Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And We Have A Winner!

Most of you will NOT be surprised, once I reveal the subject of last week's contest that (insert drum roll here) the winner was none other than...WILLOWTREE! A fat congratulations goes out to him, as he emailed me the winning answer. It just doesn't get more precise than this, folks:

"That is the closest thing to you when you get down and look a dog straight in the eyes...Ok, you've turned your head (and camera) 90deg to the right. No wait!! Left left. It's between the nostrils and the right hand side of the photo is towards the mouth."

Second place goes to Desert Songbird, as she was technically the very first to comment by email as such:

"Okay, I’ve stared at it and got past my really obscene thoughts, so here is what I think it is…I think it’s a dog’s nose. A really close section of a dog’s nose, probably your dog, but I’m not sure what kind of dog."

Third place goes to Raffi, because his(?) comments had to be the most bizarre and creative. I now wonder what planet Raffi might be from. You'll have to read his comments on the original post to see what I mean. (And Raffi, I just assumed you were a dude - your profile didn't tell me exactly one way or the other. But we're both originally from the OC, so hopefully you're cool with that.)

So - now for the photo from whence the close-up came. It's my Poo Woo! Isn't he cute?
I actually like this second photo better, but the nose wasn't quite as clear for the contest:Okay, winners, email me your mailing addresses, and I'll get your prizes out to you. And thanks to everyone for participating!


Desert Songbird said...

Okay, so you're gonna send something without telling what it is?! How do we know it won't be something along the lines of Raffi's descriptions?

Willowtree said...

Yippeee!!!! I knew not having a life would come in handy one day!

I was a bit wrong with the camera though, I never thought of turning the dog 90 degrees. But at least I did get the orientation correct.

melissa said...

See, this is why I didn't even guess! I knew I'd be wrong. :)

Kila said...

With all the pets WT has, he better get it right, LOL.

I figured it was animal skin, but didn't narrow it down to a dog's nose. My dog's nose is all dark black, so it looks different, and I haven't examined it that closely, LOL. Too busy keeping the boys' noses clean.

I'm curious what you'll come up with for prizes ;)

Tiggerlane said...

desert songbird - I promise, I won't send anything nasty!

willowtree - actually, I turned the camera. What you can't see is that I was laying down on the bed, facing the dog when I took this - so the camera was actually straight. Now that I typed that, it sounds kinda strange. I don't love my dog like that, ya'll.

melissa - I figured SOMEONE would make a hippo comment - I was disappointed!

kila - Poo Woo's nose used to be all black - but it started turning pinkish. I have a great prize for WT in particular - one that I think he would appreciate. Funny thing, though - NONE of the winners has sent me their mailing addresses! So I'm thinking that they are afraid....

RAFFI said...

is it that obvious that i'm from earth? geez, all these intergalactic stereotypes, even with the trooper suit on. fyi, the rhcp plug was a dead giveaway for your o.c. origins. mine is the repetitive, but cute, stammering of dood, doood, and dude.

btw, i think the pic was the nose of some animal they call a poo woo, probably of aboriginal descent.

c ya doods

Piglet said...

omg, i so thought i guessed it :)

Pamela said...

I'm getting a kick out of his whiskers and teeth.
(he's smiling, the lil happy mutt)

Dan said...

Congratulations folks!

You had me really fooled Tigger!

Dan said...

Oh My God! I just realized that it really WAS the girl I dated in high school.

Shouldn't I win??

Shauna said...

wish I hadn't missed it!

Tiggerlane said...

raffi - Doooood. And you know, I almost posted my musical addiction this week as No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom." But it makes me less hip to revisit them, as well as Sugar Ray. Next time I'm in Laguna Beach, I'll take photos.

piglet - sooooo close!

pamela - I love the ears, too. He is a good pup.

dan - something tells me you had a rough time as a teenager.

shauna - I promise more contests in the future! And I somehow knew Willowtree would win this one - so I'll make the next one more "normal blogger" friendly!

Robin said...

Okay, I feel a LITTLE bit better...even if I HAD been around to take a guess, I don't think I would've come close!

I think Willowtree is VERY well versed in doggie noses, of course he stood a GREAT chance of winning!

James Burnett said...

Kudos to the winner(s), the nose afficionados! I swear, I thought it was a tongue. But I knew it was something on a dog.