Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun Monday Kitchen

Joy at A Spot of T is this Fun Monday's hostess, and she asked us to post photos of our kitchens. I was NOT jazzed about this assignment, as I hate my kitchen with a passion. HATE. It's large - but the wallpaper is enough to make me crazier than the insanity genes with which I was born. But guess what? Only a few more months in this kitchen before we have a brand new one, in a brand new house, just the way I want it. This is the shot from the door into the dining room, toward the door in the back room. Did I mention that I HATE my kitchen? Not enough storage space, for one - and it's arranged strangely.
Here is a shot from the doorway leading from the back room in our house, into the kitchen. The door you see on the right hand side of the photo leads into our dining room/Roger's guitar/amp storage area. And BONUS! Whiskas was circling her food bowl at the time, so there's the gnarly cat, too.I spent a lot of time on the 'net the other night, picking ONE feature of our kitchen. I have narrowed the kitchen faucet down to this choice:
Also spent a lot of time looking at sinks, and have narrowed it down to two, but I think I like this one the best:Here is the other one - which is much like what I have now, only with deeper sink bowls.My next project is to pick bathroom sinks, a pedestal sink, and bathroom faucets. I'm closer to finishing that than you might think. I'm avoiding picking a tile at this point - but I'll get there!

Good news is that I got loan approval last Thursday. Bad news is that I can't turn back now! Visit Joy to see much better kitchens than mine!


Matt-Man said...

At least you have space to move a bit. As far as a sink, the deeper the better. Cheers Tigger!!

Karmyn R said...

Okay - I agree with you on the wallpaper - but it looks like a nice spacious kitchen!!!

Joy T. said...

LOL gnarly cat LOL Thanks for sharing your kitchen, I bet your excited and thrilled to be able to build a new home. The new faucet and sink....I love the first one you showed :o)....are beautiful. Happy house building!

Shauna said...

I like the first sink also! ! ! Has some design - not plain jane. . . :) - - - Like the room you have to move around but can't wait to see your new kitchen! ! !

Plan to post mine at some point today. . .

ChrisB said...

Had to take a close-up look at the wallpaper-a bit too busy for kitchen paper!! You won't know yourself when you have a new kitchen, it must be quite exciting doing all the planning; wish I could afford to revamp mine as it's so dated.

Julie said...

How fun planning a new one! When we redid ours, I never knew there were so many faucets to choose from! I have a two bowl sink - which I like now. My old one was two bowl but I couldn't lay a 9x13 pan down in it - which was terribly annoying. My recommendation would be to make sure you get one that can hold that size pan - makes it so much easier to clean the pan!

Beckie said...

A new kitchen - how exciting! I loved picking things out for our kitchen. That was almost as good as having the new kitchen finished - almost, but not quite.

Amy W said...

You have something to look forward to...I like the sink with the deeper bowl, it will definitely come in handy.

melissa said...

I agree on the deeper sink. I bought one when we replaced ours and it is easily the handiest thing in the kitchen when I need counter space and can't do the dishes right this second! I love your gnarly cat! :)

mjd said...

The flowered wallpaper is an interesting choice for a kitchen. Congratulations, on the new house with the new kitchen, maybe you will see some great ideas today for planning your next kitchen.

JennieBoo said...

So bright and airy! Ohhh! I love steel fixtures, too!

Happy Monday!

See you next week!


Arkansas Songbird said...

Yep, that's your kitchen. Let's see....what can I say...I've seen your kitchen a hundred times.....hmmmmm...the floor looks really clean!! And what is it with the pastel flowered kitchen wallpaper? My house had something very similar before I ripped it all out and re-did the kitchen walls my way!!

theotherbear said...

I think wallpaper looks pretty bad in most situations.
Your kitchen doesn't seem that bad to me. But then mine is challenged by space too.
I wish I could be planning a new kitchen!!!!! A deep sink is good as everyone else says, but I would think it is more important to find space for a dishwasher, then you don't need to worry about whether you can fit pans in the sink.
Gorgeous kitty :)

willowtree said...

