Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

When I woke up this morning, I realized that it was THIS DAY. Bush's last day. I bought this mug for Roger when I visited D.C. in 2007...and it seemed so far away then.

No matter your politics, you have to admit that today was historic.

At the time I bought this, I had no idea who our next president would be. I just knew that I wasn't a big fan of the one we had at the time. And I can say HAD ... now that he has lifted off in his helicopter and left the White House behind.

Watching today's inauguration, I was pleased to hear the crowds chanting, "USA! USA! USA!" I'm not sure I've ever heard that chanted outside the Olympics. Congratulations, Mr. President. I hope that the entire country can pull together now and work toward rebuilding all that has fallen apart in the last eight years.

I want to know from you...did you watch the Inauguration? And what is your hope for our nation's future?


Bond said...

I tried to watch but so many people were trying to stream it here it almost crashed the system so they shut down all streaming - will watch tonight

Guess I can take the BUSH COUNTDOWN CLOCK off The Couch now

Junebug said...

I hope Obama is the greatest President ever! I hope everyone will work with him and I hope he has real plans to get our country moving forward. I am behind any President since it is our country. I even appreciated Bush. He wasn't all bad. He had a hard job and a lot of critics. We certainly have no idea every thing that goes on for a President. A lot of information we'll never know probably.

M@ said...

If that mug was really expensive and made from crystal and someone had kept it for four decades, I would have accidentally broken it by now.


Sayre said...

I just posted about my inauguration-watching experience. It was a rather unsual one.

I think the thing this presidency will bring back is hope - and our belief in ourselves. Those two things have been trampled on so much in the last few years. If we are able to stand on our own feet, we'll be able to offer a hand up to someone else.

the rotten correspondent said...

I have such high hopes for this man. He just seems to inspire the best in people. Today was one of the happier days of my life - not only to see Bush go, but to see Obama come in.

It all felt magical.

BS said...

I watched (chickened out on going into DC - too cold and too many people) all day long - from 11:30 to 7 PM when the last float passed by the reviewing stand. Truly an awesome day.

C said...

It's best to have hope than nothing else. This country needs more responsible and ethical people.

Anonymous said...

Being a Canadian, I am glad to see that the American public has voted in who I believe has the potential to be one of your greatest presidents. Of course time will tell if that happens but there is hope and it is more than what you have had for quite some time.

Don't forget that a few more broken chads counted back in Bush's brothers state and he wouldn't have been voted in.

Tiggerlane said...

Bond - I had trouble with my CNN feed at work, too. Love the Bush countdown clock! I think I will still drink from my mug.

Junebug - yes, and so much I'm sure that if we DID know? OMG...we would be frightened. I am in hopes of the same...and that our economy improves!

M@ - I'll keep you away from my valuables.

Sayre - your post was great. And I think you are absolutely right.

the rotten correspondent - it truly was an inspiring day - one I won't forget, and not just b/c I have it DVRed. LOL!

BS - something tells me you tuned in later for a ball or two, right?

C - amen! And I'm tired of coddling those who are NOT.

sirdar - it's sad to remember...not really sure we elected Bush EITHER time. Sigh. I hope you are right about Obama...I wish for it desperately!

Captain Smack said...

My hopes for the future? Hmmm...

I hope that the war ends, that everyone gets healthcare, that the economy gets better, that our education system improves, that poverty is greatly reduced, and that I receive lots of oral sex.

Not necessarily in that order.

Spellbound said...

I want that cup. Why don't I have that cup? Lord the comments I have heard from the Rabid Republicans around here are just driving me insane. One guy in the grocery store said to the check out clerk, "He's gonna ruin our economy!" I thought my brain was going to explode.

Bond said...

:::waves::: hellllllo anyone home?