Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Fun Monday List Time!

It's Fun Monday! I'm adjusting my Hostess Crown after watching the Super Bowl...but I'm ready for Monday! Here was the assignment this week:

Have you heard of The Bucket List? Well, that's what I want from you! Make a list of things you want to do before you die. It must be at least five items - and you can make it as long as you desire. Photos are optional. And let's hear about some of the wackiest, most bizarre to-do's on your Bucket List!

I actually got this idea from The Offspring. She compiled a list and shared it with me. Some answers shocked me, while others made a mom proud. Her list follows, with MY comments in yellow.

1. Understand the meaning of life, and find out who I am. (Uh, you're MY kid, Sweetie - nothin' you can do about that.)
2. Get married.
3. Make history somehow - at least become famous. (Hopefully not for a crime.)
4. Streak, get a tattoo, and get a lip ring. (Uh...WHAT? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?)
5. Visit Japan, the U.K., Las Vegas, Germany, revisit Chicago, revisit Washington D.C., revisit California. (Can I go?)
6. Write a book.
7. Become devirginized. (You ARE trying to give me a heart attack.)
8. Go to college. (Can you wait to get devirginized until AFTER college?)
9. Make a movie.
10. Own a stripper pole. (Get the paramedics - STAT!)
11. Meet a famous actor.
12. Own a ferret. (Not in MY house, you're not!)
13. Fall down some stairs. (Sheesh - why did I put stairs in the new house?)
14. Join a band.
15. Save someone's life. (You could start by saving mine - and by not throwing yourself down a flight of stairs.)
16. Create a clothing line. (You're thinking about modesty, right?)
17. Model. (Not with that stripper pole, I hope.)
18. Go to a rave. (Do we need to have that "say no to drugs" talk again?)
19. Fork a yard. (Better than toilet paper.)
20. Sneak out. (Uh...can I have the date and time of this event?)
21. See a ghost. (I will be skipping this one, thanks.)
22. Create a new drink.
23. Have one kid. (I hope you're considering that marriage thing FIRST.)
24. Save an animal.
25. Have a party on wheels.
26. Learn German and French.
27. Dye my own hair.
28. Build my own house. (Copycat.)
29. Go hunting. (And you were going to SAVE an animal? I'm confused.)
30. Vote. (Do this a lot, Sweetie.)
31. Skinny dip - again. (YOU ALREADY DID THIS? I'm never going make it to your 18th birthday.)
32. Get involved in a music video. (Go for production - and leave the stripper pole at home.)
33. Sing in a band.
34. Stay up for a week.

I can't cheat, and not follow my own rules - so here is MY very short list:
1. Live long enough to see my grandchildren be born.
2. Pay off most of my debt.
3. Teach my daughter the important things that will carry her thru life, long after I'm gone.
4. Attend at least ONE Super Bowl game.
5. Be in a financial position to create a better life for many other people, around the world.
6. Drag my husband to his first professional football game.
7. Travel to Europe (hopefully WITH my daughter).

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This may be the biggest Fun Monday EVER!


Alison said...

Great list, both your's and your daughter's!!

What is forking a yard?

Cynthia said...

Your daughter's list gave ME a heart attack!

Gattina said...

Oh my, what a long list ! As I already have one food in my grave my list would be much shorter, lol !

Beckie said...

The stripper pole is making me laugh!

lisa marie said...

I love your daughter's list! Your's is much more grown-up, her's is fun, even if she did give you a heart attack. :) And I know what forking a yard is because I have teens. :)

Kaytabug said...

Your comments to hers were hilarious!! I am so glad I do not have a girl.
I even thought about adding getting a stripper pole to my list. It's a great workout...not that she needs it! Now I am curious as to how and why she came up with that one.

Thanks for hosting doll. You picked a great topic!

Peter said...

Your daughters list contains elements that I would certainly worry about if she were my child... but what the hell, she's yours, not my problem . Become devirginized. to your hearts content.

Both are fine lists, as was the assignment.

bermudabluez said...

Great FM assignment Tig!! Yikes, and I thought I had a hard time going through the teen years with MY daughter...her list was like....WOW!! And, what is "forking" a yard? Since my daughter has her own place, I'm not as UP on all the terminology!! And I can't believe your husband has never been to a PRO football game. YAY Giants!!

