Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where is Tiggerlane?

Hacking and coughing somewhere, hopefully not near you!

Yeah, the Tigger is sick...and didn't get to visit most of the Fun Mondayers this week. Which is REALLY rotten, since the topic was GREAT!!! AAARRGGHH!!

I have been in bed for a while...I am not leaving the blogosphere...promise.

So, have any of you caught the "Flu of the Year?"

I have to go out of town tomorrow, so I'm resting as much as possible. Drop me a line, and tell me what has worked for your winter illnesses. I'll take just about anything that doesn't involve urine.


Sandy said...

TheraFlu (liquid), Vick's on your chest and soles of your feet, and flat ginger ale.

I hope you feel better soon. It is just a miserable bug this year!

Junebug said...

My husband had the 48 hour kind with vomiting and diarrhea. He drank gatorade. Hopefully yours will be short too.

Kaytabug said...

AWWW sweetheart I hope you feel better soon!!! I have no home remedy's myself but Sauntering Soul posted one last month. Sine I don't know how to get links in comments I will email it to you.

Feel better.

Lord Tennisanyone said...

That's easy.

You need a small army of Sympathy Slaves to be at your beck and call, and a 2 day supply of Kahlua,Vodka&Cream, five of your all time favorite movies and the remote taped to your hand, salty snacks, sweet snacks, two pair of fluffy socks, Vicks Vapor Rub and nasal applicator, HUGE Cozy Comforter, and access to the blogosphere.

ChrisB said...

I think lord tennisanyone has said it all. Hope you feel better soon.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

I hope you feel better soon.

What you need is this:

Boil a mug of hot water in a pan with a cinnamon stick in it and let it simmer for a few minutes. In a mug, put a spoonful of honey, lemon juice and a good slug of whiskey. Pour the cinammon water in, stir and drink!

Claudia said...

oh, the flu sucks!! get lots of sleep, lots of fluids and don't try to push yourself too soon-it'll just prolong your recovery. Get better soon!

Ari_1965 said...

My hot toddy recipe:

Fill coffee mug with lemon juice. Microwave until really hot. Add LARGE spoonful of honey. Stir to dissolve. Add shot of Jameson's Irish Whisky and stir. Drink fairly quickly. Make another. Drink that. Go to bed.

M@ said...

Sometimes, sex helps.

Tracey said...

Have you tried the netti (netty) pot? I have a whole post on it this week...

laurie said...

a big tablespoon of honey before you go to sleep will stop your coughing better than cough medicine.

try it.

Bond said...

Get to feeling better my friend....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick. Remember...Rum and Honey...Drink the rum and take you're honey to bed!!

I don't get sick that much. I usually get a bit sick but never enough to make me stay home from work. I have been told by a doctor that I have a very good constitution....whatever that is.

Kim said...

Oh the memories. When I was a little one and sick, my grandma would rub Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest and cover it with a oven-warmed hand towel. I used to love laying on my tummy with the warm towel and tingly rub.

I hope you feel much better soon, Tigger.

Alison said...

Hope you feel better soon!! rest up and drink plenty of fluids!!

Detroit said...

Yah, we both had the stomach flu two weeks ago and it has been going around the church, office, everywhere in the NE. Lots of liquids and rest - eventually it finished and moved on...Feel better soon!

Jettie said...

i use a Cold & Flu bath gel by Kiss my face!!!!!!!!!!!
now I realize ya probably don't have it on hand but for the next bout You might!! I fill the tub and pour it in right away so when it's filled it is filled with soft bubbles and ya smell in the menthol!!It has coconut oil,olive oil,aloe vera,extracts of green tea,licorice & horehound (what?),eucalyptus,and a few smells wonderful!! honestly Iam addicted to it so I use it regular!! I also have the menthol fan by my wonders!!!!!!!!!!! Hope ya feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis Steve said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick. My approach to it is to lie around drinking Nyquil, Dayquil, Robbitusin and sleeping a lot. Not real scientific or helpful, I know, but it's the honest truth. I hope you're feeling better by now.

Robocop said...

We all have the flu.

Tiggerlane said...

sandy - soles of the feet? That's a new one! Thanks!

junebug - not nearly as short - but I am mending. Gatorade was helpful.

kaytabug - thanks for the kind words and the link! I'm actually in disbelief that I'm absent for a Fun Monday. I suck.

lord tennisanyone - GREAT ideas...except I'm moving - so those Sympathy Slaves better start packing my stuff for me, and carry me off to my new house in the comforter. Did I mention I barfed up the Kahlua? I'm not kidding, either.

chrisb - he sure did! Too bad the Kahlua didn't work like I had hoped.

aoj & the lurchers - that sounds like a good plan - and I have the whiskey to make it happen!

claudia - I wish I had read your comment earlier - I pushed myself last Friday, and nearly died the next two days. Finally feeling a bit alive, and trying to move is NOT helping my recovery.

ari_1965 - you and aoj have the same idea - something tells me it will MUST work!

m@ - will notify the husband. Immediately.

tracey - I want to, but my fear of water is pretty severe - and this seems akin to waterboarding...but I'll read your post and reconsider.

laurie - honey - good idea. I may mix it with the whiskey, to be safe.

bond - thanks, I am getting there, slowly, but surely.

sirdar - thanks! You are the second one to suggest I bed the one I wed - maybe he will listen to the voice of reason, since it's not mine!

kim - I agree - sometimes those older remedies are the best. All these new drugs are just NOT the same. And the side effects are SCARY!

alison - I hope whiskey counts as a fluid...maybe honey?

detroit - thanks - I think I am getting there, but moving tomorrow may set me back...we'll see!

jettie - I have never heard of such! Now I'm going to look this stuff up and order some - b/c this sounds absolutely divine. Thanks for the great tip!

memphis steve - thanks - I did sleep for about four days, off and on - which did help. But I didn't have all those drugs - just some Theraflu. I've graduated to Mucinex, now...and now I have to move.

robocop - I hope you all feel better. B/c flu sucks.