Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Miscellaneous Tigger Thoughts

I know I've abandoned this blog, it seems. It's always on my mind. However, with the instant gratification that is Facebook (yeah, I've abandoned Twitter, too), coupled with the addiction of Farm Town, my online presence has metamorphisized, and my writing skills have suffered.

So, if you want to know what I've been up to in the last few weeks, here it is, in random, stream-of-consciousness fashion:

We have a new guitar player in our band. And remember BND? Band Name Discussion? Well, we are officially changing the name from 7th Wave to one of our original picks - Searching for Signals. With the guitar player change, it seemed like a good time. And I like that name better anyway.

Shorty the Doxie Pin is doing VERY well, and if I could make her a house dog, I would. She has already learned the "sit" command, and I need to review Dog Whisperer episodes to figure out how to stop her from "happy piddling" on my tile floor whenever she sees me. Any tips are appreciated.

Oh, and she has really bad breath. Which is a trademark Dachshund thing. But she doesn't smell like a dog anywhere else, which makes her nice to cuddle. Until she yawns.

The Offspring is evidently going to need orthodontic work. I guess it's not good to be 15 1/2 years old and have over 8 baby teeth still in your mouth.

We took The Offspring to choir camp on Monday in a town three hours away. Left her in a dorm on the third floor that had NO air conditioning. We drove the three hours back as quickly as possible, just so I could sit in a 2 1/2 hour cheerleader parent meeting with the high school cheer coach and the superintendent of schools. Grueling.

We have acoustic band practice tonight to work on harmonies. I have to make up harmony parts for songs that have no existing harmony. Our next gig is a 60's/70's part in a show September 12th.

We are going to Blanchard Springs Caverns in Mountain View at the beginning of next week. I've lived in Arkansas for 17 years and have NEVER seen them! We rented a cabin on the river...I'm ready to GET AWAY.

The upstairs A/C unit went out at my office. I have a new unit now. One thing after another, you know?

Oh, and the A/C unit in the downstairs part of our home failed this week, too. NOT good with temps reaching over 100 degrees...but it was a simple fix, and we are cooling just fine now. Who knew that A/C units needed condensate drains? LOL!

Really, any tips on how to keep the puppy from piddling with joy - I need them.

I'm evidently a Facebook Junkie. OMG...if you're not on it already...GO.

I'm actually excited about going to a Target store on Monday. I haven't been in one since I left Texas in 1992. I'm pathetic.

STILL haven't settled the insurance claims for the tornado damage to our old home. I got enough to pay off the mortgage...but still not enough to cover the damages. I plan to dig up the azaleas and hydrangeas and move them to our new home. As well as some of that gorgeous St. Augustine grass. Basically, I'm going to rape the landscaping.

We are planning a trip to Canada next year. I need to work on getting passports NOW.

I've lost 15 pounds since last October. Only 15 more pounds to go, but I'll settle for 10. Is getting back to high school weight a stupid goal?

The Offspring broke her toe, right before cheer camp. But she is healed. And their squad did AWESOME at camp - we were so proud! But oh...the season has just begun.

I splurged and bought a bunch of new underwear at Victoria's Secret.

We also splurged and bought new equipment for the studio. Roger now has wireless capabilities for his electric guitar, so he can run around. We also have new spot monitors, and big Mackie speakers that sit on very sturdy stands. Oh, and we're going with ear-bud monitors that hook into some complicated board that I don't understand.

Oh, and most importantly, I really miss you guys. I'll be back from vacation next Thursday at the latest!


Desert Songbird said...

My God. She lives! She breathes! She's....ALIVE!!!!!

No, I refuse to Facebook. You can't make me, I tried to get on there once, couldn't understand the set up part, couldn't see a "home page" for me, and I won't go back. Nuh-uh. NO way. I'll stay blissfully behind and continue to blog, thankyouverymuch.

So, about the happy piddling. Didn't Cesar say something about not being overly excited to greet the dog when one returns home from being gone? That a person is supposed to be casual in her approach to the dog so that dog knows the human is the alpha leader NOT the dog? I thought it was something like that.

Junebug said...

I have discovered Facebook too. Did I add you as friend yet? I'll have to go check. I will, if I find you. :D

karisma said...

Well, I knew you were alive already (from the norty "f" place! LOL). Good luck with the doggy pee thing! I think the trick is to watch the dog for signs and immediately go outside for a pee! One must (in our case anyway) stay with dog while it pees! Coz being shoved outside is an affront to said dog! One must wait for the dog and then come back inside! If you don't catch it. Still display your dissatisfaction and take dog out for a few minutes! They soon get the hang of it!

As for the bad breath, our old dog gets it but not the younger ones. I have found that raw bones (gross but they love them) helps with keeping their teeth clean and therefore their breath! They are not so kissable for that first day when they eat it (specially if you are not into meat, gah!) but their breath stays nice and clean. Alternatively you could add some fresh mint to his food! That works too! hehe!

WT said...

From what I understand, the peeing issue is more to do with excitement when she sees you. If that's the case there are a couple of things you could try.

First and most important, when you come home from work, or whenever you have been away for more than half an hour, ignore her completely for about 5 minutes while she calms down (don't even look at her). Then when she's calm you can pat her, but don't make a big deal out of it.

The other thing you could try is crate training. This tends to greatly improve bladder and muscle control.

Good luck.

bermudabluez said...

Good to see that you are still around and busy as ever!! Yes, FB can be a real timesuck! Have a terrific time on your vacay!!

richies said...

My blog has been all but abandoned since the tornado. I'm hoping to be able to get back to more regular blogging soon.

An Arkies Musings

ChrisB said...

I'm not on FB so it's good to catch up with all your news. Enjoy your vacation maybe you will shows us a couple of pictures when you get back.

Bond said...

I do FB to a small degree...but I am a blogger at heart.

So happy the band is progressing...want me to get you a gig in Memphis!?!?!

Tiggerlane said...

Desert Songbird - I see how you got ROOKED INTO FACEBOOK! HAHAHAHA! (evil laugh) And that did far.

Junebug - You did find me, and I liked feeling stalked. :-)

karisma - Took your advice, and now she is starting to "whine" when she wants to go outside - progress! I have been sitting outside with eternity at night, with a flashlight following her...hard conditions to pee in for sure! LOL!

WT - that's my problem - I can't ignore the cutie...but I'm trying. It is getting better...but crate training...seems cruel? The baby is sleeping in our bed now...and hasn't piddled in a while. Maybe I'm over the worst.

bermudabluez - the next post will be a vacay update!

richies - me, too - and I'm STILL fighting insurance...

ChrisB - photos will come soon - hopefully!

Bong - OMG...Memphis would be great! I'll have to get you a set list...and give us another year to rehearse! LOL!

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