Mariposa said...

Live your list! I'm up now...Happy Fun Monday!

susan said...

Your comments are PRICELESS! This makes me afraid to ask my own girls what they would want to do!

tiger lamb girl said...

Go on - it's Monday morning -- add me to the list. I'm posting my FM right now;)

If you go to Europe, be sure to stop by to see me in England:).

ChrisB said...

Both your daughter's and your responses were such fun to read I was laughing and my mother came to investigate!

jientje said...

I know it's very late, well way past last minute maybe, but can you still add me on that list?
I have been strugglong with it all morning, but still decided to do one anyway! It's up now!

laurie said...

well, if you were to attend on super bowl, last night's would have been one to attend! i've never seen anyone make a catch with their head before!

great list.

are there really 73 fun monday participants? holy moly.

mjd said...

Reading your daughter's list and your responses, I suspect that you are already well on your way to achieving,"Teach my daughter the important things that will carry her thru life."

Thanks for hosting this Fun Monday with the fabulous challenge. Just think this Monday could be life changing for some of us. Some people might start planning for the big trip, doing more for others, or becoming fit today.

Jenni said...

Holy crap! I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your daughter's list. I think I'm going to ask my kids to each write one. I don't know if I want to see them or not, though. Actually, I don't think it's really unusual for her to think she wants to do some of those things. There are probably several things we thought we wanted to do at that age that thankfully we never did:o) It also occurs to me that some of the scarier things are not so bad as long as they're done at the proper time in life.

-Ann said...

Yeah, I'm with Alison. What is forking a yard? Is this some weird Indiana thing? I lived in Illinois for 10 years and never heard of it.

Great lists. I hope you're able to see your grandchildren. Although, if your daughter is willing to share such a list with you, I reckon she's a pretty good kid.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Does your daughter not know that killing you on a Fun Monday you're hosting is just plain wrong?

Thanks for doing this this week. It was a lot of fun!

Alix said...

Great lists from you and your daughter. Your comments on your daughters made me laugh!

Junebug said...

Good stuff. Mine will be similar, especially about the grandchildren and raising children with values to live on their own. I am working on posting mine right now. It should be done in about 30 min. :D

Robocop said...

I gave up trying to pay off all of my debts.

Junebug said...

Whew! Got it posted!

Detroit said...

This is my first - so much fun!!

Tiggerlane said...

alison - thanks, and it involves sticking a bunch of forks in a yard - crazy!

cynthia - what's worse, she read it to me while I was DRIVING.

gattina - the daughter is 14, so she has lots of life left to live...unless I throttle her.

beckie - wanna be her mom for a while? I'll pay you!

lisa marie - glad someone knew - she thought it was funny that I had to ask what it was!

kaytabug - you're welcome! And I have no idea - except the kid has a bizarre sense of humor, and likes to shock...she's NOT the stripper type - I hope.

peter - you don't have daughters, right? Meanie! But thanks for the compliment.

bermudabluez - I was THRILLED for Eli and the Giants last night! And forking - involves sticking forks in the yard.

mariposa - glad you like it, and you are added!

susan - thanks, and I didn't "ask," unfortunately. She just sprang it on me.

tiger lamb girl - you're added, and I would love to visit.

chrisb - I can only imagine what your mom thought about the stripper pole!

jientje - no worries, you are added!

laurie - wasn't that catch AWESOME? And the fact that Eli escaped a sack. And we're up to 78 now, I think.

mjd - thanks for the encouragement - I can't wait for my Monday to slow down enough to read all the participants.

jenni - so true - and she's 14, and I kinda remember where my thoughts were at that age. Sheesh.

-ann - yeah, she read it to me voluntarily - and forking a yard involves sticking a bunch of forks in it.

the rotten correspondent - you're welcome. And my Monday is going to hell in a handbasket already - so hopefully I can visit everyone.

alix - thanks, and glad you enjoyed!

junebug - good goals, indeed. I hope I get to visit you!

robocop - after today, I may give up on mine, too.

detroit - you are on the list - glad you enjoyed it!

