Friday, February 16, 2007

Bad, Bad, Tiggerlane...

"Baddest broad in the whole....."

Oh, to singin' there.

I know, I've been a bad girl. I was tagged by the beautiful Desert Songbird, and haven't completed my assignment. I haven't been blog visiting much. Also, I can't even tell you without looking it up what our next Fun Monday assignment is. BAD Blogger behavior.

The GOOD news is threefold:
1. We had a VERY successful week at the orifice.
2. We have been blessed by visits from various friends like Emily (who managed to treat me to lunch the other day - knowing I would never stop to eat during work unless forced, and I NEED the nutrition! Thanks, Em!).
3. I have basically finished the revision of our house plan, with the exception of inking the final copy to show the builder next week!

To appease you (and demonstrate why I can't blog much from home), I'm sharing some photos The Lovely Offspring has been toying with using Photoshop. She is fiddling with tons of photos, all the time. (As a sidenote, I'm finally seeing a little bit of me in her.)


Desert Songbird said...
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Desert Songbird said...

She lives! I was afraid that you had been crushed to death by a mountain of paperwork because no one could find a bulldozer large enough to lift said mountain off of your poor defenseless self, thus they were unable to extricate you and save you from peril.

Alas, all is well.

No worries, my gorgeous friend - I don't give demerits for missed assignments.

Don't work too hard!!!!

Matt said...

Cute. There's a little Tigger in her. (You've done DNA testing right? You're sure you're the mother, right?)

Pamela said...

Looks like you already posted for monday. Picture of something that is precious to you.

Dan said...

You call it the "orifice" too huh? :)

By the way, the Offspring is quite beautiful, which is no surprise of course!

min said...

So many wonderful "objects" in your post. Children, plans, friends and my favorite...photoshop!

The very nice man said...

Yup! There is no denying it! Beauty runs in the family!!

Jenny said...

She's yours alright. :)

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - I PROMISE I will finish the assignment. I'm shooting for Wednesday!

matt - the Aggie in me DID wonder if I was my baby's mommy. But I've got the scarring to prove it.

pamela - you are so right!

dan - doesn't the "orifice" really fit the bill? And thanks for complimenting the squirt!

min - thanks for stopping by! Wish I knew how to work Photoshop like the kid does...

Erik - you really ARE a nice man! Thanks!

jenny - thanks for coming by! At least she has most of my good traits, and few of my bad!