, I think you need to whip out the 96 color pack of crayons and be something like magenta or persimmon.

Pamela said...

Tiffany's Epiphany

Pamela said...

Light Spectrum

(made me think that under those bright lights)

Pamela said...

describes you state of name choosing quite nicely... (:

Pamela said...

Poly and the Phonies

(I know, I know... I should stop while I'm ahead)

Pamela said...

Arkansas is where the Ivory Billed Woodpecker has been reportedly spotted.
Isn't starting a band kind of like...

"Searching for the Ivory Billed"

Pamela said...

The Natural State

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

How about "Go for Broke" then!!?

Occidental Girl said...

I was going to say, "Go for broke"....

The Blinds

The Liquor Cabinet

The Post-Impressionists

Sean Kirkby said...

time squared
wee doo
fooey kaplooey (fewy kaplewy)
the nodding wind
the wind up
force ale
the wheez
take it or else
primal passion
ready for anything
loose papers
heroes and vagabonds
this man's army
highly effective
some things smell (something smells, something smelly)
smarter than you
the bland

ghp2006 said...

You gave the band a perfect name in your op ed!

"Go for Broke"

Beckie said...

Five Souls
Five Lost Souls (I seem to be stuck on the soul thing)
Keeping it Real
Real Souls
The Neophytes

Is there a lead singer? Male? Female?

Go to

they have lots of ideas.

Tiggerlane said...

Ya'll are doing SO GREAT!! I'm LOVIN' THE SUGGESTIONS! Keep 'em comin'!

Tiggerlane said...

Beckie - we have a female lead, and a male lead. But mostly female.

Another cool thing, one member is in his 20's, two are in their 30's, one in her 40 (you read that right), and three in their 50's.

Bond said...

Hell..I will go with the obvious first:


Five Guys & A Gal

Realty Rockers

White Room

Sean Kirkby said...

one hundred over three (spelled 100/3)
three under one hundred (spelled 100/3)

Both references to the rotation speed of a vinyl LP.

Geeky, I know. sue me. ;p

Mind of MadMan said...

Band Name
I know it is crazy, but yet it fits.

Junebug said...

Ok, I think my name will be perfect. I saw the name of a business the other day and I thought to myself this would be the perfect name for a band:

Indoor Storm

Don't you like it? I don't know if there is any copyright on it or not. ?

Junebug said...

I checked on Youtube and there is no band listed with that name. The company does sell guitar equipment though.

MommyWizdom said...

O what fun to have your readers name your band!

I really like "Go For Broke" too!

This is brainstorming right?

How about "Through the Ages"

"The Variations"

"Mixed Chords"

or "Mixed Up Chords"

"Bridging the Gap"

"Chord Fusion"

...all going with your cross generations theme...

"On a Roll"

"Tigger's Lane"

"The Stripes"

"Arkansas Beat"

"Arkansas [insert name of your town here] Rhythm"

Someone stop me!!!

Anyway, I hope you come up with a good name!

I want to invite you to join us for Fun Monday. It's not to late.



M@ said...

Slippery Tush.

MommyWizdom said...

Lol, Slippery Tush?...

I kinda like that one!!

How about "Hidden Agenda"

Tiggerlane said...

You guys are the best!! I'll be sure to let you know what we have decided!

Vicki said...

remix us

remix you

White Danger

Spellbound said...

You know, I dreamed the perfect name. It was so great that they became an immediate hit. Unfortunately when I woke up I had totally forgotten it. Oh well, you could do worse than Spellbound. Others that just storm right out of my brain are titles from my posts, Disaster Adverted, Easily Amused, Notes on Sex, Anonymous, Swimming Naked (that still gets a lot of hits), and Now What?

Anonymous said...

Galien moon (gah-lay-en moon)

Flaming Dervishes

Ray Gun Riders

Siderail Billy


Tiggerlane said...

You guys are GREAT!!

I'm still compiling names - we should have one chosen soon!

Aftercancer said...

I've got Slamdance, The Greens and Xanax

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school....many many years ago, someone had made this fictional band called The Exploding Mice. They even made T-shirts with The Exploding Mice World Tour. The funny thing was that the guys actually played music and just jammed, but never formed a real band. Good luck on the new name!!