Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh, yes...indeed...Tiggerlane seems to have left the dang building. SO WRONG.

I was thinking today that so many of my blog buds followed me over to Facebook, and judging from our continual dialogue in that forum, still enjoy an occasional dose of my insanity. Yes, I'm still FB'ing....but not blogging much. However, you can find me easily on FB at

Also, based on how many folks alerted me that my Twitter account had been hacked, I still have followers there, too. I'm all Tiggerlane up in there, in case you didn't know.
As I was rooting around the blogosphere today, I noticed many of my old blog buddies aren't maintaining their blogs like before. I haven't visited all of them, but so many have ceased. Why? Are they like me, and have found another forum? Or, have they simply used the blog as a crutch to get thru a difficult time? I wonder....
I promised I would write more here, but haven't. And I am feeling the guilt.


Kaytabug said...

Don't feel the guilt!!
I know there are a lot of reasons to quit or not blog that often. I still blog but only when I want to. Blogging without obligation has been freeing to me. Anyway, do it for you and your needs. If your needs and wants end up being not blogging then that is what you need and should do.
At least we have FB! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh the shame!

Actually, I follow you on FB.


Desert Songbird said...

Yeah, I've been using FB more, but I still blog. Mostly I read blogs, and I occasionally still write on mine. I've been so ill lately, I haven't really done either much.

I miss blogging. I suspect that it comes and goes in cycles. I can write more and differently here than I can on FB. Besides, here very few know my real identity, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Junebug said...

I have slowed the old blogging too but I haven't quit. I was going to mention to you I received a twitter email from you about some sex object. I was sure you didn't send it though. It made me laugh.

Sandy said...

I had all but abandoned my blog and then I gave up facebook for Lent. I remember now why I love blogging. I get to write in complete sentences and I don't have to

Glad to see you back and hope to see more of you.

Swampy said...

I'm on FB occasionally, some of the time, and sometimes...never.
I do a blog post about 3 times a week. Stop by sometimes.

Pamela said...

I think FB gives everyone an immediate thrill. But I'm thinking I like my blog. I'll get back to it.

Kila said...

Seems we've all moved onto facebook, but I still like blogging the best!

Tiggerlane said...

K - I would go nuts, I think, without FB - withdrawals, I'm guessing!
R - :-) I don't see you on there much - stalking me? LOL!
DS - I always have enjoyed your blogging, but it IS so time-consuming. Hope you are feeling better.
J - SO TRUE - I was HACKED! LOL! Glad you laughed and weren't offended!
S - OMG...yes...isn't the farming addictive? I'm not sure I have the self control to give up FB, which is telling, in and of itself.
Swampy - Duly noted - I'll stop by and see you!
P - It is immediately gratifying - like everyone is mini-blogging, all at once. You are a great writer - the blog medium definitely suits you!
Kila - you are good as well - I'll have to pop in and see you this week!

dogcote said...

Oh the shame!!

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