Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Linkage, Dude

I gots new stuff! (Dem der's dat Arkansas enflu-ants, comin' out 'n mah writin'.)

My friend and I are fairly new to blogging, so we share other blogs that we find interesting. (You MUST read her posts about Disnementia and Parental Pride.) We've made some new discoveries that we are both adding to our sidebars!

One such discovery is Pioneer Woman. If you want to read some hysterical posts, check out Ree's site! She is the mother of four, and lives on a real ranch where they slice off calf testicles with wild abandon. Ree takes wonderful photos, too. Her fireworks photos are not to be missed.

Our next discovery is Eric at Humble Beginnings. Now, you might think it odd that we check out the site of a deacon-soon-to-be-priest, but he's funny! Besides, if he was wearing a hat like Elwood from the Blue's Brothers, can't you just hear him saying, "I'm on a mission from God?" He might even be able to dodge bullets, Matrix-style. Check out his blog - you might learn something. For instance, I had no idea priests went out on dates. Or had duck-covered shower curtains.

Lastly, I had to add IMDB,, for all things movie-related. I can't stand it when I forget an actor's name, or what movie he/she was in, etc...so this site allows me to get some sleep at night!

Hope you enjoy our recommendations - go check 'em out!


Pioneer Woman said...

So humbled that you'd mention me on your site. Awwww, shucks.

And I LOVE IMDB. Sometimes I get on IMDB kicks, starting with a simple actor search. I start clicking on movies he's been in, then on an actress who was in a movie with him, then the movies SHE'S been in, then actors who've been with her.........

Hours later, my children are crying, hungry, and my husband has left me.

Hey! I'm 37, too! :)

Humble Beginnings said...

But... I am on a mission from God.. while in the Matrix.. with a blues band. (snicker)