Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's Fair Time Again!

I didn't participate in Fun Monday this week - in fact, I wasn't sure if Fun Monday happened due to the holiday. However, I had a FUN weekend at the local county fair. I rode all the carnival rides until my neck was severely injured and my shoulders bruised from being suspended upside-down for long periods of time. Good times.

Once again, The Offspring entered photographs in the youth section. Here is her blue-ribbon winning entry for the color portrait section:What is amazing is that she took this photo of herself...with a digital camera built into her videocamera. Imagine what she could do with a super-duper camera!

This photo of our cat won third place in the black and white animal photo category:Her computerized self-portrait won second place in the computer photography category:And here is the blue ribbon winner for the black and white portrait category:I think she did pretty well this year! And for the first time, she entered a poem in the fair. I didn't know better and just brought a sheet of paper with her poem typed on it. All the other poems were framed for display. Oh well, I guess display didn't matter, because her poem (featured below), won first place!

Not Like Most Girls

Every girl wants a fairy-tale relationship.
Every girl wants the tall, dark, handsome boy.
Every girl wants a boy who brings her tons of flowers every anniversary.

Every girl wants a boy who is at her side at all times.
Every girl wants that special guy.
She always wants him around - always wants to know where he is.

Well I’m totally NOT one of those girls.

I want a boy who trips when he sees me.
I want a boy who forgets.
I want a boy who slips and tells me something I shouldn’t know.

I want a boy who can make fun of me.
I want a boy who can get in trouble.
I want a boy who has all these flaws, but I don’t see them.

I want a boy to love me.
That’s all.

I want a boy who is loyal.
Forget fairytales.
I want a real relationship.

Love isn’t a fake romance.
It’s a real life story.

Yes, I'm a proud mom, indeed.


M@ said...

Tig Jr. is very pretty. Good photographs, too.

Memphis Steve said...

You have an amazing daughter. You're a lucky mom.

BS said...

That girl of yours definitely has talent !! Great job.

Caroline said...

Hi Tigger:

Wow! You have one gifted daughter! Very creative photography and poetry. You have every right to be very proud of her.

My favourite photo is the kitty.

Desert Songbird said...

*stands and applauds*


Pamela said...

The best thing about this is that she is just so self confident. Most kids that age would fear revealing themselves (whether in thought OR in photo)

Bond said...

The Offspring is one talented young lady.

Congrats to her for her accomplishments. Keep it up, the world needs more like you.

Claudia said...

Congratulations to your young artist!

Kila said...

Wow, congratulations to her!

Lots to be proud of! :)

Tiggerlane said...

m@ - thank you. Nicest things you have said in a long time - getting soft on me?

memphis steve - thank you - wanna help me chase the boys away?

bs - thanks - now here's hoping that talent leads to a career! And college!

caroline - that was mine, too! And many thanks! Your daughter is getting MARRIED! WOOT!

desert songbird - I'll tell The Offspring to take a bow! :-)

pamela - she is, but she is shy, too - however, the two of us are very tight.

bond - I just have to keep her from becoming a cynic.

claudia - thank you!

kila - almost makes me think I should have had more kids.

Junebug said...

Good poem.

Arkansas Songbird said...

I just love the reflection pic. I've told you that before, but doesn't hurt to say it again!

Anonymous said...

wow, she is amazing. the photos and poems are beautiful.

Tiggerlane said...

junebug - I will pass along the compliment!

arkansas songbird - many thanks - I like the color version better.

dailypiglet - makes up for the snippiness of her teenager personality at times!