Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belated Mother's Day Repeat

Can you get any worse that being LATE for a holiday, with the possible exception of posting something you've previously posted?

Oh well, if you know of a way to beat that...tell me, and I'll perform like a bear at the circus.

I just had to share this again - even though it came out in 2006, it STILL makes me laugh today. Enjoy.

My favorite line: "Put down the yardstick!"


Desert Songbird said...

I remember this. *snort*

Hope you had a relaxing Mothers' Day, T.

Junebug said...

That was funny! I had never seen it before either so thanks for the laugh. :D

Moi said...

That is a classic. Thanks for putting it up again, even if I'm not a mom!

Occidental Girl said...

I hadn't seen that one before. It's great!

M@ said...

God, I love you.

bermudabluez said...

Indeed a classic!!! I remember!! Hope you had a terrific day!

Kila said...

That's how it is around here, LOL. Actually, I think those boys are more patient with each other than my boys are.

Mariposa said...

I have time in my hand, and was thinking of making rounds to blogs I used to frequent...Hope all's well with you.

Hope to see you back at Fun Monday!

M@ said...


Tiggerlane said...

Desert Songbird - I awoke to a wet child, wallowing all over me - but it was ok.

Junebug - you are welcome! I just love it...

Moi - total classic...makes me kinda wish I had two boys.

Occidental Girl - glad you enjoyed it!

M@ - Um, God doesn't write on this blog - sorry. I HAVE asked Him to make a guest post, tho.

bermudabluez - I did! Hope you did as well!

Kila - you SO need to be making some videos for youtube!

Mariposa - I have no time, but today - I'm vowing to get back into blogland! Facebook has been a bad influence!

M@ - thank you!