Serina Hope said...

Your daughter's list is awesome. She is pretty funny. You are pretty funny too. Your responses had me rolling. It sounds like you have a good girl there.

Jettie said...

Hello!! Well I have a tatto,I have skinney dipped,I have sneaked out,I was devirinized..somewhere along with having 4 kids!!I have had a ferret,I have dyed my own hair,and oohh pierced my own ears,I have voted,I have sang in a band..I have stayed up for almost a week,Gosh I know feel like hey I have accomplished something!!Loved reminising!!!
And as for the Adult list haven't evan come close to doing anything on Yours Tiggerlane!!Waht an interesting list!!

Sandy said...

What a terrific list your baby has - and only SOME of them are heart-attack-inducing!

Thanks for hosting this week, Tigger. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your daughter has a great list. I love your comments to go with them. I like your list as well although, I wouldn't have football on my list of priorities. I do have your husband topped, in that I have been to a few CFL games, not NFL, but professional none the less.

Karmyn R said...

I would like to see your daughter's revised list in 10 years - it is funny how our goals change as we age!!!

Joy T. said...

Loved both your lists, especially the stripper pole for your daughter...and your reaction LOL This was a great Fun Monday, very good topic!

Tiggerlane said...

serina hope - thanks so much for the encouragement - she really is a good kid. I'm still struggling with "stripper pole."

jettie - thank you - would you like to adopt my child for a while, and lead her thru this process? You seem to have turned out okay - maybe she could use your experience!

sandy - thanks - and yeah, I should expect SOME things on the list - but stripper pole? Ack...

colours of dawn - thank you! And I think my hubby would love a live game. I dragged him to a MLB game in Chicago, the year the Sox won the Series - and he loved it! And he hates baseball worse than football!

karmyn r - I hope it does change - and in 10 years, the devirignizing thing won't bug me as much...

joy t. - thanks so much! I am breathing easier now - but I'll be watching for the delivery of a stripper pole.

Matt-Man said...

I just want to taste the perfectly made BLT. Man, that would make me happy. Cheers Tigger!!

Sauntering Soul said...

Thanks for hosting this week! I love your topic choice.

Your daughter sounds like I was at her age. I still haven't done a lot of those things.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the comparison of the two lists!

i'm with ya on going to a Superbowl game and traveling Europe! Lots of us seem to have the travel bug!

Robin said...

Interesting lists and loved seeing your responses to your daughters.

My niece decided to fall down some stairs, wearing heals non the less and stinking drunk. She broke her ankle - totally snapped and is on crutches and out of work for 3 months. So, tell your daughter - watch out what you wish for. It might hurt.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Carrie Sue said...

WOW - quite the participation list this week! You're daughter's list is wild, crazy, sweet and quite very normal. To have such an outlook is a great tribute to her mom! Your list is great too - see ya in Europe!

Faye said...

Well hopefully you're saving a copy of Daughter's list for future discussions--like when she' 21. Do you think your responses may change? I'm just happy she didn't try to chew up the list and swallow it before you got a chance to see it.

Celeste said...

Great lists -- and I agree with faye: your daughter's list needs to be saved for future embarrassment opportunities.

Thanks for hosting a great Fun Monday!

dog face girls said...

OMG!! ROFLMAO!! This made my day.

Vee and da boys

Kila said...

LOL, Offspring inspires me! I just love that girl.

Loved your list, too!

Thanks for hosting this week! Was a fun assignment to read.

theotherbear said...

I loved your daughter's list.
Great topic!

Rose said...

Super lists, both of them! Thanks for letting me participate; sorry I only had 3 items (the travel one was packed though). It seems I may be Fun Monday-challenged? Nah, just skimmed the rules. Thanks again!

Tiggerlane said...

matt-man - I want sprouts on my BLT, is that against the rules?

sauntering soul - thanks, that makes me feel a LOT better!

eclectic blog - yeah, I was surprised on how many of us want to take a trip - away!

robin - OUCH!! I have no idea why the kid wants to do that - better get some health insurance.

carrie sue - yeah, it was a busy week for Fun Mondayers - I'm still working my way thru the list!

faye - I hope they change! And she actually surprised me with her list while I was driving her home from school - I didn't wreck, tho!

celeste - thanks! I knew the kiddo's list would be more interesting than mine...

dog face girls - glad it made you giggle!

kila - we may have to let her meet your boys, but then, she might tarnish them.

the other bear - thanks, and thanks!

rose - you are quite welcome - I have to continue my visits - I'm WAY behind!

