Saturday, June 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks Update

Everything you want to know about Taylor Hicks is right here on Sunny's great site! I have been stopping by nearly every day to check on the Soul Man's progress in the crazy world of entertainment.

People Magazine's recent article hints at the personality of the grey-haired crooner - showing the side of him that came through during his performances. His interview shows a down-to-earth persona. Let's just hope that being thrust into the spotlight doesn't change him, and he can remain true to himself. Based on his responses to their questions, that's exactly what he wants as well.

Even the snarky boys at the WOW Report, have been Taylor-ized, and though initially skeptic, have reported their recent Hicks experience here. You know when you can impress a couple of high-society queens with a little harmonica, you've made it!


Mugsy said...

I've just never gotthe whole "Taylor Hicks fanclub" thing. He's definitely a big goof (and proud of it). At 29, he's no teen-idol; a chubby sole that harkens more of Jay Leno than George Clooney; whom I whole-heartedly expect to see doing KFC commercials before I hear a song of his on the radio...

I just don't see it (then again, I don't watch AmId either).

Sunny Loves Soul said...

Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it.
Talk later!