Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Monday Purses and Wallets

The Church Lady is this week's hostess for Fun Monday, and she wanted to see our purses and wallets! Well, I'm not a "big purse" kinda this is what I schlep around:It's not convenient when I need to free up my hands...but I really don't like purses. Everything I need can be stuffed in here. In fact, the only reason I would even consider getting a purse is because I'm now the owner of a small dog. I could stand a classy dog purse. Right? And a diamond-studded collar for the little thing? Yeah...

BTW, who even needs all these credit cards? I see four already that I never use, but I'm afraid to get rid of, because I don't know if that's good or bad for my credit score.Let's not forget the snazzy little compartment that holds my driver's license. You know what makes me mad about this? I was told to SIGN MY NAME when I got my license. When I did, I was told it was no good. When I asked why not, the revenue department employee told me it wasn't "legible." I tried to explain that it was my SIGNATURE, and that when I sign my name, it is quite distinctive. She told me to re-write my name anyway. I tried another time, but it still wasn't good enough. Being picky, I asked, "So, you really don't want me to SIGN my name, right? You just want me to write out my name in cursive handwriting so that it can be read." Of course, I got an affirmative response. What's the point of signing your name, if it's not your signature? I just don't get it.
I also would not be totally honest, if I did not include the satchel o' death:It is named such because I am afraid that some things may go IN there...never to be seen alive again. This is really just the bag I shove my wallet, keys, digital camera and sunglasses into when I'm going to work. I'll put snacks, water, Valium, all number of other items in the bag that I think might help me thru the day. But I just take it to work...nowhere else. Kinda like a kid's backpack for school, but with extra Valium.

Okay - I finally posted something on a Fun Monday! Now go visit all the other participants!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Member of the Family

Could you resist this little face? I mean, really?
Evidently, we couldn't. One night, our band drummer and friend, Lucas, noticed a small puppy across the road from our property, curled up against a stump, while on the way to our house. I was headed down the driveway to go check out the situation...when Roger said for me to just let it be.

And then Lucas left to get food about an hour and a half later. I received a frantic text message from him that the puppy was still there...and something had to be done. Knowing that I would never be able to sleep at night with the thought of that baby, down there alone, I headed down the driveway with food and water bowls to at least give the poor thing a chance. Lucas was already trying to coax her away from the Roger watched from our porch. Finally, after listening to Lucas and me fret and carry on and attempt to assist her, Roger said, "Go ahead and just bring the dog up here."She looks cute in Roger's lap? Doesn't she? She is SO SMALL! Well, at least to me...after having Poo Woo for so long. And I DON'T LIKE SMALL DOGS. Usually. I'm a "big dog" kinda girl. But something about this little face...this sweet personality...I'm sunk.I don't know what breed she is, but with a little bit of internet research, my guess is half Min Pin, half Dachshund. I'm taking her to the vet for her first visit on Friday, so maybe he'll have a clue.
She's a good cuddler, too. I don't know if it is my maternal instinct, my hormones, my age, or just that I can't resist such a little cutie...but I think Shorty is going to be a part of the family.

(Oh, and The Offspring's reaction? She was okay with it...not thrilled...and mostly worried that the dog would cost us money that would not then be available for HER needs. Jerk.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two New Addictions

Hello all! I know I've been absent - AGAIN - but there's been lots going on. I promise I'll share soon. However, I have to share my latest addictions (besides Facebook). The first is Sexy People. This site has me seriously LMAO on a daily basis. For example of some of the folks featured on the site, check out the awesomeness that is Chad: Oh, the mullet...and the bare chest...wonder how short this guy is? The site is full of all sorts of gems! Chad is actually one of the better looking people on the site, if you can believe it!

My other addiction is Awkward Family Photos. I couldn't post the MOST awkward one I found...but on the site, then click on the "Saturday Night Special" in the sidebar. Here is a more "appropriate" photo: