Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whirlwind of Pleasure and Pain

What a week it has been!! Those of you who follow me on Twitter or look at the sidebar every so often have a small inkling of what I've been thru, but here's a recap for the remainder of my blog buddies.

Last Friday was an exhausting, yet exhilarating day. I had a HORRIBLE week...and by Thursday I could tell my nerves were shot. There was a lot going on at work, plus, I had been harrassing The Offspring to practice for her upcoming All State choir audition. If you have ever raised a teenager, you know that eye-rolling and sighing are part of the ordeal. It was also the same week I got ANOTHER phone bill delivered in a cardboard box, outlining the 18,625 text messages sent and received by said Offspring. Needless to say, "Mother of the Year" awards are not in my future for 2009.

Friday morning found me on a bus at 5:30AM, riding over two hours out of town to help chaperone kids for All State choir auditions. Thankfully, all the kids on the trip were GOOD behavior problems, and genuinely sweet. Still, my 40-year old butt does not enjoy sitting on CONCRETE in a gym for an entire day, waiting for auditions to end. We arrived around 8:15AM, and the kids got their audition numbers. There were 126 Alto II's numbered for auditions...and what number did The Offspring get? That's right. Number 126. She didn't audition until 4:30PM. The stress and nerves from waiting all day didn't phase the kid, however. She made the choir. Her FRESHMAN YEAR. I was so excited, I cried...surely tears of relief, joy and pure exhaustion. You go, Girl!

During the week, my one remaining wisdom tooth had been "twinging." I had three of them pulled in 2003, but my dentist said that last lower right tooth had a crooked root and required an oral surgeon's touch. The closest oral surgeon is an hour and a half from my what have I done? Put the extraction off. For years.

The tooth has flared up over the years, but a good dose of antibiotic has always settled it down. This past Sunday, it decided to give me a run for my money. Now, I had a baby with no drugs...but this pain? OMG. EXCRUCIATING. Mind-numbing. Blinding. I was literally rocking back in forth in my recliner, tears streaming down my face, unable to focus because of the pain. I ended up in the ER, trying to determine if I was going to die. It was THAT bad.

Nothing like being FORCED to address a problem, you know? Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I push myself 110%, that I go, and go, and go...and rarely stop. Well, this tooth stopped me dead in my tracks. It got my attention. After VERY strong antibiotics, an x-ray, words of encouragement from my dentist, and LOTS of Motrin, I am better. I have "constant but manageable" pain. Which is a good thing, since I have to sing backup vocals for our band's debut this upcoming Saturday night.

Tiggerlane has learned her lesson. She is going to have the tooth extracted on the 23rd. I don't know if the world will keep turning, but if it stops suddenly at 11:00AM CST, you'll know why.


richies said...

I recently had to have a wisdom tooth pulled. No fun at all.

An Arkies Musings

Anonymous said...

Ouchies. Those teeth pictures had me clutching at my own teeth - good luck with your extraction!

Anonymous said...

You are still in the running for Mother of the Year. Why? Because you were being a mother...not a pushover.

Sorry to hear about the pain (tooth, not the Offspring). I had 3 taken out last year...or the year before...can't remember. They put me out when they did it. Good luck with yours.

Pamela said...

when my youngest got her wisdom teeth pulled, she came home. Still, it was a rough time -- and her face was black and blue.

She went back to school, and the guys in her first class told her "Tell us who did this to you and we'll take care of him."
and she had to say, "That would be my dentist."

I know you don't want to hear horror stories... How about mine. I got all four pulled in one day - with local. I was 18 and tough.

Desert Songbird said...

An alto II, huh? Wow, she has a deep voice. Congrats to The Offspring; she comes by her talent naturally, for sure.

No, the world won't stop on the 23rd (my daughter's 13th birthday, BTW). It will stop the next day around 11:30 MST when I have my third heart catheterization. *sigh*

M@ said...

So I have THAT to look forward to!

Bond said...

What a week...congrats to Offspring and good luck this weekend

Tiggerlane said...

richies - none? Sheesh...for the money we pay to have it done, you'd think SOMETHING about it would be good. Sigh.

12ontheinside - thank you, and mine is thankfully all the way thru the gum...nothing like the diagrams!

sirdar - thank you - you understand! And they want to put me under, but I'm thinking I can tough it out.

Pamela - I'm gonna try to be tough! I had three pulled in one day with I think I can do this!

Desert Songbird - bless your heart - literally! You will be in my thoughts and prayers - just remember to cough when they tell you to!

M@ - you have wisdom teeth?

Bond - thank you, twice!

Kila said...

Oh dear, that sounds awful. I hope you're OK until the 23rd!

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed when I was 18, whew.

bermudabluez said...

I need to check in more frequently! Holy Crap, you got alot goin' on girl!! Hope the tooth is better and congratulations to the Offspring!! And....the text message bill....I cannot EVEN imagine!!

Spellbound said...

So sorry for your awful week. I lost all wisdom at one time at age 21 in the hospital under sedation. They were severely impacted (horizontal) and i looked like a chipmunk with a load of walnuts when I woke in mid afternoon. Fortunately we have no real pain memory and this too shall pass. The offspring will someday learn to appreciate you, but don't hold your breath. It's gonna be awhile. Hugs

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh...bless your heart! Wishing you plenty of pain meds before the 23rd!

Congrats on having a rockin' daughter!

Occidental Girl said...

Oh man, I feel your pain! Mine wasn't that bad, but it was bad enough.

Hope you had a restful weekend.

Mad Hatter said...

I know that feels, my wisdom too did the same, oh the pain, they need to have certain rules for people that need this tooth pull. Not fun.

Tiggerlane said...

Kila - it was two weeks of was awful.

bermudabluez - I'm thankful for unlimited text messaging on my bill..but STILL. Sheesh!

Spellbound - I am feeling like a wimp now! I'm hoping the kid appreciates me at least by age 25.

Real Live Lesbian - only Motrin, and then WOW...had my first dose of percocet on the 23rd...crazy stuff! Put me right out!

Occidental Girl - I honestly can't remember the last time I got to bed and got decent rest! LOL!

Mad Hatter - I want to know the rules! Spill!