Friday, December 05, 2008

The Doghouse

I know this is really ad advertisement, but it's not "in your face."

I found this funny, b/c my husband told me early on that he believes in "practical" gifts. For example, last year - I received a new blender and a food processor. Other gifts have been similarly useful, but at least he does have the sense to throw jewelry into the mix at least every other year.


Beware of the Doghouse- Hilarious! - A funny movie is a click away
Have you ever received a gift that made you want to send your significant other to the doghouse? If so, I wanna hear about it!


richies said...

Usually i am the giver of the Doghouse gifts not the receiver. When my son was around nine or ten years old, his job was to sweep the kitchen. One year at Christmastime I bought an electric sweeper vac. I though it would be funny to wrap it up as a gift to him. When he saw that large package under the tree it was all he could think about. He just had to open it first. He was so disappointed that it almost ruined his Christmas. He still remembers it, and I'm not sure he has forgiven me yet. We were talking about it when he was home for Thanksgiving. He told me that he was just sure it was a a large star wars toy.

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Mind of MadMan said...

Riches.. you gave your son a electric sweeper.. he is scared for life!!
I have not given a doghouse gift. I know better. but I have given drum sets and playdo items like that to my children for the Ex's house!!!!
(insert evil laugh)

Bond said...

I saw this elsewhere and laughed so hard....

Desert Songbird said...

I saw this somewhere else, too, and I thought it was classic.

One year I got a toaster oven (among other not so practical gifts like jewelry), but what got me wasn't the gift itself. It was while I definitely needed a new toaster oven, hubby didn't let me pick out my own!

Anonymous said...

As long as he's not throwing the jewelry into the *mixer*, Tiff! ;)

My husband is awesome, I have no complaints about gifts.

M@ said...

Good thing women aren't in charge of the world.... Reminds me of the time my aunt got my father weight-loss powder for Christmas.

Kaytabug said...

BWAHAHAH! That video was hilarious!! My hubby bought me a glue gun and a shot glass...he is all about practical. The next year he did get me a nice necklace to make up for it!

Karmyn R said...

Loved this video.....reminds me of last year when my husband bought me a Steam Mop for my birthday. He told me he "thought it would make things a bit easier for me." hahahahahahagrrrrrrrr.

I'd rather just have nothing, really.

Pamela said...

pretty darn funny.
I'm sure I have given plenty of dog house gifts. When we get so dazed shopping, sometimes we go blind.

BS said...

A lawn mower for Mother's Day - one year a refrigerator for Xmas AND another was a washing machine ... umm, I'm divorced (but not because of the gifts).

Kila said...

LOL. I need one of those dog houses.

Practical gifts are the norm around here.

bermudabluez said...

I just sent that thing to everyone I know yesterday! It is hilarious!! My first husband was very good at practical gifts. Hence the divorce. Seriously, I don't have that problem anymore...

Spellbound said...

I am not a normal woman. I know that. I think bugs are cool. I will pick up a snake or a mouse, no problem. This is the big one however, I am not a romantic and my husband is, big time. The worst gift he ever gave me was a black velvet hostess gown that I hated and he loved. The best gift was one I picked out myself, a wheelbarrow. He's never recovered from that one. Oh, and I hate red roses, hate them. Yes, I know, I don't deserve him.

Tiggerlane said...

richies - OMG...too funny! I gave The Offspring a gift like that, too - after she bugged and bugged me to open it early, she and a bunch of friends tore into it...and it was tv trays. LOL! Just so she could eat in the living room. She was SO MAD.

Mind of Madman - you're like the grandparents who give the LOUD gifts, b/c they know they won't have to listen to them.

Bond - I love how the guy screws up AGAIN at his 'hearing.'

Desert Songbird - I hear that - but my hubby cooks more than I do, so it only seems right to let him pick the appliances.

Melissa - very true! I really don't complain...but his practicality caught me off guard the first few holidays!

M@ - she should have just quietly slipped it into his coffee every morning.

Kaytabug - the shot glass I get - but the glue gun? That combo sounds like an accident waiting to happen!

Karmyn R - I bought my husband a Swiffer sweeper set...and he was thrilled.

Pamela - I think dog house gifts are some of the best, b/c they actually LAST.

BS - a lawn mower for Mother's Day? Are you the one who mows? That's one of the best gifts I've heard!

Kila - I think many folks may be getting practical gifts this year, at least they will if we are all smart!

bermudabluez - I have gotten used to my husband's practicality - but I draw the line at feminine hygeine products.

Spellbound - LOL!! You made me giggle! I'm not sure what a velvet hostess gown is, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want one, either. However, I can't pass up the red roses...sigh...I'm too romantic, I guess!

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious, too bad it's not a real place.

Tiggerlane said...

dailypiglet - I'm still wondering how on earth they ever get OUT!