Phew, I'm glad you told me how you felt about it, otherwise I'd have to spend about ten minutes figuring out how to say something nice.

All I can say is I'm glad you're moving!

Pamela said...

a couple of comments on the sink. Karmyn got one that you has the sprayer pulled from the main faucet. I love it. Whenever I get a new sink.. that is the way I 'm headed.

Oh... and I think you will miss this kitchen... of course you'll love having a new one by your own design....but there is something about this one that reminds me of days gone by....

Bethany said...

What Willowtree said.

Tiggerlane said...

Wow! Lots of comments on the kitchen.

matt-man - thanks for the sink advice. The "plan" for the new place is about to kill me.

karmyn - the reason I didn't show every detail is b/c there is a 3'x3' spot on the wallpaper that drove Roger mad one day. He sprayed it with Kilz.

joy t- glad you like the choices! I'm already rethinking that kitchen faucet.

shauna - Thanks! I'll pop by tomorrow, for sure. Not everyone had posted yet.

chrisb - I wonder how sane I'll be with a different environment? That wallpaper - no telling what mental damage it's caused.

julie - are you saying I should stink with a large, non-double sink? Or one of those that is large on one side, small on the other.

(Oh Lord, I'm starting to get anal retentive about this house.)

beckie - good point. I need to relax.

amy w. - I've definitely decided on the 8" versions of bowls.

melissa - you wouldn't love her so much if you had to vacuum cat hair from all the curtains. Want to babysit her? Free shipping!

mjd - luckily that wallpaper wasn't our choice. We actually bought this 5 months before Amber was born, and got too busy living life to change much of it.

jennieboo - thanks! And thanks for stopping by!

arkansas songbird - tell you what, when we move out - I'll let you rip away! Hey! Maybe we could make it over??

the other bear - True. I haven't had a dishwasher (besides Roger) for 14 years. I totally forget that. Maybe it's not just the wallpaper that's been driving me nuts!

willowtree - by now, you ought to know that I'd be tickled if you said something mean.

pamela - you hit the nail on the head. There is a board in there that chronicles The Offspring's development. And this place is 103 years old - you feel it, like the old trees it is made of.

I'm gonna take that board with me with I leave! Oh - and I heard some people had trouble with those sprayers - none that you've experienced?

bethany - I figure if I post it, it's fair game!

gawilli said...

Oh, I would love to plan a new kitchen. I would go for deep sink bowls. That is what I have now, but didn't have in past years. They are great. The good thing about having a kitchen you are not happy with is that you definitely know what to change in the new one!

Kila said...

Thanks for the peak. Yeah, that kitchen doesn't suit you/your personality at all, LOL! At least you have something new to look forward to!

We got a new kitchen sink last year, replacing the awful stainless steel one, and I LOVE it. I highly, highly recommend it. It always looks great and is practically indestructible. (It's also very deep, 9" I think, which is wonderful.) Here's a link for you to check it out. It's called Swanstone.

Debs said...

I have seen worse wall paper in a kitchen. Must be nice to have space to walk around. ;) I love the faucet and the first sink.

Good Luck to you! :D

Tiggerlane said...

gawilli - I'm trying to stay excited and not panicked. I'm already rethinking that faucet AND the sink!

kila - thanks for the tip! I haven't found prices yet - but if they are reasonable, it looks like a great solution.

debs - thanks for stopping by! At least the new kitchen will have NO wallpaper - just calm, neutral colored walls. Maybe it will help me be peaceful!

Dan said...

Look at the sweet little kitty!!

Your refrigerator doesn't have quite as much crap on it as ours. I can't even find the handle on mine.

Kila said...

Tiggerlane, we ordered our sink through Menards here in Wisconsin. It was reasonably priced. $200 maybe, I can't remember now.

Robin (pensieve) said...

Your kitchen paper looks my old bathroom paper look good by comparison...and THAT ain't saying much!

Bigger doesn't always mean better, this might be a good case of that. At least you don't have claustrophobia. My favorite part is ALL your cabinet and drawer can never have too much of that.