Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two New Addictions

Hello all! I know I've been absent - AGAIN - but there's been lots going on. I promise I'll share soon. However, I have to share my latest addictions (besides Facebook). The first is Sexy People. This site has me seriously LMAO on a daily basis. For example of some of the folks featured on the site, check out the awesomeness that is Chad: Oh, the mullet...and the bare chest...wonder how short this guy is? The site is full of all sorts of gems! Chad is actually one of the better looking people on the site, if you can believe it!

My other addiction is Awkward Family Photos. I couldn't post the MOST awkward one I found...but on the site, then click on the "Saturday Night Special" in the sidebar. Here is a more "appropriate" photo:


Karmyn R said...

Go to the Sexy People site and click on "Holland" - what is with all the chicks holding the weird staff? I can't tell if its an elephant, monkey, or thumb-sucker. bizarre.

Spellbound said...

My daughter was rummaging through my photo drawer trying to find a pic my niece sent to submit to the family photos one. We never found it and it's a shame, two mullets, one Dynasty do and a cowboy hat would not be as good as the Pooh couple but it was great.

Pamela said...

I checked these out the other day when you mentioned them on facebook.

My favorite right now is cakewrecks.

Desert Songbird said...

Oh, geez....Tiff! You've GOT to get another hobby, my friend!

bermudabluez said...

Wow. The mullet sure is attractive isn't it?? OMG!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I was gay until I saw Chad.


I have no words for the pooh family. None.

Tiggerlane said...

KarymnR - I'm SO glad you pointed that out! I hadn't even clicked on the I have something to research!

Spellbound - you MUST keep rummaging! It must be found and posted! I'm going to look for some of my photos for the Sexy People one...I was SO unsexy in school!

Pamela - now I have another addiction, AND a puppy - thanks! LOL!

Desert Songbird - like the band isn't enough, right? LOL!

bermudabluez - not to mention the sexy chest hair!

Real Live Lesbian - I know, right? Chad is the SHIZZ. And the Pooh family left me speechless, too. Sigh.

MusicTech said...

Chad looks hot.
his tash does it for me!
following. :)

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