OneCowgirl said...

LOVE your offspring's list with your comments. CLASSIC!!!

Jenni said...

YEAH! I made it through the whole list! Thanks for hosting:o)

Pamela said...

I hope your daughter forgives you for posting her list. Some of them, especially with your comment, made me shake my hand and hoot.

(I hope she never stays up for a week. I think that is what happened to Britney Spears .)

YOu could do 4 and 6 with one game. I'm ready to join you.

ChrisB said...

I just came back to say thank you for hosting I think you are right, this is the record for participants!

nikki said...

The Offspring has an awesome list. I'd like to see a ghost too, although I'd have to be wearing some Depends.

Tiggerlane said...

onecowgirl - glad you liked it - wanna help raise the actual kid?

jenni - I'm starting at #51 today and working my way a long list! You're welcome, btw.

pamela - She actually WANTED me to post it - can you believe that? I asked her if I could blog it, right after she read it to me. She read the blog last night, and totally laughed at my comments. Thank goodness. Let's go watch some football!

chrisb - you are welcome, and it MUST be a record - I'm still working my way thru the list!

nikki - LOL!! Only a nice ghost - or one who could tell me something VERY useful!

kitten said...

I vote on letting your little girl re do a new list in 5-10 years. Too cute.
I hear ya on #2~

Tiggerlane said...

kitten - good idea - if she is still talking to me by then! I hope she has a new outlook - but she will probably already have the tattoo.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Aren't daughters a hoot? I like your list.

Crown Princess said...

WOw geat list. I was already figuring out if i could cheap on my own Fun Monday but I guess I cant, you stuck to yours.

You are signed up.

Karina said...

Wow, I guess the fact that your daughter showed you that list means you guys must have a pretty cool relationship, because when I was her age, there was NO WAY I'd admit any of that stuff to my mom! ;-)

Your list is pretty impressive too!

I'm going to go try and visit some Fun Mondayers now...on Tuesday! ;-)

Rick said...

Be thin enough to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without sufficating.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I have to laugh at your daughters list. I wonder if she said some of those things 'to' give you that heart attack! LOL

I hope you get to do all those things on your bucket list. Oh...and hope your daughter gets to do hers too...but I would like to know how one becomes devirginized? :-)

Robin said...

Wow, Tiggerlane, unbelievable participation this week! I've barely been able to visit, but WOW!

This ended up being a fun little exercise, even though my list was written in five minutes (I wonder how different it'd be if I REALLY gave it thought).

I couldn't help but wonder if your daughter wrote hers BECAUSE she knew you were gonna post it...for effect.

YOURS is a great list; I've been encouraged by others (like you) making it "real"...not insanely unattainable.

Thanks for hosting :)...GREAT job!

Tiggerlane said...

wakeupandsmellthecoffee - mine literally keeps me going! She is too funny.

crown princess - thanks! And if you can survive thru next Tuesday, you'll have accomplished a great feat! Thanks so much for hosting!

karina - oh, she read it to me, out loud, voluntarily - so yeah, we're pretty tight. I think it's the 'only child' thing. I would never had admitted that stuff to MY mom, either! Good luck getting to all the participants!

rick - GREAT item! I should add that to my list, too!

sirdar - Oh, please don't ask that - I'm sure there are plenty of teenaged boys who would be willing to show my daughter EXACTLY how to do that!

robin - I know - isn't it amazing how many people signed up? I was shocked!! And the kid wrote the list LONG before I came up with this I can't blame her answer on that. Unfortunately!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Loved you daughters list and your comments. Sorry I missed this one, but blimey it was busy.

Tiggerlane said...

jo beaufoix - I understand! And glad you enjoyed it...hope you can come back next week!

Debs said...

Love the list from your daughter and you.

sexy said...